After entering the Hongfeng City twice, the Black Dragon Light Car Road came to the city government.

Once Luo Wei had countless times to read the night, in the study room for the people of the city, the black dragon sat in the seat of the study, holding a jade slip in his hand.

In the desk in front of it, there are countless jade slips on the ground.


The door of the study room was pushed open, and Lee Min walked in from the outside with a bitter face.

"Adult, you are looking for me."


The black faucet on the chair did not lift the sentence, but the spiritual knowledge was still inspecting the contents of the jade, and Lee Min Ho was not bothered to speak, standing at the door of the room.

For a long time, the jade in his hand put the black dragon on the table, and he raised his head and opened his mouth.

"Is Su brother sleeping?"

When it comes to Su Yiyun, Lee Min Ho's face is full of unspeakable frustration.

She recognized this person in the world, and she has always loved him since then. I thought that I would hand over the inheritance of this spiritual array to him, and be able to keep with him…

But who can think about it is that this inheritance is for his life.

In these few days, Lee Min-soo washed her face in tears every night. She kept asking herself whether she was the chief culprit of Su Yiyun.

"Don't sleep, he said that his time is running out. He has to hurry up to perfect the spirit of his recent study, and maybe he will be able to help you."

The black dragon look at the desk next to the window, and immediately he calmly nodded.

"Su brother really paid too much for my demon, and I blame the strength of this seat is too bad, can not be a life for Su brother. It is a pity that the brothers of Su’s ancestors are really talented. ”

Lee Min Ho is silent, she is not willing to accept the fact that Su Yiyun is not much.

Concealed by Lee Min Ho's look, Black Dragon sighed with a sigh of relief, asked in a casual tone.

"Min Min, you were at the time to let you go to the world, and find the Su brothers when the Yellow Emperor reincarnate."

Li Min’s pupil at the door trembled and immediately opened his mouth.


"Then you and the brothers are also very good."Black Dragon smiled faintly, saying, "In the present world, I know Su brother, and his tactics are so high. It can also be used by my demon. This is really a blessing for my devil. At that time, Su brother…In the present world, it is between the Yellow Emperor and the Yellow Emperor…"

"Black Dragon, what do you mean?"

Li Min’s face was suddenly sinking. β€œDon't you doubt Yiyun? Can't you see the devil's contribution in the past few years? ”

Feeling the excitement of Lee Min Ho's emotions, Black Dragon quickly said that he was relieved.

"How can this seat be suspected of Su brother, simply ask." Everything that Su brother did for the Mozu, this seat can be seen in the eyes. ”

"He used to be a friend with Ye Di."

"So how did you suddenly turn a blind eye?"Black Dragon asked some questions.

"When I met him, I felt that his memory had a sealed place, and he broke the seal. After that, he and Ye Di are no longer in contact. ”

"Su brother actually has this situation. It seems that Su brother is not an ordinary person."

The black dragon nodded and immediately chuckled.

"Well, that's nothing, you hurry back to take care of Su brother. What is needed, even if it is said, as long as this seat can do, it will help. ”

"Black Dragon adults are bothered."

After owing Lee Min Ho, he left the study, and the black dragon staying at the desk turned back and looked out the window. His gaze was the location of the Arctic emperor and its auxiliary stars.

"Emperor star, auxiliary star…Su brother, don't let this seat chill! ”

Lee Min Ho, who left from the Black Dragon, returned to Su Yiyun's room and heard the opening as soon as he entered the door.

"Back, what did Black Dragon ask you?"

"Sure enough, you didn't expect it."Lee Min Ho said all the things he said before in the Black Dragon, and immediately said, "Hey, the Black Dragon is too suspicious. The revenge between the ancient and the Mozu has not been solved. He actually believed the rumor. Suspicion is on your head."

"got used to."

Su Yiyun smiled faintly, and in front of him was filled with sketches needed to make a speech.

"Habit, just like him, I don't know when I will doubt the head of our demon."

Lee Min Ho was very anxious, Su Yiyun just smiled, picked up a pen and drew a few strokes on the sketch, but his hand was constantly shaking.

You know, he is also a cultivator, shaking hands…

"But let him think about it, just wait for everything to end."


The sound of the wind above the void is endless. After leaving the area of ​​Red Maple City, Ye Zichen is constantly going to the position of the animal domain.

The spirit is also fully spread, detecting the action of the Black Dragon and the ancients.

"The dragon is coming."

Knowing the sudden appearance of a sudden sound in the sea, Ye Zichen, who was galloping in space, immediately turned around and flew toward the position of the Dragon of the Beast.

After half an hour…

In the Great Hall of the Dragon, Ye Zichen, who was pulling his arm, walked in from the outside. Inside the main hall, the old patriarch of the dragon sits in the first place on the left hand side, while the position in the center is the soul of the old man sitting on a crane.


Ye Zichen, who came in from outside, said nothing, and when he walked to the center of the main hall, he squatted directly on the ground.

This embarrassment shocked everyone in the entire hall.

"Ye Di, what are you doing?"

The old patriarch got up from the chair, and the rest of the dragon's elders or immediate family members did not dare to sit in the chair. Both hands fell on the body.

The old man sitting in the chair did not move, and smiled at Ye Zichen.

"Okay, get up."

"Thank you for the help of the old dragon god. If it is not the old dragon god, I really don't know what to do."

"In fact, the dragons are also at fault. It may not be the case that they will be assisted early. Anything to say, get up and say, now you are not Ye Zichen before, now you are the Yedi of Xianyu. Look at them, you don't dare to sit with them. ”The old dragon smiled at Hehe's opening. "Right, the girls have been sent to heal, and the cocoa is with them."

"Thank you for the old dragon god."

Arched towards the old dragon god, Ye Zichen got up from the ground with the help of the dragon patriarch.

"Ye Di, your location is there."

The old patriarch pointed to the first seat on the right hand side, and Ye Zichen nodded and walked over to sit down, and the rest of the people just took the seat.

However, Ye Zichen just opened the seat and opened his mouth.

"I just mentioned the old dragon god, then I will ask this opportunity, why the dragons did not shoot for help, the signal should have been sent for a long time, but until the end we did not see any reinforcements, this…Can anyone explain? ”

"I didn't receive it, did Ye Di believe it?"

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