The disappearance of the trivial personnel caused the Mozu and the ancients to be both unprepared. The blood stabs who had disappeared from the hateful goal were all open-mouthed, and the sticky saliva dripped in the mouth and looked around. The warrior's shirtless warriors are also very puzzling around.

"It seems that this group of people is not a fate."

After the sneer of the haze in the heart, Gu was squinting at the mouth of the three circles who had disappeared from his eyes.

Black Dragon's subconscious gaze nodded, but soon he tightened his nerves and stepped back aside.

The cooperation between the Mozu and the ancients was based on the common enemy of the Three Realms.

Now that the enemy has disappeared, who is the land outside the fairyland, they are facing direct conflicts of interest.

"What is Black Dragon?"Feeling the change of the black dragon atmosphere around him, Gu Gu is very a bachelor's hand. "We are allies, why are you guarding me?"

"Ah……"Black dragon sneered.

"Well, I know what you care about in your heart."The ancients shrugged and shrugged. "Black Dragon adults took the whole family and smashed the boat to attack the Three Realms. I want to be sure that I need this land more than I do. I don't want this place in Xianyu. Now I will take my people away and leave it to you. ”

Even though the ancient saying goes about this, Black Dragon still does not relax any vigilance.

"Yes, I will be done now."Feeling the tension of the other party's emotions, the ancients also unequivocally turned to the next minister.

The blood stasis gradually withdrew from the battlefield. Not long after, the whole fairyland could see a few bloody stalemates, and the rest were all Mozu people.

"I saw the Black Dragon, this is the sincerity of my cooperation."

The ancients smirked and looked at the black dragon's still dignified look.

"It seems that there is no possibility of shaking hands, then I will leave. However, the best relationship between us is still maintained. In any case, Ye Zichen is not dead, and the war with them is not over. Black Dragon adults want to come and certainly will not be satisfied for this land of sorrow. Although the land outside the sacred domain is vast, it can support your entire Mozu, still stretched. ”

"This doesn't require you to worry about it."Black Dragon Road.

"I am definitely not a mess, it is a reminder of goodwill."Gu left his eyes and smiled. "I am not resting on the Devils of the Black Dragon. I will come to Hongfeng City to find you in a few days. How about the details of the attack on them?"

Just at this time, Black Dragon deliberately spread the spirit of knowledge, wrapping the whole fairyland in the spiritual knowledge.

Did not even play with him.

"You really let your people withdraw, then you can be yourself now, and this whole fairyland is my devil. You don't worry, this seat allows you to stay here forever? ”

"Afraid, how can you not be afraid."The ancient departure is a very weak look. "I am afraid of death in this person. The Black Dragon will not know." Since it is cooperation, it is natural to show the sincerity of cooperation. I have already said before, this is the sincerity of my cooperation. What's more, the Black Dragon is a generation of heroes, it is impossible to solve me at this time, right. ”

"Humph."The black dragon fainted, "Let's go."

"The adults have not given me a reply yet."Ancient leaves the mouth.

Of course, the Black Dragon knows that he said that he had just talked about the content of the attack. The means of saving all the people in the three circles just had to re-examine the energy of the Three Realms.

There is such a master sitting in the town, the cooperation between him and Gu Li can not be absent.

"Well, when you come to see this seat, you are."

"Then I wish you a happy cooperation."The ancients licked their lips and immediately chuckled. "But before I left, there was a sentence I would like to remind the Black Dragon."


β€œSu Yiyun is a falling star of Wenqu, and Ye Zichen…It is the emperor star. ”

The body of the black dragon was involuntarily stiffened, and it was a sneer to see him.

"Before you did not say that you are a star, you must continue to die for Su. In the face of this seat to recruit people in this seat, this account has not been counted with you, now you still dare to provoke dissension? ”

"Not a provocation."The ancient eyes blinked and smiled. "I am indeed the person of the emperor's appearance. It is the future of the heavens and the earth. Can you choose the double emperor? Didn't the Black Dragon adults have heard of it? If not, you can go back and see your Mozu. The books, maybe there are some discoveries."

"Enough, now quickly disappear from the front of the seat, if you don't want to stay here forever."

"Well, I am leaving."I noticed the anger on the face of Black Dragon, and the ancients did not say much. "But I said that the Black Dragon adults still have to be taken seriously. The Wenqu Star is one of the four major stars of the Emperor Star. His mission is to assist the Emperor Star. This is not to be rebellious. Besides, Su Yiyun and Ye Zichen were in the world at the time, but it was a rebellious relationship. If Black Dragon adults don't believe, they can ask Lee Min Ho. Before my recruitment, he refused…So…The problem of this is to be pondered by the Black Dragon adults themselves. ”


"Well, I am rolling, but the black dragon…"



In an instant, the pressure in the black dragon body is all released. Feel the pressure of this, the ancient smashing the corner of the mouth is the disappearance from this void.

For a long time, Black Dragon's chest was violently ups and downs, but Lee Min Ho pushed Su Yiyun over here.

"what happened?"

Su Yiyun sitting in the chair seems to have returned to normal, and the body no longer sweats. But whoever is clear, this is just a harbinger of the big limit.

Looking at Su Yiyun sitting in the chair, the mind of the black dragon kept lingering with the words that Gu Li said to him.

He is suspicious, but he really does not want to doubt Su Yiyun.

It is he who makes himself regain his ambition, and he also finds a place to live for the Mozu, and he also allows the Mozu to have the power of a battle with Xian.

It can be said that this year of the Mozu…

It was given by Su Yiyun.

However, the remarks made by Gu Gu actually said that Su Yiyun might be Ye Zichen's person. He couldn't figure it out. If it was as old as the old saying, Su Yiyun would have to pretend.

With his means, in line with the legacy of Ye Zichen, is it not easy to deal with them?

Confused in my heart, not willing to believe.

"Nothing, I don't want to fight when I see the grandson." Waiting for the three worlds to win, I want him to look good. ”

He did not tell the truth.

Suspicious, let him not tell the truth.

"This ancient is not too close to you to contact him. Don't forget how he was against you at the time, for the devils."

As soon as the voice fell, Su Yiyun let Lee Min Ho push him away. The moment he can go back, he is inexplicably sighed.

Still believe that the ancients are gone!

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