"It's him……"

When people in the hall heard this, they were unable to make any expression that would express their emotions.

They looked at the former elder who had been sentenced and used his almost collapsed attitude to point his finger to the old man who had just re-settled.

"Reverse, you are against this!"

The old man, who is not sitting on the hot buttocks, is going to shoot on the ground with a cane.

Xia Yingqiu gazed at Xia Yingda and saw that his brother’s hand threw a few stones on the ground.

A shackled cage like a cage wrapped the old man, and he also got up at this time.

"Too grandpa, you are not safe, Grandpa, this is just the beginning…"


The crutches squatted on the wall of the cage and made a loud noise.

"Okay, Xia Yingda, you are really long-term, and you dare to shut up your grandfather."

"Please also thank Grandpa for your understanding, now Grandpa is the only clue. I can't let you do it to him, and we can't do it for you. Limiting you is the most compromise. ”

Xia Yingda responded politely, while owing to the old man.

"More offenses, but also hope Haihan."

"Well, the old dragon is going to listen. This can be said by the counter."As soon as the voice fell, the old man became a particularly calm seat. The dragon stared at his eldest son on the ground, "said."

"This is right."

Xia Yingqiu was also a faint smile, reaching out and taking a picture on the ground old man.

"Too grandfather let you say, you will continue to explain. Don't be nervous, you won't have any danger now. My brother's sleepy dragon array is taught by you. You should be clear. ”

"It is him, it is summer and winter to arrange my contact with the Mozu."

The elders of the front penalty on the ground seemed to have become calmer at this time, and said after swallowing.


The old man in the trapped dragon array kept shaking, and Xia Yingqiu glanced at him, and then he said to the people on the ground.

"Go ahead, don't stop! That's right, don't talk too much trouble, you can focus on it. ”

As soon as the voice fell, he looked at the people in the hall and smiled.

"You, you have to listen carefully, the story inside is quite a lot."

"Is such that."The people on the ground bite their teeth. "Summer and winter contact me six months ago, let me help him to see the individual."

"Who?"The old patriarch asked.

"Old away!"The man on the floor said, "This person is very young. When I saw him, he told me that he was sincere in his will to cooperate with us. After the event, we will become the real hegemon of the animal domain. At that time, I was very confused. My dragon was a peak in the animal domain. Why did this person still have to say this? However, although I did not understand, but I did not ask more, I went back to talk with Xia Dong before. ”

"Gu Gu, who have you heard of it?"The old patriarch spoke.

Everyone shook his head.

They are in the top of the dragons, and they are usually inhabited in the mountains. Nothing is too big to come out. Who is this ancient, they really don’t know.

"go on."

"After I regained my life with Xia Dong, Xia Dong told me that the man was a Mozu. Ask me if I want to work with him and cooperate with the Mozu. I was stunned at the time. I was in charge of the penalty. The most serious about the seriousness of the rebels, I refused, but…"

"What is it?"

"He said that as long as they cooperate with the Mozu, the entire Dragon is our father and son. Not only the Mozu, but the Feng, Jiuzu, Baihu, Tongling, and Xuanwu families all bowed to us. At that time, I was the head of the beasts and worshipped by the people. ”

"Do you agree?"Someone in the hall asked.

"How dare I."The people who lie on the ground smiled bitterly. "I am the elder of punishment. Finally, the thoughts of the ethnic group have long been deeply imprinted on my mind. At that time, I still couldn't agree, and I advised him not to get too deep. I am also afraid, when things are revealed, I…I can't afford ten lives. But he told me that the two of us are old people in the dragon, no one dares to treat us, even if it is really a problem, he can keep me. He also told me that if I became the head of the Wanzu, the female emperor of the Jiuwei fox…Female emperor…It will be mine…"

If you can't say anything, maybe he also thinks that these foul words are hard to tell. However, Xia Yingqiu said it for him.

"The female emperor Su Liuer of the Nine-Tailed Fox family will become his… and those fox women are also available for them to enjoy. Hey, he is falling under this beauty. Really, I’m a lot older, and I’m still thinking about it. Hey, grandfather, what else do you have to argue now? ”

When I talked about this, Xia Yingqiu was very scornful about it.

"One nonsense!"

The old man in the trapped dragon array was shaking all the time, and the crutches in his hand kept pounding on the ground.

"Okay, I see that the real traitor is Xia Yingqiu!"

"Pour dirty water on me? Hey, grandpa, you are also a predecessor, this is a ** share. But I don't mind, I am awe-inspiring, I am not afraid of shadows, I am not afraid of ghosts in the middle of the night, if you doubt me, I accept the organization's investigation! Ok, I have already performed well in this performance. I don’t know how the elders think? ”

Xia Yingqiu ignored the anger of the old man and smiled at the people in the hall. The rest of the temple is full of color and unbelievable.

The two elders with the oldest qualifications of the Dragons have colluded with the Mozu?

"Old patriarch, patriarch, what do you think now?"

"If you say that you are in accordance with the penalty, you should be on the right foot."Xia Yingda opened the door.

"Yes."The old patriarch is also open.

"You dare!"The old man in the trapped dragon array suddenly smashed and swayed. "The old dragon has been fighting for the dragon for tens of thousands of years. The dragons and mountains are made by our generation." Xia Hua, when I was a patriarch, you were not born yet…You dare to break my life and death now, who will give you the courage! ”


The crutches in the hand smashed on the ground, and the granite paved ground was cracked toward the outside at this time.

The old patriarch hesitated, Xia Yingda also hesitated.

The old man said yes, the dragons' mountains and rivers were all made by their generation. Their combat power can be said to be higher than the sky.

These younger generations are not qualified to judge his life and death.


This is the collusion of the Mozu.

"Oh, don't you dare?"I saw that the people in the temple did not dare to speak again. The old man smiled and said, "Don’t dare to let me go. Hey, a group of juniors, also tried to assert my life and death. ”

"They are juniors, then…Can I? ”

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