Ye Zichen took her to the bed and rested for a sweetheart. Maybe the child is really tired, and it doesn't take long for him to fall asleep.

Only in her mouth, but in her mouth is a constant slang, judging from the mouth is like a mother.

A heartache.

Sweet is just a child. It hasn’t been long before I reunited with my mother, but it has to be separated. This kind of pain is naturally difficult for her to bear.

With a slight sigh, Ye Zichen touched her cheek with her hand and covered it with a quilt.


A smoky smoke spit from Ye Zichen's mouth, and at this time he had a cigarette with orange-red light in his hand, and his foot was covered with cigarette butts.

It’s been so fierce that I haven’t smoked it for a while. Only in the face of the situation that he can’t solve but it’s very disturbing, he will swear in the corner and smoke.

Xiao Jia.

Although there are some Xiao families in Xianyuan, this family is just a small family. They also have no ability to come and go in Heavenly Court.

Obviously, the Xiao family in the sweet mouth is the realm of the gods. What Ye Zichen can know, it seems that there is only the Emperor Xiaojia who is in charge of the punishment.

Ye Zichen is puzzled, why is it so wise to do the right thing with him everywhere.

Ascending to God, Xiao’s family fell and thundered and shattered his godhead, and almost killed it.

Now they are lower bound to catch Xiao Yumei and Chang'e fairy, what do they want to do.

The cigarette in his hand inadvertently made him pinch into two paragraphs, and his surroundings were filled with a chilling chill.

"I don't have to rest so late, why do you want to smoke here?"

Just then, from the door of the courtyard, Zuo Mo came in. She frowned at the cigarette butt on the ground and immediately frowned.

"Is it painful for the attack of the Mozu?"

A faint look at her, Ye Zichen took out the cigarette case and prepared to point it. Zuo Ma extended his hand and took it down. He said, "It is harmful to health."

Said, she also stretched out her hand.

Unable to show a bitter smile, Ye Zichen spread his hand and said that he would put the integrated smoke in the hands of Zuo Ma. Immediately stretched out and blew all the smoke around, and opened the way.

"So late, why don't you rest, come here?"

"Do you think I am free?"Put the smoke in the hand to the cigarette case, Zuo Mo will put his hand back to the back of the body. "You are fighting with the Mozu. We have been delivering war preparations for you. I just sent the last batch of supplies." I wanted to go to rest, but I couldn’t sleep, so I just strolled around. The Dragons came for the first time. ”

Zuo Mo said so, but Ye Zichen believes that the two said.

Especially her sentence is strolling around.

Ye Zichen's accommodation is quite far away from the Dragon's material reserve. It seems that there is nowhere to go.

However, Ye Zichen wouldn't break it, just smiled and said.

"Work hard."

"Nothing hard."Zuo Mo put on the swing.

"Your treasure tower is transporting war preparation materials, which is worth a lot. This time you have made a loss-making business!"Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows and smiled.

"I still understand the truth of the cold and cold teeth. If you lose, then it is useless for me to have a million treasures. I am only doing my best for myself."

"If the group of small businessmen have your consciousness, then Lin Xihe was married…"

Halfway through, Ye Zichen stopped the conversation.

Lin Xihe, she is dead.

The mood is inexplicably becoming a bit low. I don’t know if the situation is that he is betraying Zhao Zikai, but he feels sorry for it, and he can’t help but speak out.

"Xihe sister, she is not a vulnerable person."

"Yes, she is not a vulnerable person."

Ye Zichen smiled reluctantly, and Zuo Ma noticed the meaning of his words very easily.

"What do you want to say?"

"No."Laughing and waving, Ye Zichen said, "I'm just acknowledging what you said. If she is really vulnerable, can't she be the master of a city? Among the cities outside the fairyland, she is a female city owner. ”

"Xihe's sister is not an eyebrow, it has always been an example in my heart."

Zuo Mo was also grinning, and immediately raised his eyebrows. "Right, you have come to the Mozu, then you should know where Xihe is living. Can you send me in the past? I miss her a little." ”

"she was……"Ye Zichen hesitated, "When she was injured in the fight with the Mozu, you should not bother to disturb, let her take a rest for a while."

"Injured, how is it, serious?"Zuo Ma is anxious.

“It’s not particularly serious, but it will take some time to rest.”Ye Zichen replied.

"Well, there are a lot of materials in the materials that I have sent to cure the holy medicine. When I let the dragon people send some past to Xihe."

Zuo Mo nodded and talked to himself, and Ye Zichen didn't want to entangle the topic, it was to open the way.

"Your supplies this time…"

"I am still trying to tell you."When I heard Ye Zichen, Zuo Mo directly said, "Just just now, I have shipped all the bombs that we have made in our treasure tower." As a result of the test, the general level master should be unable to resist the explosion of this bomb. ”


Ye Zichen is also a fist box. "The Mozu is now working with the blood of his hands. The number of them is too dominant. If we can have a bomb, it is definitely a good news for us. ”

"Yes, and I have told people to build the factory in the dragons overnight. At the time of the war between the two sides, we can still provide you with gunpowder bombs in the back. ”

"it is good."

He nodded heavily, and Ye Zichen also made the news a little more exciting.

"As long as there is enough gunpowder, I have to make that group of guys look good."

But when he waved his arm, the wound on his body was touched, so he couldn't help but take a cold breath.

A glimpse of Yin Hong emerged from his chest, and after Zuo Mo saw it…


"Small injury, nothing, just give me a few days to recover."Ye Zichen grinned and took the topic back. "Now how much explosive you have in your hand, how long will the factory be able to make it…"

"There are tens of thousands of them. It takes about three days for the factory to be non-stop."Zuo Mu Dao.

"Okay, great."Ye Zichen grinned, "No wonder the era of cold weapons gradually replaced, hot weapons are a unique advantage! The demons and zombies are waiting to eat explosives! ”

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