Retreat and retreat.

When the juvenile went out, he really knew what the middle-aged man had told him at the time.

Stepping into the fairy road, as long as he chose the road to cultivate the fairy, he has already gone far away from the red dust.

At that time, the childish mind wanted to rely on the fairy law to win the children in the village. At the moment he left the customs, he only knew how ridiculous it was.

The immortal has a long life.

In his view, it is just a retreat between the fingers, but for those mortals, it is a lifetime.

He looked at the group of children in the village who had been converted into juveniles. After a short period of hesitation, they turned back indifferently and carried the village away.

He knows that he is no longer here.

The teenager may really be the material of the cultivation of immortals. In just a hundred years, the teenager has reached the strength of the fairy. He is full of wings and he opened a mountain to establish a Baihuamen, and he is stationed in the Baihua City of Xianyu.

His father disappeared after he retired and never appeared.


In the blink of an eye is the past millennium, and now the teenager is already the head of the family. Outside the entire fairyland, or the entire three realms are the existence of a stalwart.

His hands and eyes are all over the sky, and talking and laughing can definitely kill people.

But his heart is still lonely.

Hundreds of flowers and techniques.

He is skilled in using all his skills and has improved them. But the last bloom of the cheats, he never released.

Accustomed to the fading and withering of flowers, in fact, he is also very curious about what the black rose will be.

However, he did not have a reason to bloom, and he could not find any reason for the bloom.

He had simply thought that the reason that the middle-aged man said at the time was that he might be released when he was in the body. But after a long time, he was out of the middle age and was not the kind of meaning at the time.

Do you die for others?

He scoffed at it.

Fairy is to go against the sky, selfishness can make you live longer and go further.

Die for others?

He can't be stupid to that extent, and he doesn't believe that someone will be stupid to this extent.


"Flower sea, flower palm door"

The misty land, the eyes of Huahai stared at the old man in the bloody robe. His left arm was irregularly twisted, and all of his body was deeply visible.

"It's a curse" Huahai couldn't help but bite his teeth!

Because of childhood memories, his ideas are somewhat extreme. He has tried to find the middle-aged man countless times and wants to ask him the true meaning of the time. Even if he is the current force, he still can't find the half-point news of the middle-aged man.

Itโ€™s like a human being evaporating, just in his retreat.


But when he was about to give up, he received the news. Without any hesitation, he turned to go, but did not expect this to be the trap that his enemies left for him.

The millennium, in this fairyland with a history of ancient times, is nothing but a young man.

His drones openly expand the territory, and naturally it will invade the interests of some people. But he didn't care at all. In his opinion, those guys were just a loser. He didn't look at it.

He has no one else, he is my own

I did not expect it to be here.

"We can't be the ones at the end of the world. Are you not too proud?" Now it seems that you are just that? โ€

In the bloody robes of the old man, there are still a few middle-aged people who look like businessmen.

Don't think, these guys are the guys whose interests are hurting.

"A group of rats."

Huahai disdainfully squats, in his eyes these businessmen are not ants, if they find blood

The old blood belonged to the old predecessors in Xiannian, the door of the blood brake door. Not to mention the outside of the immortal domain, even if the power of the Holy Land Holy Land has to give him a few faces.

Although Baihuamen said that the momentum is very good, compared with the blood brake door, it is only a small witch. The strength of the head, that is, between him and the blood, is a world-wide gap.

There is an absolute gap in his strength, and his arm is still broken.

"You can only use that trick."

Just as he was gnashing his teeth and making a decision in his heart, there was a man in front of him who was wearing a coat.

Looking at this familiar back, Hua Haiโ€™s heart is inexplicably trembled.

"It is you"

"Not bad."

The man in the coat turned back and was the father of Huahai. He smiled lightly, but Huahai was listening. The middle-aged population was good, referring to his current strength.

"In the early days of the fairy.

Hua Hai, who has reached the middle of the fairy, can see the strength of his father at a glance, and immediately he is the lock eyebrows rushing toward it.

"What are you doing here?"

"save you!"

"You can't beat him!"Hua Hai screamed, "You go quickly, my things don't need you to control."

"Don't you forget the ban?"

The middle-aged man in a smock smiled at the corner of his mouth, and the frown of the sea of โ€‹โ€‹flowers snapped, and he squirmed his lips.

"You can"

"Remember, I know what I told you before? The reason is now! โ€


In that murderous environment, the voice is so violent. Huahai smiled and stood on the void, and his fingers kept the action of snapping fingers.

The emptiness of the abrupt appearance of a black rose, the rose is waiting to be released.

There is still a small rose that looks small compared to it, or the sole of the flower sea, or the top of the head.

Five, count the total of five roses in the center.


At the moment when the rose appeared, almost all of them turned their eyes to the past.

"That is the blooming rose."The beasts or the landlords outside the fairyland couldn't help but raise their eyebrows.

Hundreds of flowers and warfare techniques can be said to be relatively famous in the field of fairy tales, and the existence of the main flower sea of โ€‹โ€‹Baihuamenmen has made more people understand it.

They also know that there is a trick in this warfare technique, and they are as clear as they are.

The price of bloom is how.


When Li Jiayi saw this scene, her sister-in-law also shed tears involuntarily.

Fighting for time, this is the reason why Shizun is so determined, why should he fight for time?

"Blooming black rose."The drought and drought in the ancestors of the zombies who stayed in the distance could not help but sneered. "It is really sad enough to think about the cost of life in exchange for a flash in the pan." Itโ€™s just that itโ€™s all right now, and itโ€™s pretty beautiful when itโ€™s all blooming. โ€

"Is it sad?"

The flower sea standing on the void is a faint smile. He used to think like this, but now

He stared at the ancestors of the zombies who were blocking the front and blocking them completely, and they set their sights on Li Jiayi and the sisters behind him.

Immediately, there was a sudden appearance in his mind that would make him unforgettable.

"When you swear to protect your important things, it is the reason why your rose blooms!"

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