"Master, this girl has been squatting outside our mountain gates. It seems that she has not eaten anything for a long time, so she gave her some food. However, I found that this girl is very talented and brought her back to the mountain gate. You see"

The main hall of the sect, the sea of โ€‹โ€‹flowers sits on the palm of the chair, overlooking the two women in the front hall.

One is a woman in a white robe with a black rose on her chest. Beside her, she was followed by a little black face, and her eyes sparkled with a girl who was afraid of the unknown.

"Look up and let me see."

Sitting in the faint opening of the flower sea on the first chair, the woman in a white robe sighed at the woman around her. The girl leaned her head and looked up. When she saw the sea of โ€‹โ€‹flowers on the first chair, she clearly showed the wrong look.

The flower on the first chair was frowning, and the girl quickly buried her head.

The woman in her white robe is not good at all. She is very clear about their master, and the most taboo is that others look at his gaze.

"Master, she"

"Well, let's go down."

Huahai waved at the woman, and the woman did not dare to hesitate to leave the hall. At the same time, Huahai also walked down from the first chair. He walked toward the girl step by step, and the girl stepped back.

"You are very afraid of me."Huahai stopped and opened.

The girl bit her lip and said nothing, Hua Hai asked after looking at her, in a plain tone.

"I feel that I am a demon, obviously a male, but a female voice?"

The girl who forced Huahai to retreat to the corner shook her head at this moment, and saw her shaking her head, and the sea could not help but raise her eyebrows.

"You are not afraid of me, this demon?"

The girl still shook her head.

"Is it right before you come, Rose told you all my jealousy, are you so?" It doesn't matter, this seat will not blame you, but this seat does not like others to lie to me. โ€

"No."The girl who had been speechless shook her head nervously. "The sister of Rose didn't tell me anything."

"Then how could you not be afraid!"

"I have seen a lot of people like you. In my opinion, everyone is equal. You should not look at anyone with a different look."The girlโ€™s tone was still weak, but she was somewhat firm when she said that, and she immediately said that she changed to a weak one. โ€œIn other words, I donโ€™t seem to be a bad person.โ€

"Have you seen a lot?"Huahai picked up his eyebrows, but he never studied it deeply. "You just said that everyone is very fond of this seat. Come and talk to your seat about your name."

"Li Li Jiayi."

"Li Jiayi."Huahai nodded and repeated, "Why have you been in front of the mountain gate of this seat?" Where are you from? โ€

"I am a person from Ice City. I don't know why it appears here. I thought for a long time, but I can't think of where it is. I am a little scared. I have a lot of girls on your side and I want to stay here for a while. โ€

When talking about this, Li Jiayiโ€™s lips were shaking, and Hua Haiโ€™s deep look at her was to confirm that she was not a lie.

In his experience, he has never heard of the place of Ice City, but he is not the kind of person who asks the bottom.

"The ice city you said in your mouth, this seat is not clear. However, since you appear in Baihuamen, it is related to this seat. Otherwise, this seat accepts you as a disciple, how? โ€

"Well," Li Jiayi was a little hesitant in her lips.

"Okay, that's it."When the voice fell, Huahai shouted out to the temple, "Rose."

"Master!"Not long after, the former white robe woman appeared in the hall.

"Let's go with Li Jiayi. From now on, she is the chief inner disciple of this seat. She is also the chief disciple of the martial art. Whoever dares to bully her and evict the hundred flowers."

When I heard this, the white robe woman couldnโ€™t help but look at it.

The chief disciple of the inner door.

At the beginning of Baihuamen's creation, she followed her master, but now she is not the inner disciple who sat down.

This girl just came to be favored by the Master and became the chief.

There are some doubts in my heart, but I donโ€™t dare to say anything.

"The disciple knows."

"Go on."

Swinging a book at them, Huahai is back to the first chair of the main hall. For a long time, he still remembered the words of Li Jiayi at the time.

"Everyone is equal, everyone is equal"

The flower sea standing in the void is involuntarily, and there is a picture of Li Jiayi at the time. It was also her words that made her a disciple of his inner door and became the chief of Baihuamen.

It was also the words that redeemed him.

"Hundreds of flowers are disciples."At this time, the disciples of Baihuamen or the elders in the middle of the sea were all the voices of flowers. "From now on, the chief disciple Li Jiayi is the head of Baihuamen, and the elders must be fully assisted."

This abrupt voice made everyone stunned, and Li Jiayiโ€™s eyes were staring at the arrogant figure in the void, and biting his lips with force.


After the group's voice, Hua Haiguang looked softly at Li Jiayi, who bit his lip, and said.

"Jiayi, the future of Baihuamen, will be handed over to you."

"The teacher and the teacher know."

Li Jiayi, who was crying, was crying and swallowing at this time, and immediately turned to a firm look and nodded.

She knows that now she says everything is useless.

The only thing that can be done is to pass on Baihuamen forever.

"I am optimistic about you."

With a light smile, Huahai will take his eyes back and look at the ancestors of the zombies in front.

These few roadblocks can be difficult to deal with.

"Hey, let me go to meet him."The drought and drought fainted and walked a few steps toward the front, but it was to stop the minister. "It is up to me to go. You can't be empty, and it is a bit of a disadvantage to fight with him. I happen to want to try this blooming rose strength geometry, and you will stay here to guard and not let the people in the Three Realms run away. โ€


The rest of the zombie ancestors nodded, and the minister flew his wings and flew over the void.

"It's you."

Huahai opened his mouth with indifference, and nodded faintly to see the five black roses in the void.

Among these roses, what makes him most concerned is the rose that is full of strength. The rest are 100 meters and you can see that the rose is the most dangerous.

"They can't be empty, and even if they come, they will not help." The black rose to be released, is this a precursor to the ban on the skills of the flower? Can be seen in this seat is nothing special, the short-lived bloom is only dying. โ€

"You said it is good, but some of them can't agree."

The flower sea god looked indifferently at the minister who waved his wings in front.

"The short-lived refers to the fact that good things appear for a short time, but even if it is short, it is also beautiful. Even if my bloom is just a flash in the pan, then I have to bloom very dazzling, dazzling to let you even remember the hell! โ€

As soon as the voice fell, Huahai was screaming with anger.

"Black rose, bloom!"

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