"Go on."

The left hand clasped the heart of the sea of ​​flowers, and the heart of the sea was screaming, but his body did not listen to him.

Immediately, his chest was accompanied by severe pain.

The bean's sweat drips down his chin on the face of the vassal, and he has been trying to endure the pain.

Can't help it.

But when I endured the moment, Huahai could no longer bear the pain, and my hands huddled in the chest and curled up into a group of nonsense shouts.


The sea of ​​flowers holding the chest kept rolling, and the body continued to sweat under the pressure. In a short while, the clothes that he had done so hard were soaked.

The drought and the rushed to the front of the minister, the situation of Huahai really made them unable to understand the mind, but they were more concerned about the situation of the minister.


When they saw the injury of the minister, they couldn't help but lock their eyebrows, but the courtier couldn't help laughing at this time.

"Haha, hahahaha…"

He laughed hysterically, laughing so smugly. Handing the drought to her eyes, she gestured to lift her up, and the drought and flood quickly squatted and stood up.

"Even if you are a saint, this seat wins you half a move."

The right shoulder of the court, including the arm, was pulled all over, and the calf was also irregularly twisted, but his eyes were full of mockery.

"Time is up, come on…There is a kind of punch in your seat. ”

The flowers and seas curled up into a group of blood and looked at the ministers who were not far away. Now they are only half a meter away. He wants to solve it…

However, he can't do it!

The pain in the heart has paralyzed his body and his consciousness has gradually become blurred.

"Damn it."

He is groaning in his heart, as long as he is giving him ten seconds…No, just give him a second, a second of time…

"Oh, it seems that time is up."I have been watching the flowers and seas, and they can’t help but raise their eyebrows.

"It’s a good way to go to the old brother. It seems that all this is in your calculations?"Seeing the black dragon here can't help but open the way. "No wonder that just a look of disregard, the ancient brother is really a good calculation."

"Black Dragon adults say what you said."Gu Ge shook his head and smiled, but it was undecided.

The ancient and black dragons chatted with the wind, but Ye Zichen was not as easy as they were. Just now he was able to keep his mind out of his mind and saw that Huahai had an absolute advantage.

But now…

"Ye, is it anxious?"The old-fashioned laugh came from the ear of Ye Zichen. "Don't worry, you have to hold it steady. Don't even think about it at this time, don't say your woman is here with me…Even if you want to go, you have to see me and the Black Dragon agree to agree. ”

"Old, high!"Ye Zichen, who has never spoken before, spoke up.

Looking at Ye Zichen's pair of squirting fires, Gu Gu was only a faint smile, posing a fearful color.

"Ye Emperor actually praised me, this…Too much to let me be flattered! ”


In this regard, Ye Zichen is just ridiculous and has not said much.

"Oh, I thought that the demon person could perform for us for a while. I didn't expect it to be so good for a while. It was really boring. It seems that all this is a foregone conclusion. It is meaningless to watch it, Ye Di…So, are we going to talk about it? ”

Ye Zichen gave him a glimpse of his gaze.

"What do you want to talk about?"

"Just talk about the airlift of your god star, is it still ok…"

The ancient words have not been finished, and suddenly I feel a trembling from the depths of my heart. Not only him, Black Dragon and Ye Zichen feel it all…

Or, not only they, the whole three people feel it.

This is true even in the morning of Guzi, hidden in the void.

"Come on, you are not very good, try to give this box a punch, come…"

At this time, the confession of the heart was venting the anger of the heart. He used the uninjured leg and kept squatting on the sea of ​​flowers.

"Do you still fight back? Why don't you fight back, didn't you still kill this seat? ”


A heavy foot will lie on the sea of ​​flowers, and then he will kneel down and hold the hair of the sea in his left hand.

"It's you, you pulled the wings of your seat, right? Where should I take you?Otherwise, give your arm unloading? ”

At the moment when the winning hook fell on the voice of the minister, it was the smashing of the left arm of Huahai.

However, this pain can be ignored for Huahai.

"Give me some time, give me some time!"

Huahai kept yelling in his heart, as if he was begging the little man to give him some time. But the little man didn't even care about it. The whole heart let it eat, and only one tenth of the size was left.

Innumerable calls, in exchange for indifference.

Huahai gave up.


It is inexplicable that at this time he suddenly smiled.


This awkward smile shocked the minister. He yelled at the drought and took him out of the tens of meters, staring at the sea of ​​flowers.

When the time of tea was over, Huahai did not move.

At this time, the court will be somewhat blushing for the move. Immediately, he returned to Huahai, just as he was preparing to vent his anger…

His body trembled fiercely, not only him, but also the nameless fear of the drought and the sorrow of the queen.

Looking into the sky, he found that the blooming roses were in a state of dying. Immediately, he saw that the hand of the flower sea curled up on the ground was actually ending.

"Stop him."

The minister shouted, the drought and the sorrow wanted to stop, but the trembling from the heart made them unable to control their bodies.

At the same time, the villain who was eating the heart of the flower sea actually stopped.

It kept jumping, as if it were a fear of the sea. The flower sea, which has always been looking at the internal conditions of the body, can not help but reveal a faint sneer.

I only know that I am in a hurry, it’s late!

"How come suddenly stopped, eat? I let you eat, don't stop! I just begged you just now, let me give you some time, you will not give me…I understand it, in fact, my heart is your nourishment right? Originally, you can get this nutrient very well, just…Sorry, now you are asking me, it is too late. ”

The mouth of the mouth showed a faint smile, and the hand of Huahai also stopped printing.

At this moment, the rose above the void quickly became yellow and withered. Immediately, pieces of withered petals fell from the sky.

"Withered, bloom…black Rose! ”

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