The night light is spread over the earth, and the rustic village will be covered with a silver-white veil.

The frog at the pond screamed, and a thick cloud passed by that month, leaving the bright night's eyes dark.

At the pond, the middle-aged man and the boy stood by.

The middle-aged man locked his eyebrows and looked at the teenager in front of him. He looked at the tears in his eyes and the smirk in his mouth.

"What's wrong, can't you?"

After a delay, I didnโ€™t get a reply from the middle-aged people. The teenagerโ€™s outflow was a faint sneer, even if he walked away from him.

โ€œIs this your real thought?โ€

The silent middle-aged man spoke in the middle of the boy and he passed by.

"of course."

The juvenile deliberately puts on a very indifferent color, but his disguise is so obvious in front of the middle-aged.

The excitement revealed in his eyes is the expectation of the unknown.

"Well, since you want to go this route, then I will let you go this way."After a short silence, the middle-aged man said with a deep breath, "Go back with me."

The run-down brick and dwelling houses.

The area of โ€‹โ€‹the dirty house is not too big. More than half of the room is filled with metal-making equipment. There are also many hoes for farm work, and there are a few weapons in the middle.

The teenager hates it here. In the past, he just came and stood outside the door, and he would not set foot on it.

But this time he came in, the reason is very simple, that is, he is a fairy right away.

Although he was solitary, he also secretly heard the villagers in the village tell the story of the immortals.

Going to heaven, I can do anything.

The children who are always bullying him are filled with curiosity and yearning for the immortals when they meet the story of the immortals.

If he learned the magician's spells, maybe those children can become friends with him.

Yes, he wants to be friends.

The juvenile's heart is not bad, even if the group of children is always bullying him, but what he thinks at this time is still the use of spells for partners, rather than the use of techniques to bully back.

"Let's find a place to sit down."

The middle-aged man who entered the room, told the teenager to find a place to sit down, did not directly teach him to cultivate the immortal, but in the room to clean up the hoe that will be handed over to the villagers tomorrow.

The juvenile was sitting on the sidelines, and at this time he couldnโ€™t see what he had just seen.

This is the case with the child's heart, and it has been the same throughout the ages.

After a long time passed, the middle-aged people packed up the roomโ€™s gimmicks and walked over to the teenager.

The teenager who has been looking forward to seeing him come over and hurry.

"Let's start now?"

"It is necessary to remind you before you start."The eyes of middle-aged people are full of dignity. "If you choose to cultivate immortals, then it means that your future is sure to stay away from the red dust. Your future experience will not be as smooth as it is now. You will walk on the tip of the knife. If you miss it, you may be in danger of life. Even so, do you want to go this way? โ€


The teenager will look like a chicken with a glutinous rice, what is away from the red dust, swimming on the tip of the knife

He couldn't listen to them at all. He just wanted to learn the spells quickly, and then he showed his hand in front of the group of guys.

The performance of the juvenile is not as good as that of the middle-aged. Isnโ€™t that the same for him?

In order to allow Zizi to spend a lifetime smoothly, he deliberately retired from the forest and became a farmer in the village, but still could not stop his child from embarking on the same road.

The heart sinks, the middle-aged man can't help but ask again.

"Are you really deciding?"

"of course."The young man nodded.

"Well, since you are still so sure, then the father will not persuade you."

When the voice fell, the middle-aged man took out a cheat and threw it at the teenager.

The teenager carefully took the book and he did not ask the middle-aged man what the book was. According to the adults in the village, this book should be the legendary cheat.

The eyes are filled with excitement and curiosity, and the pages of the book are turned over, and the lowest level of ventilating into the body is reflected.

Even so, it is a new world for him. But in an instant, he was completely immersed in, and the little hand kept turning open.

"Black roses, hey, are we using black roses?"

"Yes."The middle-aged man nodded.

"That's great."The juvenile's excited clenched fists, the black rose's moves, and the presence in front of the group of children will definitely make them stunned.

A few hours have passed.


The teenager who looked at the book suddenly spoke, and the middle-aged man sitting at the furnace looked at him.

"what happened?"

"Why is this recorded above?" The younger Emei seems to be sorting out the language. "Why are all withered and wilted?"

The voice did not fall, the boy turned the book to the end.

"Oh, there is, bloom. Hey, this trick is definitely cool. Itโ€™s a little uncomfortable to listen to the withering. I want to learn this trick. If you teach me this trick, it will bloom. โ€

The young man was excited to point at the end of the book, but the middle-aged man gave him a faint look.

"I can teach you the other things. I can't teach you this alone. I hope you don't use this trick in your life."

"why?"The teenager brows a lock, "Why can't you teach me this trick?"

Now he can only understand the spiritual skills in books by literal meaning. It is not a good skill to wither and wither.

If you use this kind of spiritual skill to show the children, maybe they will not bully him, but they will fear him far away.

He wants to cultivate immortals in order to make friends, and he does not want to learn this kind of moves.

"Because I used this trick, I will die!"

"what?"Juveniles seem to have heard it, "Hey, what did you say, will you die?"

"Yes, it will die."Middle-aged people do not have any extra words.

The youngsters who know the color are still aware of it. Looking at the face of the middle-aged man, he guessed how much he said it was true.

"It will die."

Death is too far away for a child of his age, but he does not want to learn the trick of using it.

"Why do you still have to write on it, and if you use it, you will die, and who will use it."

The sly book was thrown aside and some pouted with a sigh. He really wants to be a fairy, and he wants to use a fairy to win a partner, but he doesnโ€™t want to use it.

"There will always be people."

"The fool will use it!"The teenager shouted.

The middle-aged man picked up the book at this time and gently patted the boy's head.

"You still don't understand now. Of course, the father of course does not want to forget that you use this kind of spiritual skills, but when you really find the reason for the bloom, then the black rose will bloom again! โ€

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