In an instant, the void is broken.

If the bloody sea falls from nine days, the whole piece of void will turn into a sea of ​​blood.


Winning the hook standing in this bloody sea, like a fish, so that the skin that the petals are corroded instantly recovers, with a lustrous luster.

He dragged the one-of-a-kind rose in his hands, and the rest of the roses wrapped the blood.

"Win the hook, I will let you come back!"

Looking at the bloody sea, the color on the face of the minister is more anxious than the feeling of being dead at the time.

"Now come back to me right away, I know what you are going to do, but you don't need it."

The court is really anxious, and Luo Xue’s blood sea is the desperate skill to win the hook. If he uses it, his soul will be instantly and he will be in the world.

His predecessor died with this skill!


The body that wins the hook is a one-third of the soul that occupies the cockroach. If his soul collapses, then he

"Win the hook, hurry back!"

Thinking of this, the shouting of the minister is more anxious, but the win-hook above the void keeps a free and easy smile from beginning to end.

"Big brother, the third brother is gone."

"You don't want to be reluctant, come back." If you haven't finished it, you will see the countless hells in the bloody sea. They are all bloodthirsty and well-trained, and they are trained to go to the petals of the rest of the blood. .

"Win the hook!"

"Let's live!"

Holding the biggest petal, the hook is rising and screaming, immediately



Everyone feels that their eyes are white, and even a deafening explosion almost shatters their eardrums, constantly screaming from the void.

A full quarter of an hour. .

This roaring lasted for a quarter of an hour, and it was completely dissipated.

When the people returned to God, they found that there was blood rain in the air. This rain did not have any bloody taste, but it was red.

And the roses that make people tremble are also disappearing from the void.

"Win the hook!"

The murderer was screaming with anger, and both the drought and the sorrow were exposed to the rest of the life. When they heard the anger of the minister, they thought that he was saddened to win the hook and couldn’t help but go to comfort.

"Big brother, win him, we owe him a life."

The drought and flood gave up an uncomfortable look, but I didn't expect to get a slap in the face.

"Go and find me, it is necessary to find his corpse."

This slap in the face of the drought, she squinted at her face and was overwhelmed. After Qing glanced, he immediately opened his mouth.

"Win the hook and blew, how can there be a body."

"Then go find me his soul, if you can't find you, die together!"


Feeling the anger of the minister, Houqing and the drought and the flood can not help but swallowed. Immediately they did not dare to have any hesitation and left in a panic.

"It's all you!"

After Hou Qing and the drought and drowning, the courtiers fell to the sea of ​​flowers.

"It's all you"


A palm print is printed on the cover of the sea of ​​flowers, and the flower of the last consciousness is preserved. But before he was killed, he saw a win and broke the rose. He was relieved.

Maybe, hit the heart

He does not want people in the Three Realms to be buried together.

You all have a chance.


In the distance, Li Jiayi happened to witness the picture of Huahai’s death, and she looked at the sea of ​​flowers and closed her voice. The whole person ran like crazy.

"Master respect?"

It was noticed that the exclaimed minister was also looking back, and immediately he saw Li Jiayi who was rushing.

call out.

The body instantly disappeared in place, and Li Jiayi running underneath felt that people were holding their necks.

"You are the apprentice of the demon?"

"I still honor my teacher."

Li Jiayi, who locked her neck, did not hesitate, and the software in her hand smashed toward the lord, but the soft sword that had been blunt was so hard in the face of ordinary blood stasis, let alone Face the minister.


This is the one who is worried about winning the soul, and all that leads to it is the demon. This little guy is the apprentice of the demon, and dares to challenge him.

The arm was forced, but his arm was suddenly hurt.

A bloody mark appeared on his arm, and immediately he turned back.

Lin Xihe.

The shot will be blocked by the owner of the Baihua City, Lin Xihe, the establishment of Baihua City, Huahai has a lot of credit, she can be a city owner thanks to the support of Huahai.

For Huahai, she always has the feeling of being a teacher and a friend.

Huahai died for the Three Realms, and she was awe-inspiring. She can't stop the death of Huahai. She can only take care of his only disciple, Li Jiayi.

Therefore, at the beginning, she has been paying attention to Li Jiayi's situation.

Until she saw that Li Jiayi had gone to the court, she knew that she was not the opponent of the court, but she still stood up resolutely.

"Jia Yi, run, he is not something you can deal with."

"court death."

The current mood of the minister is very bad. There is a small reptile who provokes him. Even now, there is a small reptile.

This group of three realms, really damn it!

The face flashed with anger, and the body of the minister instantly burst into violent energy. Immediately, his arm was pulled back hard, and the sly buckled Lin Xihe’s neck.

"Jiayi, run!"

The body trembled fiercely, and under the anger, Li Jiayi chose to shoot the minister. But when anger fades back to reason, she discovers how small she is.

Looking at Lin Xihe, who was holding her neck, her ears were still echoing her anxious anger.


No hesitation to run.

Sorry, but I am really sorry.

She did not dare to save her.

Seeing Li Jiayi's escape, Lin Xihe's face appeared a touch of relief.

Will you die?

She doesn't care at all!

My sister is already an adult and does not need her care. The man she once loved is even more so hurting her.

She has nothing to do with it.


Then die!

In the anger, the opponent’s arm was suddenly forced, but at this time, Lin Xihe, who was in a ruthless heart, suddenly struggled hard.

She can't die, she has unborn children.


The arm squeezed Lin Xihe's neck hard, but at the same time that Chen Chen died, she had a figure and quickly ran towards him.

It was not until I saw Lin Xihe’s death that I was thrown to the ground and the man stopped.


Immediately, the man was madly rushing toward the minister, ran to Lin Xihe's front and forced him to hug, crying.

"Almost forgot, she is your woman."When the court saw this scene, he raised his eyebrows and immediately opened his mouth. "Okay, isn't it a dead woman, crying and crying." Zhao Zikai, this seat is now killing you, and all the blood stabs have slaughtered those people in the three realms. ”

"To shut up."Zhao Zikai, who has been keeping his posture low, has turned back and screamed at this moment, and his eyes are full of crazy screams, "Yangchen, I want you to kill!"

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