Shasheng around.

The northwest side of Hongfeng City has become the main battlefield of the three parties at this time, and the three sides of the package are in the middle, although the soldiers fight in the blood, they can still gradually show their decline.

The festival is retreating.

Under the stagnation of the blood stasis and the Mozu, the range of activities of the three sides of the world continued to shrink.

They stepped on the body of the same family and kept retreating. They watched the people around them keep falling down, but they couldnโ€™t take their bodies.

"It seems that they are not good."

The droughts and sorrows of the zombie ancestors smiled. They had not shot a few zombie ancestors. The current battles have no need for them to reverse the situation. At this time, their battles have an absolute advantage.

They are more enjoyable to watch this fight, especially the death of the group of guys, or the desperate fall.

The rest of the zombie ancestors also nodded, and the people on the side of the Three Realms are indeed exhausted.

What they have to do now is to keep pushing and eroding their range of activities. In the last three realms, their results are only one death.

In the fight against blood stasis, the soft sword of Li Jiayi, the chief disciple of Baihuamen, has been cut a bit blunt.

She couldn't get any chance to breathe, and she could kill the blood around her, and there were countless blood stags rushing toward her.

It seems that no matter how embarrassing, this group of blood stasis is also inexhaustible.

Seeing a group of blood stasis rushing towards her side, she subconsciously wants to use the spiritual skills but deal with them, but she thinks that her body has been unable to squeeze any spiritual power, and supply her to release the spiritual skills to kill the blood. .

"Do you really want to die here?"

Li Jiayi's delicate face showed a desperate look, and she was a bit stunned, and her scenes in the world continued to appear.

Until the end, her memory stayed sweeter than Ye Zichen, of course, in her sweet memory.

The corner of her mouth was filled with a smile, and she was a little bit mad at the moment.

"Sister, be careful."

Just as she was lost, a burst of water awakened her. Looking into the distance, the group of blood stasis has come to her, and in front of her


The sister who was with him at the same time was so bloody, she stood behind her and witnessed it all.

"Sister, be careful."

With a weak whisper, her sister-in-law is to let the blood stabs swallow.

"I killed you."

Li Jiayi has always been a very quiet woman, even after she came to Xianyu, she entered the Baihuamen with super strength, but she is still not good at killing.

Perhaps in her subconscious mind, killing is not good.

It is such a person who, in this case, actually shouted such a statement, so it can be seen how angry she is in her heart.

"Go to death and die!"

The soft sword in the hand kept cutting down the bloody heads, and the blood from the neck fell on her face, chest.

She is like a bloody person, and her body is dripping with blood.

"Everyone is going to die!"

A soft sword in the hand, a row of bloody heads are flying high. Immediately, she ran to the front of the sister, but found that the other party had no life.

The white bones are exposed, and the bones are mixed with bright red flesh.


Holding the body of the sister and crying, but a few breaths of time, blood stasis is swarming again.

In a short time, Li Jiayi is surrounded by this group of blood stasis. She picks up the soft sword on the ground and wants to die.


There was an indifferent whisper in the void, and countless petals fell from the sky and fell on the bloody body.

The petals fall, and the flesh and blood of the bloody body are instantly corroded. They shouted screamingly, and the head of Baihuamen immediately appeared in front of Li Jiayi.


Falling into a safer position, Li Jiayi's eyes looked at the front without a god, and the nose was sobbing.

Seriously, she really can't help it.

She is just an ordinary girl in this world. In order to avoid the disaster caused by her appearance, she is always protecting her with an ugly skin.

She is a timid and weak person, and her character is like this.

When I came to Xianyu, everything here brought me a huge impact. But she doesn't like to bother others, she can only hide it in her heart.

What's more, Ye Zichen told her that they would go back.


Can you really go back?

This kind of corpse is bloody, and there is no end to the blood stasis, and the Mozu is watching behind.

go back?

It seems that this should be her last destination.

Just died here, like her sister and sister, let the zombies swallow the flesh and blood.

"You are shaking."

Just then, a pair of warm hands grabbed her palm.

Li Jiayi looked up and saw her master smile gently toward her, wiping the blood off her cheek.

"I am very scared, your temperament is not suitable for killing, it is really difficult for you."

"Master."This gentle tone instantly caused Li Jiayiโ€™s inner defense line to collapse completely. She threw herself into the arms of the palm of her hand and burst into tears. โ€œXiaorou, she died, she died in front of me, let the zombies eat, live and eat. "

"Know for the teacher."

Kindly smiled and wiped the blood on Li Jiayi's face, gently patted her shoulder to calm her emotions.

"Zombies are bloodthirsty and bloody, and there is nothing strange about this."

"Master, do we really die here?"

After a lengthy silence, Li Jiayi suddenly made such a statement.

"Zombies can't kill, the devils look at us, we are going to retreat, are we going to die here?"

"Will not."The palm of the hand is still the gentle smile. "We still have reinforcements. If we get to the reinforcements, we can all survive."

"Is there something?"

Li Jiayiโ€™s mood is very pessimistic and desperate. She sits on the ground and smiles bitterly.

"I havenโ€™t seen the reinforcements for so long, will you really come?"

"Yes, definitely." Only they came a little late, we still need to get time for their arrival. โ€

"How to fight" Li Jiayi sneered.

"Of course it is for the teacher to fight for it."The palm of the hand smiled and glared at Li Jiayiโ€™s hair. "You and your sisters are still young, and you all have a future." There is nothing that can be sent to you, but you can only send you three short hours. After three hours, the reinforcements can come. The master is not sure, but at least you still have a chance. I have never said anything to you, you are really like my sister when I was young. โ€

As soon as the voice fell, the face of the palm of the hand showed a decisive color. Immediately, floated above the void.


Hit the ring.

This bloody, empty, abrupt appearance of a black rose, the roses are waiting to be released, and the palm of the hand is also a cold-eyed opening.


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