In one of the rooms in the Dragon family, several old men carrying the medicinal scent stood on the corner of the room, and Suliu Shuangyu did not have any survival to sit on the bed.

At this time, she still maintains the body of the nine-tailed fox. The nine tails are scattered on the ground, and the blood flows from the outside. The floor of the room makes it dark red.

The breath is weak and pale.

Even so, she still ignored the people in the room and refused treatment.

The middle-aged man in front of her face was full of embarrassment, and there was a little bit of anxious words and comforts.

"Fox Emperor, please cooperate with our treatment, your injury can not be delayed."

"To save Yuan Hong."Su Liuer hangs back in a faint voice.

"General Yuan, he…"The middle-aged man stopped talking, and then Su Liuer, who was hanging his head, looked up, and the face that was pale to the bloodless face was particularly scary, especially in her pair of pupils, which was full of flirtatious blood red. What happened to him, you told me, Yuan Hong, what happened to him!"

The people in the room were silent.

"Do you want to tell me that Yuan Hong is dead? impossible! โ€Su Liuer shouted loudly. "But it is just that the hole is worn on the chest. The self-healing ability of the fairy is not a mortal. He is only suffering from a serious injury." The dragons of your own family are the first of the beasts of the beasts. Can you cure him? โ€

Facing the rebuttal and questioning of Su Liuer's skull and face, the people in the room still kept silent.

"Well, since you can't save it, then I will send him back to the nine-tailed Fox family."

As soon as the voice fell, Su Liuer walked down from the bed. Due to her physical injury, her pace is very unstable, and the blood flow is faster during the walk.

"Fox, you can't leave."Until then, the middle-aged man who had been silent for a long time was the road to stop Su Liuer, and the tone was accompanied by unquestionable words. "The patriarch will hand you over to us and let us heal you." What's more, your current injury can't be undone, please also cooperate with us for treatment, don't bother us. โ€

"Step aside!"Su Liuer yelled and yelled, "Just dare to stop me, and quickly let the road go, otherwise don't blame me for your dragons."

In the vagueness, Su Liuer has begun to gain momentum.

The cyclone coiled around her, blowing her three thousand blues. She glared at the middle-aged man who was in front of him, as if she dared not give way, she rushed here to solve him.

The middle-aged man did not show any timidity at this time. He stood in front without any shaking, and his eyes stared at Su Liuerโ€™s eyes.

"Fox, you can't go."

"Okay, then don't blame the Emperor for being welcome."

In the words, Su Liuer is ready to shoot. Just then, the door of the room was pushed away from the outside, and I saw that Xia Keke and Ye Zichen came in from the outside.


The middle-aged man bowed his hand after seeing Xia Keke and immediately turned to Ye Zichen.

"Ye Di."

A slight nod, and at the moment after entering the room, Ye Zichen was a good guess. He glanced at the middle-aged man and told him to step back and immediately walked over to Su Liuer.

"Liuer sister."

When the strong Su Liuer saw Ye Zichen, the frosty face suddenly filled with pitiful fragility.

A line of tears ran down her shackles and squatted on the ground.

"Liuer sister."

Ye Zichen walked up quickly, Su Liuer looked up, tears slid down her eyes.

"Yuan Hong is dead."

That fragile face, who can't bear to bear pity. Ye Zichen heard the words, and Yuan Hong died. In the mind, they appeared involuntarily when they first met, and the laughter was so faint as yesterday.

The death of Yuan Hong is precisely the pain of this war.

With a pair of fists clasped, Ye Zichen's biting lips stretched out and the tears in the eyes of Su Liuer passed away.

"Liuer sister, don't think so much. You still have Su Yan and Su Zhu, and we…"

"Yes, Liu, sister, and us."Xia Keke also opened the door.

"Different."Su Liuer sat on the ground and kept shaking his head. "You are different from Yuan Hong. Yuan Hong is dead, and I don't want to live."

"Liuer sister…"

"Do you know that he was chasing me from an early age."Su Liuerโ€™s mouth, who was smiling on the ground, couldnโ€™t help but gently raise her voice. โ€œI was a female empire in the past, and he was just a little monkey at that time. That year, he followed the Great Saint to my fox family. From then on, he ran to my fox family every day. From a young age, he was so cheeky…"

Su Liuer smiled and kept track of their past, and Ye Zichen and the people in the room listened so silently.

Until then, Su Liuer completely relaxed her vigilance, and Ye Zichen, who was in front of her, knocked hard on her neck while sealing her several acupuncture points.

"Sister Liu, sorry."

Su Liuerโ€™s eyes, which are being recalled, become godless, and even if they close their eyes, they fall to the ground.

Ye Zichen reached out and hugged it on the bed and turned back to the dragon.

"It is necessary to cure the Fox Emperor. If it is not cured, I will ask you Dragons."

Leaving from the room, Ye Zichen stood in front of the door and looked up at the vast expanse of the moon. It wasn't long before Xia Keke came out of the room and heard Ye Zichen sigh.

"Yuan Hongโ€™s death is too big for Liuโ€™s sister.โ€

"Yeah, I have never seen Liu's sister like this."Xia Keke also wrinkled his face and said, "That Yuan Hong, is it really dead?"

Nodded silently, before coming to Su Liuer, Ye Zichen deliberately went to Yuan Hong.

There is no possibility of surviving.

"The Liuer sister…"

"I believe that Liu Erjie can come out of this shadow."Ye Zichen smiled and said, "Don't forget, there are Su Yan around them, and you and me."

"Well, I believe too."Xia Keke nodded affirmatively. "You have to go back to rest and take care of so many people. Actually, your injury is not much better than them."

"Well, it's time to go back and take a break, Su Yan will bother you."


The two separated, Ye Zichen, returned to the dormitory where the dragons arranged. Just as he just pushed the door open, he noticed that someone was in the room.


Ye Zichen, standing at the door, spoke, and soon he saw the sweetness coming out of the room. Seeing her, Ye Zichenโ€™s face showed a smile.

He smiled unscathed and walked toward sweetness, and he saw that the sweet little face was suddenly covered with frost.

"go to hell."

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