In the hands of Britney, I didn’t know where a gleaming dagger appeared, and a cold face stabbed him.

This awkward scene gave Ye Zichen a look and then reached out and took the dagger from the little sweet hand.


Ye Zichen, who had won the dagger, had a cluster of brows. He was very puzzled why sweet would want to kill him?

"Go to death and die."

Even though she lost her dagger, Sweetie still used her little pink fist to fall on Ye Zichen's body like a raindrop.

But without her spiritual power, this kind of attack is nothing but a drizzle for Ye Zichen.

Reaching out to hold the sweet, Ye Zichen locked his eyes.

"Sweet, don't make trouble."

The voice did not fall, but he found that the sweet little face was full of grievances. Not long after, she was wowed in the arms of Ye Zichen and cried out.

"what happened?"

This is just the beginning, and Ye Zichen’s heart is inexplicable. A bad premonition grew from the heart, and he quickly put the sweets on the ground and asked to hold her hand.

"Is it a mess?"

"go to hell."

Hearing the words of Mei, the sweet and sobbing of the grievances, and holding a small fist and hitting again.


Seizing the sweet little hand, Ye Zichen couldn't help but raise his voice.

The sweetness that waved her fist stopped, and she kept sobbing and shuddering.

"What is wrong with her?"

"Mom, Mom let the bad guys take it away."The little sweet face is full of grievances, and when he speaks, he is full of choking. "You still my mother, you still my mother…"

Speaking, sweet is the emotion that can't stop the heart, crying on the ground.

Let the bad guys get caught?

Ye Zichen’s heart suddenly glimpsed, and in an instant his mind was a myriad of possibilities. But these are just speculations, and they cannot be asserted.

Sweetness is obviously knowing that things have passed, and only from her can…

No, Chang'e can do it too.

Liu had said that their mother and daughter went to Chang'e at the time, maybe she could know something.

Stretched out and patted the sweet head, whispering a few words, and Ye Zichen pulled the phone out.

It's not just about Chang'e about Xiao Yumei. He still has a stomach fire to sprinkle with these guys in Heavenly Court, but now the most important thing is to know the problem of language.

“Chang'e Fairy?”

The heart whispered softly, and he and Chang'e had a wonderful technique of thousands of miles, so there was no need to use a mobile phone to contact.

no respond.

If Ye Zichen used to find her, the other party would definitely be back in seconds.

what's the situation?

I couldn't help but shouted in my heart that the other party still had no response.

“Don't you say that the sound of a thousand miles has failed?”

Ye Zichen sighed in his heart, but in desperation, he would find Chang'e fairy from the phone contact, click the dialog box of both, and send a message.

"Chang'e Fairy!"

The message was indeed sent out, but there is still no answer.

"Not right."

Ye Zichen’s heart trembled as he waited for no response. Of course he wouldn't believe that Chang'e Fairy was going to rest, so he didn't return to him.

She is a person who lives in the Guanghan Palace, and her home is at night.

What's more, even if she is resting, she can feel it before her inner call.

The other party did not answer, maybe there is only one possibility.

Looked at the sweet candy, at this time, the little sweet still cried with his legs, not showing signs of turning fine.

After the heart prayed that it should not be thought of, Ye Zichen left a message to Chang'e Fairy.

"Chang'e Fairy, if you see my message, please reply as soon as possible."

After that, he retired from the chat interface and clicked on the super red envelope group to find out…

Immortality Peach Fairy [Administrator]: Chang'e Fairy disappeared, how is it possible?

The most recent news was from Immortality Peach Fairy, and the news was exactly related to Chang'e Fairy.

In the heart, Ye Zichen turned the news upside down, only to see that Wu Gang, who was the first to mention the Chang'e fairy, had been cutting trees outside the Guanghan Palace.

Wu Gang: Chang'e has not been in the Guanghan Palace for three days!

Three days.

That is not exactly what Liuli said. Is it sweet to go to the Guanghan Palace?

Old Lord Taishang: When the Japanese monk saw it, the Guanghan Palace shined brightly. At that time, he thought that it was a fairy. What did he know about the disappearance of the fairy?

Yuela: I saw it in the light, it was very dazzling.

God of Wealth: I also saw it.

Someone in the group kept saying, all of them mentioned the great glory of the Guanghan Palace. Ye Zichen looked at the brow and the deeper the lock. After hesitating for a moment, he stepped out of the group and put the phone aside.


In a simple thought, Ye Zichen put his hand on the sweet shoulder.

"Let me go, you are the bad guy."

Sweet struggles hard and wants to hit him with a small fist. Ye Zichen reached out and held it, staring at her eyes.

"Sweet, don't be fooling around. I know that the departure of the language makes you sad, and now I am in the same mood as you. However, if you are here with a temper, you can't solve the problem. Let's calm down and talk to Dad and Chang'e. What are they doing? ”

"Everyone blames you for blaming you."

"Sweet!"Ye Zichen, who was holding her shoulder, suddenly burst into tears. When she saw that sweetness seemed to be scared, he realized that the speech was just too radical, and immediately he was sorting out the emotions with a gentle tone. "Sweet." Said to Dad, what happened at the time."

I don't know if I was scared by Ye Zichen's blast, or sweet and really packed up my emotions.

Not long after, he stopped crying, just shivering his shoulder and saying it.

"I felt so bored at home that day, let my mother go to see Chang'e aunt. It was nothing, but in the evening, Chang’e’s family suddenly came to a middle-aged man. ”

"after that……"

"The man asked, you don't know Ye Zichen. Mom thinks that he wants to find his father's trouble, and he and Chang'e aunt are watching him not talking. The man smiled shortly, saying…"

"What are you talking about?"

"Say, it doesn't matter if you don't say it. When I came, I was very clear about the investigation. You are all women of Ye Zichen, then let us take a trip. Mom and Chang'e are not good, but the middle-aged man is so powerful that he took it to his mother a few times. I was scared at the time. I didn’t dare to save my mother. I could only secretly hide and peek in the door of the Guanghan Palace. However, he left a sentence when the man left. ”


Ye Zichen’s heart is also beginning to be nervous, and this sentence should be the most important clue to the problem.

"To save them, come to Xiao to find him!"

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