The broken jar broke, obviously this is the psychological activity of Lin Ru.

When I broke the jade Ruyi, I could see some worries from her pupils, but she didnโ€™t think much about it. She took the jade pieces to the corner and extended her hand to pull out a door in the void. The room that fell in the door was boring and slept.

As everyone knows, Lin Ru's inaction is to make some of the zombie ancestors a little troubled.

"Don't be a big brother, you don't want to talk about the post-clear, he is also angry and attacking, will be like this. Can win the hook how to say is our brother, is this so? โ€

Feeling the boring atmosphere, the drought can not help but open the way.

"Of course, you can't just forget it."

The half-squinting gaze gaze at the black rose in the void, and the full-fledged black rose blooms so beautifully, anyone who goes to see it will feel that this is indeed a beautiful thing.


It is a black rose.

This rose is indeed a great strength for the demon, but the price of the rose is not small.

"How longโ€ฆโ€ฆ"

The singer who smashed into a line suddenly sighed openly, and his eyes flashed with reminiscing colors, smirking.

"How long has it not been felt since the birth of this seat."

You know, the predecessors of these zombie ancestors were ancient savage beasts.

The birth of ็Šผ is the beast of the ancients, but also the incarnation of the Father, even in the realm of the gods, no one dares to touch it.

At that time, the demon king, Emperor Taiyi, saw that he was not polite.

But now he is actually letting a tribe of the three realms bully into this, it is ridiculous to think about it. However, after thinking about it, now he is a three-pointer, falling behind the winning hook, the drought, and the post-Qing, and he will occupy the main body, but there is no soul.

Where is he still a bit of a savage beast.

All of this is caused by the woman of the son-in-law.

The color of the haze flashed in the eyes, as long as I thought of the son-in-law and Fuxi, his heart was burning in anger.

This hatred will be reported sooner or later.

Just want to take revenge, the premise is to divide the three-pointed soul into one, and the baby you need is the beast god.

Looking at the location of the ancient departure, from his eyes, he did not have any signs of wanting to shoot.

It seems that I still have to solve it myself.

"Drought, after Qing."The minister opened his mind after thinking for a while.

Both eyes were cast in, and the minister also opened the door at this time.

"The demon man's current strength is at least half a step of the supreme power. If we talk about singles, it is impossible to be his opponent."

"He is so strong."Houqing and the marmot are raising their eyebrows.

"This is just my estimate."In order to avoid losing confidence in front of the station, the court will be a little wide-minded for them. "Of course, even if he is now the strength of the Supreme, it does not matter, his strength is only temporary. The bloom of the black rose gave him a good power, but he also had to pay a very high price. You have all heard that the price of bloom is his life. Now he only distributes the heat, as long as we drag it, it is the winner. โ€

"What should I do with that big brother?"

"Let's just like this…"

The sea of โ€‹โ€‹flowers in the void has been overlooking the ministers and others. Finally, the bloom of this rose does bring him unbearable pain.

In contrast, his strength is indeed rising, and there is no end to climb.

As long as the villain at the chest eats his heart, the villain will correspondingly increase his inestimable power.

However, this power is not real.

But in the blink of an eye, his half heart was to let the villain eat nearly half. Because of his extreme pain, he was inconvenient to take the initiative, he wanted to wait for the zombies to solve him.

But now they are not moving below, the little man still eats his heart without hesitation.

Can't wait any longer, must be quick and quick.


The flower sea that has been moving forever has moved. He did not have any hesitation to the ground. The three zombie ancestors were shot. Feeling the murderousness above the head, the ancestors of the zombies were all subconsciously dispersed.

"Just do what I said before."

The separate ministers burst into words, and Hou Qing and the drought met nod.

"It seems to be something planned."

Hua Hai heard the words in his heart, but he just smiled disdainfully.

In the face of absolute strength, everything is illusory. This sentence seems to be very brainless, but it is really right.


Under a cold, the sea of โ€‹โ€‹flowers is chasing up to the minister. The thief first smashed the king, and he could feel that the vassal was the backbone of the ancestors of these zombies.

As long as he solves him, even if he finally died…

Winning the hook made him seriously injured, and the remaining droughts and sorrows were handed over to the people of the Three Realms to deal with it.


Huahaiโ€™s fist is not mixed with any fancy, but itโ€™s such a punch, but the minister is inevitable…

Hard resistance.


The arm is broken.

He gritted his teeth toward the rear, and the sea was still going to chase. The drought and the post-clear were stopped at this time.

Three British wars Lu Bu.

The scene at the moment is a bit like this.

It is a pity that they are not as tacit as Liu Guanzhang in the three countries, and Huahai is much stronger than Lu Bu.

"Go away!"


Among the electric light flints, Houqing and the drought and flood are the retreats that make Huahai fight. And when they are solved, he will catch the wings of the minister.

"Just grow out…"

A faint smile, the sea of โ€‹โ€‹flowers is to tear the wings down and throw them on the ground.

"Your brother can't fly, why can you fly?"

After that, he stepped on the calf of the minister.


The drought and the sorrow rushed over and the Huahai was just reaching out and giving them a slap.

"Give me all the truth."


The two are crisp and the two are flying far away.

Seeing this scene, there is a hint of fear in the eyes of the minister. This is where the half-step is supreme. This is simply the heavenly supreme.

More importantly, his strength is still climbing up and down. There is a harbinger of the saints in the vagueness.

How can such people be the ones they have dealt with?

"Go to death honestly."

The fist slammed toward the head of the sergeant, but suddenly the brow of the sea was locked, and the falling fist was briefly paused, and then he would bite his teeth and smash it.

However, this short pause is enough for the minister.


The fist fell, and the minister moved his head to the side with a brief pause in the flower sea. The punch smashed his shoulder, but at least he did not die.

Seeing that this boxing was lost, Huahai did not hesitate and was a punch.


The heart suddenly shrinks, this punch…

But it is impossible to wave.

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