Xia Yingda took the lead to bring the guests to the main hall, and Ye Zichen at this time is also true. The old dragon god asked him to talk about something to talk about, and it should be referring to the present.

"You should know now?"

The old dragon god was also a faint smile, and Ye Zichen nodded with a chuckle.

It didn't take long, at least compared to the hours that Ye Zichen was waiting for. Xia Yingda, who left the hall, appeared again in front of the main hall, and he stopped at the door of the main hall to make a gesture of asking.

"The dragon god predecessors have been waiting in the temple."

Accompanied by Xia Yingda's contempt, the front of the hall gradually appeared.

At the forefront is the famous tiger back, the man with the white head, the man wearing a leopard-like dress, and a scar in his left eye, and the left eye seems to be awkward.

Behind him, he followed three followers, two men and one woman, all of whom were cold-faced, and they kept watching them around with vigilance.

This man seems to be a frequent visitor to the dragon, and he is very familiar with walking to the main hall.

"Dragon god predecessors, I have long heard of the old dragon to mention you, but there are too many trivial things in the family, and I have never pulled out to see you."

The inch man is deeply stunned toward the dragon god, and the old dragon god sitting on it is also smiling.

"No harm."

Immediately, the man fell on Ye Zichen's body, and he was interested in it for a long time. This is especially rude for people who meet for the first time, and Ye Zichen is also very unhappy.

"Ye Di, no other meaning, there is always someone to mention you with me, this is the first time I saw you, I want to be careful."

Noticing Ye Zichen's disappointment, the man laughed.

"Someone told me about you?"

"No, I said you know it. Wei Wei, that is, he tells you every day, don’t you think that we are a bit like each other? ”

Between words, the man will straighten his waist and let Ye Zichen find the same look.

"Old Wei."This is the old man who knows the world. He mentioned that Ye Zichen’s face could not help but smile. “Then you should be the Baihu clan, long-awaited, how is the old Wei now?”

"I can stand in front of you so well now, of course he is very good. You shouldn't know, he is my incarnation of the body, but after a long time, this kid has spawned a soul, and I simply let him play. By the way, I haven’t introduced myself yet, Thunder Tiger! ”

The tiger of the White Tigers, Lei Hu, looks at his temperament from his appearance. It is very hearty and has the feeling of a northern man.

Such people may not like some people, but this type of person is definitely suitable for being friends.

As long as you have something, he is definitely the master who rushed to the guy.

"Thunder Tiger, you can hear your big voice from far away."

Just then, a group of people came out of the hall.

Headed by a middle-aged man who is very thin, even though the weather is very hot now, his body is still wearing plush clothes, and there is an acquaintance before Ye Zichen, Zhuge Hong.

And they are followed by three people behind them, and Zhuge Hongming is also behind the Zhuge Hong.

When he saw Ye Zichen in the seat, Zhuge Xiaoming smiled and waved at him, but he did not run out.

It seems that Xiao Xiaoming, who had left home during this period, has grown a lot.

"You old turtle, wrapped in such a thick shell every day. It’s not how the Phoenix girl can stand with you. It’s not a look, it’s not a figure, it’s a shame! ”Lei Hu shouted.

"Cut, do you envy and hate, my charm is you can understand?"The thin man is open.

"Occasional encounter."However, Zhuge Hong suddenly opened his mouth at this moment, and the red-skinned man who was bragging was instantly flushed. Lei Hu also laughed. "Well, deserve it!"


The young man who is about to lose the theory, he noticed that the old dragon god sitting in the high position, he will quickly swallow the words of his mouth, arching.

"Dragon god predecessors."

"Dragon god predecessors."Zhuge Hong is also under the body.

"Ok."The old dragon god is still a faint nod.

Laughing toward the old dragon god, the thin man then retired, and looked down at Thunder Tiger with his head down.

"The dragon god predecessors didn't even tell me in advance, almost let you hang."

"Haha, the dragon god predecessors are not the kind of people who stick to the section. Come here, I will introduce you to you. Ye Zichen Ye Di, the reincarnation of the Yellow Emperor. ”

Lei Hu extended his finger and immediately yelled at Ye Zichen.

"The current acting patriarch of the Xuanwu people, bandits, you call him the old turtle."

"You are the bandit when you roll your uncle."The thin man smashed him away and smiled. "Ye Di, the first time I met, the Xuanwu patriarch squid."

"earth……Squid? Hello, Ye Zichen. ”

Ye Zichen heard the name of the patriarch and said that he almost didn't stop.

Earth bream.

What is the difference between this and bandits?

"Ha ha ha, Ye brother, if you want to laugh, just laugh. Absolutely no one will say you. The old tortoise, this name, does not know what his family thinks, but also to open the bandits, can you stay together or be a bandit? ”

Lei Hu is very exaggerated to laugh, the squid wants to get angry, but also pay attention to the influence in front of the old dragon.

In desperation, he can only transfer the topic.

"Ye brother, this is the Suzaku patriarch."


Zhuge Hong and Ye Zichen almost opened at the same time. After looking at each other and laughing, Zhuge Hong opened the way.

"Ye Di, the child who has not yet succeeded in cultivating the spirit, has now become a big man in these three realms. The strength is also a daunting for me."

"Aunt Zhuge said, laughing."Ye Zichen also maintains the title of the world.

"Ye Big Brother."Zhuge Kongming also smiled at the opening, and Ye Zichen reached out and patted his little head. "The air is also growing up."

"You should all have a chat too, so let's get started?"

Sitting in the chair, the old dragon god opened his mouth and heard that Leihu, the squid and Zhugehong were seated on the seats on both sides of the main hall, and the face was not easily transformed into a dignified color before.

All of Ye Zichen is in the eye, this is the family of the four saints.

I can talk and laugh in the first second, and I can talk about the events of the rise and fall in the next second. This emotional control, he is too far from these characters.

The heart sighed, and Ye Zichen immediately noticed the seriousness of the problem.

The four saints gathered together, but this is the case that the animal domain has not appeared for thousands of years. But now the patriarchs of all ethnic groups are sitting together, and the problem that the old dragon god is going to say this time is quite serious.

"Okay, let's start now."

"Wait a minute, bring my family!"

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