The people in the hall all looked at each other and Xia Yingda even took a look at Xia Yingqiu.

When he came, Xia Yingqiu went to find him in advance and asked him to say a few words on the hall. When he asked who he was, his brother was still mysterious to tell him…

Absolutely surprise you.

"This is really a surprise."

Xia Yingda on the chair locked his eyebrows. When he looked at the people on the ground, even if he had already imagined 10,000 possibilities, he still surprised the result.

The eldest son of the three grandfathers, the grandfather of their generation.

Some angry look at Xia Yingqiu, he discovered this…

This kid…

Squeezing his eyes at him.

"Go, don't you say that you can help me talk?"

From Xia Yingqiu’s eyes, he saw what his brother wanted to say.


Is it so easy?

This kind of great elders can be commented by their juniors. Even if the elder is really intimate with the Mozu, he is not qualified to say it.

His eyes fell on the body of the old patriarch, and the only one who is closest to these two elders is his father.

The old patriarch’s situation is now better than them. When he saw the spies, his head slammed.

This uncle, once in charge of the Dragon's penalty, was the most selfless judge of the year.

When he was young, he always followed the uncle, and from an early age, he let the uncle instill innumerable loyalty to the dragon.

But now…

He can't mess.

Now the elders in the hall are in chaos. If he is in chaos, then it is really chaotic.

Taking a deep breath, the old patriarch will look at the three grandfather.

"Three grandpa, this is your son, this…"

"You are against this."

The old man who had been sitting in the chair suddenly raised his cane and threw it at the man who was lying on the ground.

At this moment, Xia Yingqiu, who was not talking about it, was suddenly caught in front of him and grabbed the crutches.

"Too grandfather, you can't throw this crutches." If you don't have him, how can you run for a while? ”

I smiled and threw the cane in my hand back. The crutches fell on the ground and made a crisp sound, but this sound was loud in the ears of everyone in the hall, but there was an indescribable deep meaning.

This old man, there is a problem.

"British autumn, not rude!"

"I almost forgot, I am a younger generation, haha…"Hearing the old patriarch's swearing, Xia Yingqiu smiled and smiled. He didn't have a positive line. "But too grandfather, you are a bit too much. The spiritual power contained in the cane is not so angry." Clean up the portal, this is too anxious, my grandfather has not spoken yet, you do not believe that I am filthy? You are all elders, just arguing, who dares to say that you are not? ”

"Xiao Yingqiu, I know that you now suspect that you are too grandfather, this is understandable. This is my son, whoever doubts my head. ”

The old man blinked, and the body was quite awkward at this time.

"But my summer and winter are full of innocence, this rebellion is actually confessed to the Mozu, this is my lack of discipline. You are all younger generations, and you can't start with this ruling. That can only be the self-clearing portal of my father. ”

"Wow, this grandfather is really a model for me to wait for the younger generation."

Xia Yingqiu is very exaggerated. "You can't be so anxious to clean up the portal. My grandfather is the only breakthrough for us. You will kill him. If there are other dragons in the dragon family, People are infected with the Mozu, what can they do?"

"Hey, the dragon has come out of this counter is already unfortunate." Is there anyone else who dares to do such a disobedience? ”The old man shouted.

"Whoever said it, some people may be confused, he is doing it!"

Said, Xia Yingqiu's look has become unspeakable cold.

The people in the hall frowned at everything on the field, and the old man was also looking sad.

"You say who is old?"

"To say who has the heart, I don't need to point it out."Xia Yingqiu did not let it go.

The atmosphere in the venue became very heavy, and Xia Yingda, who had been wondering how to help his younger brother, spoke at this time.

"Too grandfather, my second brother, he is straightforward and speaks without the brain. You have to bear more points."

"Who……"Xia Yingqiu just wanted to open his mouth, and he saw Xia Yingda’s stunned him and glanced at him to shut up. β€œBut the British and the autumn said that the grandfather is the only breakthrough.” Although my dragons have sturdy bones, no one can guarantee the temptation to live with the omnipotence. You said that you have a clear conscience, then how can you examine him? If it really doesn't matter to you, I can also give you an innocence. When I am apologizing to you and Yingqiu, can you? ”

"Hey, my big brother said yes, if it's really okay, you can do whatever I want."Xia Yingqiu said.

"Three grandfather, just ask."The old patriarch spoke.

"Yeah, Grandpa, just ask."The rest of the elders are also helping out.

The general direction has been biased towards Xia Yingqiu, and the old man is useless even if he wants to rely on old sellers.

"Oh, then you are judged, I am a little tired, I have to go back to rest, when you tell me the result is."

"Hey, you can't go."Just when the old man was ready to leave, Xia Yingqiu stopped him. "You are not here. We have no elders to fight, and it is not easy to interrogate." I said, you are still very spiritual, and now suddenly you are tired? Hey, grandchildren have no other meaning…It is…You are not going to stay here again? ”

"Xia Yingqiu."

The old man sighed and found that no one on the field was helping him to speak, and from their gaze, he knew…

He must stay.

"Leave it and stay, hey, I don't believe what else can I get."

When I sat down on the chair, the old man opened the way to the people on the ground. "Reverse, take everything out of the truth."

"Grandpa, Grandpa will let you recruit, then you will tell me what you said before."

Xia Yingqiu also grinned at this moment, kneeling on the ground and opening to the man. The man on the ground raised his head, and his gaze seemed to subconsciously glance at the old man.

The old man noticed his gaze and shouted.

"Look at what I did, I did this kind of disobedience, and thought I could save you?" Tell me everything you know, maybe you can save your life. ”

"Right right, frank."Xia Yingqiu also smiled and said, "Remember, be sure to tell the truth. The rules of the dragons, you know the punishment, if you lie, it is not a joke. ”

"I said, I said…"

Until then, the talents lying on the ground shivered openly, and then he extended his finger to the old man and opened his way to the people in the hall.

"I asked him to do it."

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