In the former bloody territory of the Mozu, Gu was sitting in the seat of the former Mozu commander, enjoying the tranquility of the hall under the darkness.

Step on the step.

There was a footstep in the dark hall, and the old man picked up his eyebrows and lifted it up. The center of the hall was burning a purple-red bonfire.

This bonfire brought some light to the dark hall, but this purple light made this hall even more strange.

"The ancients are away from adults."

The entrant stopped the bonfire and slammed it down to the top. The old faint nodded and the right hand slid gently, and the minister felt a spiritual force appearing around him to drag him up.

"What's the matter late at night?"

"The ancients are from the adults, but they belong here…"

He will continue to see his words, and he can see from his look that he is full of inner dramas, and hesitating whether he wants to say it.

The old-fashioned corner of the chair sits on the chair and overlooks the memorial road below.

"There is something to say."

"The subordinates want to make sure that it is really helping you to take this world down, and you will give the beasts in your hands to your subordinates."

After hesitating for a long time, the minister will still tell the words in his heart.

In fact, he has struggled countless times before coming here. The ancient eccentricity is elusive, and he does not know whether this inquiry will annoy him.

But he really has no way.

The drought and the sorrow and the sorrow to find the soul have not returned. If the soul of the winning hook is really scattered, it will be that he will swallow the drought and the aftermath, and he will not be able to return to the peak of the year.

Can be made up, only the ancient beasts in the hands of the gods.

If he can get this fine, he still has a chance.

Therefore, he only asked the scalp.


The words of the ancient mouth spit out, and immediately cocked his legs and rubbed his fingers for a long time.

This silent silence is not known to bring too much oppression to the ancients. Especially with the purple light in this hall, it makes his heart sink and sink.

"It’s a subordinate, and it’s a good name.”

After struggling in the heart, the court will choose to give in. However, when he was about to leave, Gu Gu was a faint smile.

"When the brothers said this, I just thought of some other things, and I was slightly disappointed."


"It’s not right to say something to the minister."Gu Ge grinned and smiled. "I don't want to win this world. I don't care about the land of this project. I want Ye Zichen's life."

"Know, as long as he kills him, this is fine…"

"I naturally put my hands on it."There is no hesitation in the ancients. "The problem of the beast god, I want to worry about the brothers." At that time, I had already sent a vow to me, and I will give you this stone in my hand. Regardless of whether it was for self-protection or not, would the courtier think that I dare to disobey this swearing oath? Do you dare to rebel against heaven? ”

"It’s a subordinate failure."He will be a veteran.

"No problem, I know the importance of the beast god to the minister. During this period, I will keep the stone in my hand. As long as Ye Zichen is dead, this stone is definitely a brother. ”

"Thank you for being away from the grown-ups, but there is one more thing to ask the adults."

"Say."Ancient away from the road.

"The beast is fine, it is true."

When the minister said this again, he also went out, and the ancient squatting in the chair instantly broke into a line.

"Is the brother who is doubting me? Believe it or not, I will take it now…"

It was like a viper-like gaze that made the minister unable to hold back his pupils, especially his words made him dare not offend.

"Don't dare, please ask the adults to stay."

"Just kidding."Gu smiled and smiled, and immediately said, "I have said, I know the importance of this stone to the brothers, I will keep it safe during this period. Ok, if there is nothing else, then let go. ”


The archer's hand was removed from the hall, but there was a shadow in the purple bonfire.

"He has some doubts."

"Of course he will doubt that if he doesn't doubt he can only say that he is too stupid."Ancient and stunned, "How hard is the beast god, how can this hope be found in the barrenness of the next three worlds?" It is also in my hand, if he does not doubt it? But now he can only bet that the stone in my hand is real. ”


"Winning is dead, and he has lost one point." He was the ancient beast that was made by the Father. When it was today, it was only the beast god. ”

The ancient faint smile, twisting the neck.

"So, he can only gamble."

"But if he got it and found that the stone was fake, wouldn't he retaliate against you?"

"Follow him."Ancient away from the mouth, "killed Ye Zichen, I sucked the heavens and air. Will the soul of the soul be incomplete, and what can he endure with me? Now I can compare with me, that is, Black Dragon and Ye Zichen. The Black Dragon did not know what kind of opportunity there was, and the strength of the people raised. Moreover, he also has Su Yiyun. However, he was suspicious, and what I said to him at that time would definitely make him and Su Yiyun estrange! ”

"As for Ye Zichen, he has too many helpers. If the minister has the opportunity to obliterate it, it would be a great good thing for me. ”


Walking on the broken gravel road, the look of the minister has an unspeakable dignity.

That soul may be fake.

From the ancient words, he did not know why. But as the ancients thought, he can only gamble that fine is true.

There is no turning arrow in the bow, he can only go down with his scalp.

Going back to the room, the lights are on.

Push in the door.


The drought and the sorrow stood in the room and shook his hand. I already guessed that the result was a sigh of sigh, but I couldn’t help but ask.

"How, is there a result?"

"If we haven't found it, how can we change it back?"The marmot laughed.

"Is it?"The faint opening of the heart-wrenching minister, but not long after, he would be big and big, grabbing the shoulders of the marmot, "What did you say?"

Because he was too excited, he did not have the strength to measure, and the shoulders of the drought and drought were all cracked.


The drought and drought show the painful color, and the minister will release his hand. But he did not pay attention to the drought and the injury, but asked.

"What did you say, the soul found it?"

"Yes, I found it, it is intact."The drought is a strong smile.

"That will give me the soul."

The face of the court was filled with anxiety and excitement, and it was found, and it was still intact!

"Brother, look."

The drought and flood was also a difficult hand at this time, and the palm of his hand was a soul that won the hook at that time.


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