In the darkness, accompanied by a fascinating black rose, it turns yellow in a blink of an eye.

The withered petals fall slowly from the air, and its fall is slow but irresistible.

"Let's go together."

Shrinking on the ground, the painful flower sea smirked, his pale face with this smile seemed so sensational.

Withered petals, if you cover this sky, the soldiers standing on the ground look at the petals at the top of the head.

"Can't let him fall."

After the restless anger, he tried to stop the fall of the petals, but everything was useless.


I can't run at all.

Even if he is fast, can he run out of its range during the time when the petals fall?

The answer is obvious.

"You are crazy."The nearly collapsed generals burst into the sea of ​​flowers. "Where do you want people in the three realms to die here together?"

"Why not?"The flower sea, which still has a sigh of relief, smiled and said, "It’s dying in the morning and evening. It’s better to die in my flower burial than to die in your dirty guys, isn’t it?”

When I heard this answer, I was really scared.

From the pupil of Huahai, he saw a behavior called madness. In the heart of this guy, I really think so.

"You crazy, you crazy"

The screaming of the screaming hair, and then he vented all the fire in his heart to the sea of ​​flowers.

never mind.

Hua Hai left the court to put his fists on him, but there was no reaction.

At this time, he is already a residual body, and it will not be long before it will disappear into this world. Even if they kill him now, it is just that they will be born sooner or later, he does not care.

The only thing he was more difficult to face was the people who fought side by side with him. I am really sorry to follow him.

But he does not regret it.

If you can get the demons and blood stabs here, then

It is worthwhile to sacrifice more people.

"This madman."

Gu Gu couldn't help but hold his head when he saw this scene. His position was also the place where the petals were shrouded. If the petals fell, he would die too!

Especially the kind of trembling that appears from the depths of the heart, he does not think that he can live under this flower.

"Ye Zichen, let him stop, or we will die."

There is no way, he can only put the idea of ​​living on Ye Zichen.

"The flower palm is the door of Baihuamen. Why should I listen to me? Even if he listens to me, why should I stop it? ”Ye Zichen chuckles.

"Don't you feel it, this flower falls, we all die!" This is not a game, but also to distinguish between friendly or enemy firepower. This is an indiscriminate attack. You are going to die, your woman is going to die, all the people present are going to die! ”

"Yes, then die."Yes, Ye Zichen just smiled faintly, and there was an indescribable ease and freedom in his eyebrows. "Can you smash all of you here, even if we are all buried?" The palm of the hand is quite right, I don't refuse. ”

"You" is holding out the handcuffs and holding Ye Zichen's collar. "Are you serious?"


"A group of madmen."


Pushing Ye Zichen away hard, the ancient eyes flashed in the dark, and the eyes were about to fall on Su Liuer and Su Yan.

"Let him stop, or let me let them both die now!"

Threatened by Su Liuer and Su Yan, Ye Zichen’s eyes were shaken. Immediately, he closed his throat and bowed deeply toward them.


This is what he said to Su Liuer, who still knows how to stay awake. However, she did not have any resistance, but she nodded affirmatively.

"It's ok."

"You are crazy, you are crazy."

From their conversations, the ancients can find their ideas. He slammed Su Yan and Su Liuer aside, holding his head and groaning.

If the petals fall fast, there may not be so many thoughts about their instant killing.

However, the petals fall very slowly, and the feeling of suffering is to make people collapse.

Not only him, but almost all of the Mozu and the blood stasis are like this.

They began to be anxious, and now they are in an absolute position. Why should they die here?

It was so confusing that they had some chaos for a while.

Looking at the fairyland side is a look of life and death, they are very clear, although they have been slogans that can live alive.

But who is not clear in the heart, this is a lie.

They have already reported the mortal heart, even if this petal falls really kills them, what about it?

It is also possible to marry the Mozu and the dirty blood stabs. This business is stable.

"Brothers, we are killing a few demons and zombie grandchildren before we die."

I don’t know who is shouting in the crowd. The people in the Three Realms should be killed in the blink of an eye. The Mozu in the chaos is the moment to let the people of the Three Realms break away.


"Su brother, can you stop the falling of this petal?"

Black Dragon is not watching Ye Zichen anymore. Now that he is at the end of his life, he still has the mood to manage other things.

He asked himself that there was no such means, and he could only fall on Su Yiyun's body.

Su Yiyun sitting in the chair has become breathing all the time. This is not a hot weather, but he keeps sweating.


After the Black Dragon asked questions, he glanced at the petal opening in the eye to answer.


When I got this answer, Black Dragon’s feelings were desperate. Even the master Su, whom he always trusted, couldn’t do it.

Will their demons be destroyed in his hands?

But at this moment, a roar suddenly spread to the ears of all people under the cover of black rose petals.

They searched for the sound, and they saw a black shadow thinking toward the petal, and lifted the petal up a few points.

"Win the hook."

The ancestors of the zombies first recognized the person holding the petals, and immediately they noticed that they only touched the petal slightly, and the arm that won the hook was completely corroded, leaving only the dry skeleton on the arm.

"What are you doing, come back!"

There is some feeling between the ancestors of the zombies and the ancestors of the zombies. For those who have no souls, he is not worried about the safety of winning the hook. He is worried about his soul.

"Don't be stubborn, come back!"

The call of anxiousness was a half-point response to the failure to win the hook. Not long after, he saw the win-hook that had been pushing the petals, and they grinned at the drought.

"Let's live well."

Immediately, he was a condensate look and burst into tears.

"Rosie blood!"

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