As the main battlefield, Hongfeng City is in full swing, but it can be far away from the animal domain beyond Wanli. Those people still live the life of the past.

Of course, they can feel the strangeness of the atmosphere from the movement within the family, but they will not affect them.

Inside the dragon, Xia Keke stood in front of the dragon patriarch with his hand on his back and listened to his embarrassment.

"Your hero story, I have to listen to my ears."

The familiar opening made Xia Keke unable to help but collapse. In the year of the Dragon, she had to listen to the father's embarrassment every other time.

She was slightly impatient with her mouth, and immediately she turned her head to the sky.


There was a strange whisper in Xia Keke's mouth. She blinked and looked at it for a while, then pointed to the sky and opened her way to the old man.

"Grandpa, look, there are a few roses on the day, so beautiful."

The old man was still squatting for Cocoa to dislike him. When he heard Xia Keke, he glanced slightly at the sky and was preparing to say a few words…

His eyes can't be recovered.

"black Rose."

In the eyes of the old man, there was a smear of dignity, staring at the roses in the distant sky.

"Grandpa, this rose is much more beautiful than your story."Xia Keke replied with a smile, but found that the father did not have the embarrassment of the past…

"Grandpa, I am talking to you."

Looking at the old man, she saw the dignified face of the old man.

"Grandpa, is there anything special about the rose?"

"Okay, go back to your own house."

Unexpectedly, the old man who likes to let cocoa stay with him is actually taking the initiative. In the past, Xia Keke took advantage of the old man and sneaked away.

This unusual development made Xia Keke's eyes show a hint of curiosity.


"go back!"

There was a majesty in the eyes of the old man. Cocoa saw that the old man was angry. He spit out his tongue and left. When he did not take a few steps, he heard the old man behind him open his mouth again.

"Let your uncle come over and see me."

When the voice fell, the old man turned his gaze to the rose in the void.

"Bloom, Huahai actually used this trick, the situation is not good!"


"Huahai actually used this trick."

In the following animal domain and the people in the fairyland can not help but raise their eyebrows, especially the Lin Huahe, the master of the Baihua City, when they saw the roses in the void, they were exposed.


The last ban on the skills of the flower, with the five bodies of the human body as the bloom, blooms five roses, the caster will die, and the caster can also obtain dozens of times the caster in this short period of time. The strength is improved.

Judging from the strength of the half-step fairy king of Huahai, his bloom…

Will get close to the strength of the heavens.

"Flower door."

After whispering, Lin Xihe couldn't help but drop his eyes on Li Jiayi's body. She is the owner of Baihuacheng City, and the relationship with Baihuamen is of course the closest.

She also knows that Huahai almost treats Li Jiayi as her own child, and she will hand over her hundred flowers and warfare skills.

"Jiayi, sorrow."

"What happened to Lin Chengzhu?"Li Jiayi just stared at the flower sea standing in the void, and replied with a strong tone. "I am sad at all. When the master decides, more sadness will not help. What I can do is to make the Baihuamen bigger and stronger in the future created by the master. โ€

The rest of the people couldnโ€™t help but feel that they all felt her determination from Li Jiayiโ€™s tone.

The man was gently beheaded in the heart, and some people in the city and the generals outside the fairyland opened their way.

"What should we do now?"

"What are you doing?"Luo Wei faintly glanced at the speaker and immediately shouted, "What to do!"

As soon as the voice fell, he was the first to rush toward the blood stasis that stopped them. On the way to the past, he was briefly looking at the sea of โ€‹โ€‹flowers in the air.

"Flower gate, your determination…We have received it. โ€

"Let this seat go to hell?"The winger's winger couldn't help but reveal a faint smirk. He smiled and smiled and shrugged. "Then I have to look at it, how much light can you dazzle with a flash of light."

When the voice falls, the minister will be a convergent emotion, and the nerves will be tight.

He can use the ridiculous words in front of the station to involve the opponent's emotions, but he can't take it lightly.

He has heard about the skills of the flowers.

What's more, the roses in the emptiness of the sky gave him a lot of pressure.

"To what extent, look at your eyes, you will remember."

Hua Haijun smiled and looked at the minister, and now he no longer has to pay attention to what kind of demeanor. When he decided to take this step, he had already made up his mind…

It's time to be really crazy once.


One of the five roses in the void has blossomed its flower buds, and the black ink of the black ink opens its petals.

At the moment when this rose was released, it was obvious that Chenโ€™s strength suddenly rose to the next level.


But this is the improvement of this strength, Huahai can not help but pass a cold nose. His brows couldn't help but lock, and a thin sweat ran away when people couldn't detect it.


This rose corresponds to the spleen in the five internal organs, and its release cost is the spleen's dying.

"It hurt so much."Huahai couldn't help but whisper in his heart. "It's really the first time that I feel the broken spleen." However, I am used to it now, and this kind of promotion cannot be the opponent of this zombie…"

When the heart whispers, the second rose in the air is also blooming.

The third one.

The fourth one.

At the same time as the rose blooms, correspondingly, he also gains the strength to challenge the ancestors of the zombies.

The improvement of Huahaiโ€™s strength will see the ministers in his eyes. From the initial ants in his eyes, he will become an opponent that he must face as well.

He has to admire the talent to create this spiritual man.

"Not bad."

This is the affirmation of Chenโ€™s strength to Huahai at this time, but this strength does not make him feel fear. In his opinion, it is not enough.

But Huahai stopped at this time, not in the last rose.

"Stopped?"At this time, the minister couldnโ€™t help but raise his eyebrows. "If you feel that you want to deal with this seat with this strength, you may be disappointed." Now, you still can't reach the dazzling eyes that I remember. โ€

"Is it?"Suddenly, there is a dazzling golden light around the body of Huahai. "Take your body to remember this dazzling!"

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