The soul is intact.

Looking at the drought and the crystal clear and uncontaminated soul, the light in the eyes of the minister is getting hotter.

The rush of wheezing appeared from his nose and mouth, and he reached out and took the soul.


"I was surprised when I found this soul with the drought, and the soul was hidden in a cave not far away. When we saw us, it also took the initiative to fly, as if it was waiting for us to find it. โ€

After Qing looked at the soul and chuckled, but in my heart, it was inexplicable to put down the huge stone.

Several of them are indeed the first ancestors of the four zombies, but they all know that the ministers here are beyond their own.

He, the winner, the drought and the three, at most, is the carrier of the soul.

As long as there is an opportunity, the minister will swallow their souls and return to the vicious beasts of the past.

The heart is a little bit stunned, but this is also helpless.

"It's good."

Will nod to nod, carefully holding the soul in his hand.

As long as this soul is there, then he is still complete. That ancient dreams can not be imagined, the win hook can still keep the soul intact after releasing the Rakshasa blood sea.

It is best that the fineness in his hand is true, otherwise…

He won't have a good end.

"Brother, the soul has now been handed over to you. I left with the drought, and the wound on her arm needs to be nursed back. โ€

Seeing that the minister was in a good mood, Houqing dared to speak.

"Okay, let's go."

After getting this soul, the minister will almost all of his gaze on it, and he will not look at them.

They owe themselves to leave the room, and when they walked to the door, they opened the door.

"In the past few days, I have to retreat to integrate this soul. Don't let anyone disturb me, especially if you know it?"


Close the door, the singer is full of greed and look at this soul.

"Nvwa, wait."

When the voice fell, he opened his mouth and threw the soul into his mouth.


The door allowed the queen to gently push it up, until the drought and drought could not help but make a painful low.

At that time, the general had almost crushed his shoulders, and the pain of the heart had been stimulating her nerves. However, she did not dare to make a sound, but she could only endure it.

"Hurry and go back to nursed back."After Qing faintly looked at the drought and glanced open.

"know."The drought and drought stubbornly endured the pain at the shoulders, and looked at the room behind him. "Why give this soul to him."

"Is it what you gave him?"After Qing smiled.


The marmot bites her lips without opening. She doesn't want to give it. She doesn't dare not give it.

"I know what you think, and it's the same for me."After Qing faint smiled, "Looking at a few of us seem to be a reciprocal relationship, but we are all very clear, in the end is the king. The court is the ontology, we can't go up and don't dare to disobey it. โ€

"canโ€ฆโ€ฆGive him the soul of the winning hook, then will we have a good end? โ€

After hearing the words, Hou Qingโ€™s canโ€™t help but hold it. Looking up at the bright moon in the sky, I breathed a sigh of relief.

"Who knows."

"If he really wants to take back the souls in our bodies, then are we giving or not?"At this time, some of the droughts and floods had no idea. She suddenly regretted that she would win the soul of the hook.

If they were before, they might still be able to contain each other.

But if the court will absorb the soul of the hook, then it is not possible for her to add a post.

"No one can say what to say at that time."

Hou Qingโ€™s gaze became a bit deeper. โ€œIn fact, my wish is very simple. As long as the Yellow Emperor can die, how can he return the soul to the minister?โ€


The drought and drought could not help but sigh, and the eyes of Hou Qing changed, and immediately grinned.

"Okay, don't think so much. You can go back and raise your wounds with peace of mind. Whether you want to kill our souls or not, it is still unknown. You and I should not be worried about it here. โ€

"makes sense."

When I nodded the drought, I turned and left. Just as she was about to go to the residence, she suddenly noticed that someone was following her.


Gloomy anger, not long after, Hou Qing came out from the darkness.

"How come you come?"

"Are you not hurt, afraid that you are in danger, it will protect you from coming back."After Qing smiled.

"sorry to bother you."Although I felt a little bit wrong, the drought and drought still nodded to him. "I am safe now, you can go back quickly."

"How can this be done? I will always see you entering the room safely."

"What do you want to do?"The face of the marmot has changed, and I watched the policeman in front of me. "You are very strange."

"Of course it is very strange, I am coming this time…But it is your life. โ€

As he said, Hou Qing relied on step by step, and his face was full of smiles.

"After the Qing!"

The dry eyebrows exclaimed and retreated. After that, Qing just smiled and raised his eyebrows.

"What are you doing, you also thought of it, the future of the minister must be the soul of both you and me. Instead of giving him the soul, why not give me the soul? On weekdays, I am not thin to you. โ€

"After the Qing, don't come."

The drought and drought that kept going backwards couldn't help but frown. If she was not afraid of her husband, she could now crush her husband's shoulders, and her ability lies above power.

Abolishing her arms is like abolishing her full strength.

"If you blame you, you will blame the minister. If he didn't crush your arms, I might not have this idea."

Hou Qingโ€™s face is full of hot colors. He keeps pressing toward the front, and the drought and flood donโ€™t dare to think too much. Turning around is going to the back.

"Want to run?"

The corner of the mouth is up, and Hou Qing is just walking without hesitation.

Absolute way.

When I saw that there was no way to go ahead, the heart of the drought and drought was half cold. She turned back and saw that Hou Qing was still approaching her at a slow pace.

"After the Qing, you are sensible. If you don't want to give him the soul, then we can cooperate."

"Cooperation? Swallow your soul, itโ€™s not as simple as one plus one and two, this…You and I should be very clear. โ€

"After the Qing!"

"Shut up, give me the soul, don't lose."

When the voice fell, Hou Qing was shot to the drought.

After half an hour…

"Is it bad for me?"

Hou Qing coveted the drought and the ground, and reached out to resist it on the shoulders. The look was filled with indifference and looked at the room of the minister.

"How can I return the soul to the minister? This is my life, then I will control it myself."

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