The position of the dragon family on the mountain, because it is too barren, not suitable for the dragons to inhabit, this place has been abandoned by the dragons.

Since Zuo Mo asked the dragons to give up a place to the construction factory, the dragons gave up the place.

However, in a few days, this has caused the land of the Dragons to be abandoned. The factory that manufactures gunpowder has also been established, and we can see that many people are working in it.

"The left house main action is quite fast."

The old patriarch of the dragon family smiled and opened his mouth. He was too busy to come and see how the progress was, but he did not expect the progress to be so swift.

No wonder the Terran can be unified in the world, no matter the reproduction has a unique advantage.

In other respects, the Yaozu is too late.

"Now the time is tight, the Mozu and the blood stasis are in sight, and there is always the possibility of attacking. We must fight against time and seize the opportunity to make the hope of winning a big one. โ€

The open mouth of Zuo Moโ€™s face is now filled with a dignified atmosphere. She is by no means an optimist. There is no way to be able to talk and laugh at this time.

"The left cabinet owner said very much."The old patriarch also nodded.

"Of course, this is also thanks to the old patriarch who can give us this place."Zuo Mo owed it to him, and the old patriarch quickly reached out and held it. "The left cabinet owner is doing this. My dragon family inhabits it. Of course, it is also responsible for the future of the three realms. This is not all we should do."

Just then, there was a shadow of the dragon in the void.


It was the Dragon Master who was also the second uncle Xia Yingqi of Xia Keke. A few days ago he went out to investigate why he did not receive the signal.

"came back."When the old patriarch saw him, he looked at him and immediately turned to Zuo Ma. "The left cabinet owner, the old dragon will not bother here, take a step first."

"The patriarch is walking slowly."

After watching the Dragon patriarch and the second master Xia Yingqiu leave, Zuo Mo also returned to the factory at this time to participate in the production of explosives.

"Don't you have a look?"

Above the void, on the way back to the Dragon Hall, the old patriarch asked him to Xia Yingqiu.

Did not receive the signal, the problem is too serious, he has no way not to pay attention.

"Have."Xia Yingqiuโ€™s face is full of dignity.

"Could it be thatโ€ฆโ€ฆ"The old patriarch wants to stop and say, Xia Yingqiu nodded at this moment, and the thick ink-like eyebrows were even more like a group. "A child will not be able to say it for a while, but when investigating, The baby caught the individual and is now on the main hall. You should understand when you see him."

"it is good."

Dragon Hall.

The elders in the family are all seated. Obviously, Xia Yingqiu had informed them in advance when he went to the old patriarch.

There was a man in the middle of the main hall. He buried his head on the ground and his emotions were very tense.

Step on the step.

The old patriarch, who came from outside, walked in and walked in. When he saw the man on the hall, his eyes stopped on him.

For a long time, he took his eyes back to his position.

"British autumn, tell everyone who this is."

At this time, Xia Yingqiu went to the front of the man, and turned to the old patriarch sitting in the chair and the elders in the family.

"The patriarch, as well as the elders, this person is the spy of the Mozu in our dragon family."

The scene is stunned.

The people in the hall almost all of their eyes fell on the people on the ground, revealing the horror.

"The Mozu actually extended the minions to the inside of my dragon."

"How is this possible? We are very rare with the dragons. If the dragons are in the hands of people, how can we not know?"

"This is too ridiculous."

There were many opinions in the field, especially the old man sitting next to the patriarch was shaking his hand and pointing out.

"British autumn, don't you say jokes."

This old man can be regarded as an old senior in the dragon family, and also a former elder of the three former elders in the dragon family.

"Three grandfathers, is it a joke, shouldn't you be clearer than your nephew?"

Unexpectedly, Xia Yingqiu was a funny smile, and the words of the thorns returned to the old man.

The old man in the chair twitched and frowned.

"What do you mean, that do you still think that this spy is not the one I put in?"

When the old man said this, he was very angry. The old face kept shaking, and the crutches in his hands kept pounding on the ground.

"I have served the Dragons for tens of thousands of years, you…youโ€ฆโ€ฆ"

"Three elders, you are suffocating."

The people in the hall belong to the younger generation of the old man. Even the old patriarch should respect the old man, and see him as mad. The people present are all sayings and comforting.

"British autumn, what do you say?"The old patriarch yelled.

"Three grandfather, you can eliminate the gas."Xia Yingqiu also smiled and said at this moment, "You are old, if the body is broken, then I told him not to kill me?"

Some people are comforting, but others feel that there is a bit tricky inside.

Xia Yingqiu's most outstanding talent in the new generation of the Upper Dragons, he just said that it is absolutely nothing, there is a problem.

"The second child, what did you say in the end?"The current patriarch of the Dragon family, Xia Yingke, the father of Xia Keke, said, "Three grandfathers, you can talk about it."

He said so, anyone from his tone felt that he was standing on the side of Xia Yingqiu.

"Big Brother, when did you see your brother say that those things are illusory? Why should I target the three grandfathers, huh…"

The right hand is grabbing the hair of the person next to it, and the face of the person who has buried his head on the ground is in the sight of everyone.


The people in the main hall are all squatting, and the people who are kneeling on the ground are about middle age, but they reveal the weather-stricken vicissitudes.

Xia Yingqiu also grabbed him and then quickly released, laughing.

"Hey, look at my temper, how can I catch the grandfather's head. I am so damn, I also asked my father to punish. But three grandfathers, grandfather looks like your child? Thisโ€ฆโ€ฆOh…I am a younger generation, I still shut up! โ€

Saying that Xia Yingqiu is lying on the ground, but no one in the hall has anyone to speak.

"Da Bo, how is you."

For a long time, the old man sitting in the high position is full of unbelief.

The spy of this dragon is actually…

It is his elder.

The rest of the temple is also somewhat ignorant, and they do not know how to assert this matter.

The dragons are very concerned about the seniority. It can be said that the higher the seniority, the higher the status within the dragon. Whether it is the three grandfathers or the sons of the three grandfathers, they…

There is no right to manage.

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