The voice is not falling, the sea of ​​flowers is the one stepping hard toward the void. The space under his feet collapsed instantly, and his body exploded at this time.

The minister who stood in the distance was also dignified and his arms crossed his chest.



Sliding hundreds of meters away from the void, the court will be able to contain the retreating body, showing a faint dignity in the eyes.

He was actually able to avoid it just now, but he was curious about how much strength he had given to the flower sea after the bloom of the rose, and he chose to resist this blow.

It was a surprise that he was allowed to withdraw from the 100 meters.

From the point of view of the fluctuation of energy in the flower sea, he should now be the strength of Xianfeng. But its physical strength is stronger than the ordinary fairy king.


The heart couldn't help but chuckle, even though this blow made him somewhat unexpected.

But now he has a base in his heart.

"But it is."

He licked some numb arms and flew back with his wings waving. The feet of the sea on the feet of the sea are showing a light smile.


Stunned shots.

Huahai did not tell the minister that there was nothing. He knew that his time was limited. However, this time, the minister did not go to the defense with his arms, but directly greeted him.


The roar is constant.


In the process of fighting, the five internal organs in the flower sea have been broken.

The bloom of the rose is beautiful, and under the appearance of this bloom, the five internal organs in the flower sea are also dying out.



Under the broken internal organs, the pain that came from it was constantly stimulating the fire of the sea of ​​flowers.

"Oh, you can't play with the minister. This demon is also a personal thing."

The distant void, Ye Zichen and Gu Li, who had been arrogant, when the flowers bloomed in the sea, were under the topic of deliberate transfer, so that they were all dying.

"Little means."

The Black Dragon couldn't help but scorn, and they couldn't see the price of the flower sea's strength suddenly rising.

"A short-lived one is only a flash in the pan, and now he is only the last remaining heat. When the heat is dissipated, what remains is nothing but a bone. In contrast, the zombie ancestor of your hand is quite strong, and the king of the king is not falling, the ancient, and good means. ”

If this kind of yin and yang is not true, the ancients can certainly listen to the deep meaning of the black dragon.

"I am over-flattered."

Arching his hand toward the Black Dragon, Gu Li’s eyes fell on Ye Zichen’s body and smiled. “Ye Di is sure to go to help now, but unfortunately, I and Black Dragon will definitely not let Ye Di leave. In fact, it will be good to stay here. How boring is it to kill and kill? ”

Ignore it.

As everyone knows, after calming down, Ye Zichen really didn't think about going back. He knew that Gu Li and Hei Long would not let him go. Even if he goes to help, these two people will definitely shoot.

In contrast, his actions to stop the two people here are not lost.

What he has to do now is to condense the spiritual power and restore the arm's injury, as long as Gu Li and Heilong give him a chance.

Just give them a fatal blow.

Knowing that he had been boring, Gu Gu shrugged his shoulders and fell his eyes on Hua Hai and Jiang Chen.

He is still very interested in the fight between the two, especially

For that black rose that has not yet bloomed.


Under the fierce collision, the minister and the flower sea are separated.

"What's wrong, isn't it about letting the seat use your body to remember your dazzling?" I am sorry, this way, for the sake of this seat, this seat really can't remember! ”

He will smile with ease and in fact, his specific situation is not as easy as his performance.

However, he knew that the opponent opposite was even worse than his situation.

At this time, the body of Huahai was still soaked with sweat. At the moment when the lungs were broken, he had lost the ability to breathe.

feeling bad.

He wants to hold his neck and feel the presence of air, but it is impossible.

Feeling the sneer of the minister, he reached out and wiped the sweat from his face.

The ancestors of the zombies are not the only ones that make the Great Saints of the Beasts have no way to start. Now he is already the strength of the Emperor Xianfeng, but the minister will not fall into the wind with him.

Moreover, with the reaction of the visceral fragmentation to him, there is a tendency to oppress between the vague.

"It's still a step."

Huahai raised his head and used blood-filled eyes to see the black rose that was full of emptiness. Immediately, he reached out his chest and felt the powerful beat of the heart at the chest.


I don't know why, Huahai actually said no.

Although it was the first time to use this inferior technique, the sea of ​​flowers was clear, and the previous blooms were all appetizers. Even if the first four blooms, he still has a retreat.

But if the rose blooms, he really does not have any retreat.

He hesitated.

Anyone in the face of death will have fear, even if it is on the verge of desperation, it is still the case.

Not to mention facing death.

Knowing that you will die, you have to do it, it is more people feel fear.

For a long time, he could not say the final bloom.


The flower sea standing in the void has somehow slapped himself.

"What the hell are you doing?"Hua Hai’s heart was angry and screamed, “I’m not ready early, why are you shrinking here, what are you doing!”

The fists clenched hard and angered the weakness of the heart.

The gaze looked down at the bottom, and those trapped at his feet were still fighting in the blood. Immediately, he saw Li Jiayi and saw the disciples of his Baihuamen.

Even if the sword is blunt, even if the spiritual power has dried up, even if it is known to die.

They are still struggling to kill themselves.

"Flower sea, sea of ​​flowers, can't you compare with your disciple's disciple!"

Hua Hai’s heart was constantly angered, and at this moment, he heard the laughter of the minister.

"What's wrong, afraid?"

It was such a simple sneer, but it was awkwardly hitting his atrium.


Forced to bite the teeth, immediately to the sea of ​​flowers to see the magnificent rose in the sky, the eyes flashed a firm color.

Since you have chosen this path, you have to bite your teeth and go on.


He can't do it!

"Has it seems to be determined? Then hurry, this seat also wants to see the last rose, what is the monster? ”

"If you want, then satisfy you!"

As soon as the voice fell, the sea of ​​flowers snarled toward the rose.

"Eternal black rose, bloom your last dazzling!"

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