The zombie ancestor died.

The act of winning the hook is naturally the attention of Ye Zichen, during which he has been using the spirit to lock the position of the winning hook.

Until the roar of the road dissipated, the winning hook disappeared…

It really disappears.

In fact, Ye Zichen is quite similar to Hua Hai's psychology. When the petals fall, he can face all the deaths with the heart of the stone.

Even if he is, he can be buried.

However, when this flower burial broke the win, his heart could not help but sigh.

That is indeed a good opportunity to smash the Mozu and the blood, but now it is a good idea to become a zombie ancestor and die.

What's more, one of the three souls of the fierce beast is in the body of the winning hook.

Now his only concern is how this soul will be, will disappear with self-destruction, or fall to the rest of the ancestors.

If the latter, the situation is not very good.

At the same time, the trepidation in the depths of the soul completely dissipated. The ancient black roses that had disappeared from the void, and the bloody rain that fell from the air, could not help but feel the rest of the life.

The black dragon also came over at this time, and he couldnโ€™t help but smile.

"Is the Black Dragon adult so anxious to come over and say that he is coming to thank me, and yes, if it were not for me, maybe we will die."

"Ahโ€ฆโ€ฆI can't feel the pain of my opponent's death at all. Ancient, the heart is full of embarrassment. โ€

The oncoming black dragon smiled, and from his heart, he was somewhat grateful for the dedication of winning the hook. If it weren't for him, the warriors of his Mozu 20,000 will be buried here, and the Mozu will be destroyed in his hands.

If this is the case, how can he face to face the people of the living sacrifices.

"How can I not feel sad, I am very sad."Gu left his chest and said, "In any case, it is one of the four major battles under my command. It is so dead. How many hearts are still a little bit painful. But his death is worthwhile, at least saved the lives of so many people. โ€


Black Dragon laughter has never received this statement, he is very hateful of this tone of ancient. Besides, the two of them are just having to cooperate and stand together in peace.

As long as Ye Zichen is settled, this ancient separation will be the soul of his knife.

I donโ€™t know if he left, but he is not saying that there is nothing. Immediately, he smiled at the eyes of Ye Zichen.

"Ye, you should thank me if you are."

"What do you say thank you?"Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows and pointed to the bloody stagnation below. "The zombies below you are a bit abnormal, you see…Is this a thank you to you? โ€


Gu Gu did not look directly at the past, but took a glance at Yu Guang. Blood stasis now has the control of his refining, how can it be abnormal.

However, his afterglow noticed the unusual signs of blood stasis below.


When the brow was locked, Gu Li quickly gaze at the group of zombies, and then he saw the scene of Zhao Zikai and the courtiers.

"What the hell are they doing?"

"It seems that your men are fighting in the nest?"Ye Zichen also said aside.

Not only did they discover this scene, but the people in the Three Realms also noticed the weird zombie activity. The zombies who were struggling with them all turned their heads to the other side.



Sp; This weird behavior, after the discovery of Lowell, first arranged for the people here not to act rashly, and immediately he spread the spirit, and soon after, he saw the picture of Zhao Zikai and the minister.

"Is it acting?"

Luo Wei brows deep lock, he is hesitant about this picture. Immediately, he noticed Lin Xihe in Zhao Zikaiโ€™s arms…

"Lincheng Lord."

The heart trembled, and the friendship between the city and the city owners was very deep. At this time, Lin Xihe's situation, he can't assert that she was alive, can see the look of Zhao Zikai, and the pale face…

Terror is fierce.

There was a pain in my heart, and soon he put his personal feelings behind his head and used rational thinking to analyze the situation on the field.

In the end, the result he got was that this was an opportunity.

Regardless of whether Zhao Zikai and Jiang Chenโ€™s infighting is acting or true, now the people in the Three Realms have allowed the Mozu and the blood stasis to be caught in this narrow range, and the scope of the activity is still shrinking.

In this way, their result is to let the other party encircle.

Thinking of Lowell here is the use of spiritual power, bursting out.

"The opportunity is coming, brothers, rushing out according to the original path."

Luo Wei was the first to be charged in front of him, and what surprised him was that the zombies didn't even attack him even if he saw him, and he kept going to the side of the court.

It is really an infighting.

The voice is rolling.

The people on the side of the Three Realms all followed the voice of Lowell, and the rolling voice also fell to the ears of the minister and Zhao Zi.

"Zhao Zikai, do you know what you are doing? You heard the sound, and the people in the Three Realms are going to run. If you let the ancients know from the adults, do you take it? โ€

He will swear by the words of the righteousness, but in fact he is just for his own life, and the people in the Three Realms do not run and have anything to do with him.

Zao Ziming also said with words: "Brother, don't make mistakes."

"Be afraid."Feeling the two sides of anxious tone, Zhao Zikai's look reveals a faint ridicule. "I am afraid that it is too late. The soldiers have already ruined me. Now even I have no way to control the group of blood stasis. Now they can only finish. I will stop the action before I destroy the command. Don't struggle, let's die together. โ€

"Zhao Zikai."

The minister reached out and pulled Zhao Zikai's collar and picked it up. Zhao Zikai did not resist at all, and let the courtier hang him in the air.

And he just looked at him with his gray eyes.

"Let's die together."

"What the waste is doing!"

Seeing the ancient separation here can not help but anger, Zhao Zizhen can not die now, the same can not die.

"Don't go see it, if you don't go, hehe…"

Ye Zichen smirked at the side, and the anxious old man looked back at him and immediately glanced at him with a smirk.

"Ye Di will not want to take me away, then…"

"How come, and there are black dragons who are holding me, how can I run?"Ye Zichen is a handkerchief.


Itโ€™s just a deserted departure from this ancient departure. Even if Ye Zichen ran away, he didnโ€™t care. The backyard was on fire and he was still in charge.

At the moment of the departure of the ancients, Ye Zichen, who was arbitrarily detained…


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