"Su Yan."

When she looked at the woman who was away from her hand, she had no struggles with her eyes closed, but her vitality was still very heavy, apparently being fainted by the other party.

Ye Zichen's body suddenly froze, silent, and immediately his pupil was covered with bloodshot.

"Let her go."

The eyes stared at the ancient position, and Ye Zichen opened his mouth with a deep tone.

Under this silence, anyone can feel the violent feelings in his heart, and the feeling of crisis.


The ancient is just a faint smile, and the palm of his hand grabs Su Yan's head and hangs it on the void.

"do not"

Seeing the movement of the ancients, Ye Zichen's eyelids jerked out and stopped.

"Don't worry about Ye brother, how can I be like her. This is the woman of Ye Xiong, my heart is very clear. โ€The old-fashioned retracted hand put Su Yan on top of a cloud. "I just asked her to come and appease the emotions of Ye Xiong. The emotion of Ye Xiong is too violent."

Ye Zichen was relieved to see Su Yan returning to the clouds. He looked at Su Yan's eyes and immediately left the mouth.

"What do you want?"

"What did you think?"The ancients are very helpless and look like a hand. "I just watched Ye Xiong injured. It is not very good to say that it is not good to call. Why can't we have a good look here, chat and talk about the heart?"


As everyone knows, at this moment, a fiery red shadow quickly swept toward them, with the goal of Su Yan lying on the clouds.

"Hey, want to grab someone in front of me?"

After a faint sneer, the ancients moved away. He swept the leg in the right leg and the left hand was beaten by the palm of the hand and toward the red shadow.


Seeing the opponent actually resisted his attack, the ancient eyes flashed a touch of haze.

"court death."

When the voice fell, the ancients did not have any hands to stay, and the flow of light was entangled with the shadow.

"This is an opportunity."

Seeing the departure of the ancients, I donโ€™t know why Ye Zichenโ€™s mind suddenly came up with such thoughts. He glanced at Su Yan's position, and the distance between them was only a few tens of meters.

This distance can be reached in an instant as long as he thinks, and he will be lifted away when he bends over.

It takes about three breaths before and after.

The black dragon in his right position is about 100 meters away from him, but his breath has always locked him, maybe he will stop Su Yan when he picks up.

"Try it."

At the next heart, Ye Zichen is ready to do it. But his feet moved a little, and he felt that the Black Dragon had completely locked him, and the other person came to Su Yan's face, and the gloomy eyes looked at him faintly.

"Ye, what do you want to do?"

The black dragon lowered his head and looked down at Su Yan in the clouds, grinning.

"Would you like to save her? Is this the so-called hero sad beauty? This is just a woman, why should Ye Di care so much? Just if Ye Di wants to go, really, my black dragon asks alone that I can't stop you, but you want to save this woman, Hehe โ€

"Then you said that you want to let me go?"

People are coming to Su Yan, and Ye Zichen has no possibility even if he wants to save. He deliberately looked at the black dragon with a playful look, but saw the black dragon look at him more playful.

"It seems unlikely."

The voice did not fall, and the ancient departure that went out to deal with the red shadow was back. When he came back, he still had a fox with nine blood-colored tails in his hand.

"One more to send."


Throwing the nine-tailed fox to Su Yan's side, Ye Zichen looks intently

"Liuer sister."

"Ye Zichen, what the hell are you doing!"At the moment of landing, Su Liuer was rushing toward it.

"To shut up."The ancient eyebrows took a slap in the face of Su Liuer. The strength of this slap directly spilled the blood of his mouth. "How could Ye Zeโ€™s thoughts be understandable by your beast, even dare to scream at Ye Di? Call, I think you are tired too."

Between the words, the ancients will be shot again, and Ye Zichen sees an instant burst.


The hand hanging in the air stopped, and the old hand that took back the hand was inexplicable and opened.

"Ye brother, what are you doing to stop me? How noble is your identity? He is just a beast of a beast. He dares to yell with you. Is this also helping you to discipline?"

"If you dare to call her, die!"

Senran's breath filled out from the body of Ye Zichen. After a brief stunned, Gu smiled from the corner of his mouth.

"Ye brother, threaten me?"

Just between the two of them, Su Liu, who was sitting on the ground, noticed that their attention was on Ye Zichen.

Although she is now very weak, she is still blushing and does not want to escape with Su Yan.

"I let you go?"

The ancient right hand who was talking to Ye Zichen was photographed, and Su Liuer, who was preparing to run away, could not move forward.

"Look at your long-term good-looking life, but why can't you listen to it?"

The ancient and feminine tone is getting closer and closer, and Su Liuer can feel the danger in the speaker's tone. She clung to Su Yan in her arms

Can not lose him, has lost Yuan Hong's Su Liuer, lost all of the world in the loss of Su Yan.

"You, don't worry."

A long hair squatting in Su Liuer, who pulled hard and dragged her back.

Su Liuerโ€™s biting teeth were silent, but her pupil was red and more demon.

"Would you like to stay here as a pet, but still want to run and want to run with someone?"


One kicked on the back of Su Liuer, and she was weak and she vomited directly. Seeing the ancients is not left behind, but is intensifying and giving her a fist.

"You give me a hand."

In the distance, Ye Zichenโ€™s eyes were red, and the old eyes turned back, still the incomprehensible look.

"What happened to Ye Xiong, I taught this beast, isn't it right? Just now, this beast still wants to rob your lover. Shouldn't you thank me? โ€


It is another kick.

"stop."Ye Zichen opened the door.

"Ok?"Ancient left his head and said, "What is Ye Xi in the end?"

"I let you stop!"Ye Zichen, who has been suppressing his anger, suddenly burst into tears. Even though he saw a purple flash of light behind his back, "I am moving them, saying that she is a beast, I will let you live forever and reincarnate the animal!"

"Oh?"Ancient to raise an eyebrow.

"I said it!"

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