Nine-tailed foxes.

In the forefront is the fox patriarch Su Liuer. Under the few days of the Dragon's healing, her injury has improved a lot.

In her blue dress, her face is particularly lonely, and her eyes are not mixed with any emotional changes.

Her appearance immediately attracted the attention of Thunder Tiger and the squid.

The first beauty of the animal domain is not to boast. This is the natural beauty of the fox family's Su Liuer.

Although she is now frosty, her breath is very cold.

Behind it, Su Yan and Su Zhuer are also behind him, and Yin Shang is also mixed in it.

Slightly beheading the old dragon god, Su Liuer would not sit in the position next to Ye Zichen. At the time of his seat, Ye Zichen also gave her a special look, and the other person happened to look at him and nodded to him.

"It seems to be fine."

Ye Zichen was wide and wide, and it seems that these days have allowed Su Liuer to emerge from the shadow of Yuan Hongโ€™s death.

Itโ€™s just from her look that I canโ€™t help my heart.

She sealed her heart.

Maybe from the past, no one will be walking into her heart. And Yuan Hong will always let her seal in her heart, and will never forget.

"Don't ask, don't expect you to be surprised."

Su Liuer is obviously not deliberate, but her words have a trepidation.

"The female emperor is visiting, then we are quite welcome."

Lei Huโ€™s big hand waved and laughed, and the squid next to it did not stop.


"Thank you so much."With this kind of answer, Su Liuer just nodded faintly, and Helong smiled at the time of the old dragon god. "The fox female emperor visited, but it does not matter. Since everyone is coming, letโ€™s talk about the intention to find it here. โ€

"Indana kid said when he went to see me, your dragons are out of the spoils of the Mozu."Lei Hu said.

"Yes."The old dragon god nodded, "The predecessor of the Dragons, the elders of the elders, has been executed."

The people in the temple couldn't help but look at the slightest movement. The dragons can be said to be the least ethnic group of the four saints. The Mozu can infiltrate the spies into the Mozu, and find the elders to punish the elders.

This kind of means is indeed somewhat unbelievable.

"What chips are given by the Dragons."Zhuge Hong asked.

"The fox female emperor happened to be there too. The chip given by the Mozu was the fox female emperor. In the face of the female emperor, the elders did not hold their hearts."

Female emperor.

The saints in the temple fell their gaze. When they looked at her, Thunder Tiger and the squid couldnโ€™t help but lick their lips.

They are the saints' patriarchs, and their mental strength is far beyond ordinary people. Can face the fox female emperor, they are really unable to grasp.

The foxes are naturally intriguing, and even if they donโ€™t practice magic, they are especially hooked.

The predecessor of the Dragon family was planted on her body, not awkward.

"The Mozu really is unscrupulous. Take Liuโ€™s sister as a chip. Isnโ€™t this the empty glove white wolf?โ€Ye Zichen shouted.

"It's just drawing a cake, but someone can jump."The old dragon god smiled faintly and said, "We have a spy of the dragon family, which is the tragedy of my dragon. Fortunately, the saints who are present have not been infiltrated by the demons, and you need not worry. โ€

"Why is the dragon god predecessor so determined that the Mozu can penetrate into the dragons, and it is easy to penetrate into all our families. Then the female emperor is the gimmick. I think that all the people present here should have people who can't keep their hearts. โ€

The squid squints open, not to mention other people, even if he is a scorpion with Su Liuer, he will not be able to drop their set.

Red water disaster, but this disaster has always been people can not help but touch.

The old dragon god in the high position smiled and said.

"The elder of the penalty has told me all about it, and I also believe what he said. The person will die, and his words are also good. He said that the ethnic groups are not spoiled, then I believe that nothing more. โ€

"Dragon god predecessors, this is too sloppy."Lei Hu locks his eyebrows, "With this traitor's own words, this"

"How can that be, do you want to go back to the family to investigate this matter deliberately?"

The old dragon god kicked the ball back again, a faint smile.

"Time, we don't have enough time to look for it. Even if the tribes are really spoiled, there is no way to scruple now. You can only deal with them when they are out of the water. Now that half a month has elapsed, the Mozu and the blood stasis are almost finished. If I think it is not bad for three days, the Mozu will definitely attack the animal domain. โ€

Everyone is indifferent.

After a lengthy silence, the old dragon god opened.

"Actually, the purpose of finding me here is very simple. I am going to lay the four elephants."

Four elephant array.

In the ancient times, the four saints guarded the big battle, and each ethnic group was required to send six pure and pure ethnic groups, which were respectively placed in the eyes of the Quartet and poured into the array with their own blood.

In the formation, the twenty-four Holy Orcs will die.

However, this spiritual array can last for a hundred years, in an absolutely invincible state, and no one can forcibly break through.

Rumor has it that there was a sage in the world of gods and wanted to break this battle.

In the end, it was full of scars and sorrows.

The blood of the saints is precious, and the blood of the pure saints is rare. The cost of arranging this array is too great, and the time given can be too short.

Almost all of this spirit has been forgotten by all ethnic groups.

Now the Dragon God has raised this array, and the patriarchs of the other three tribes are exposed.

"Dragon god predecessors, is it really time for this?"Zhuge Hong said, "I havenโ€™t played against the Mozu now."

"Everything is going to be the worst plan. If we really don't have the offensive against the Mozu and the blood stasis, then we haven't prepared for the four elephants. How about?"

"But if we are really defeated, what if we can arrange a four-image array for a hundred years?"Lei Hu blinked.

"Yeah, if it really can't be beaten now, even if it is a hundred years of pain, the result is still the same."

The squid is also saying something. "We can find out the people, and we believe that there are people who are willing to dedicate themselves to the Three Realms. But this kind of sacrifice is useless." You should be clear about the predecessors of the Dragon God, the pure blood of the saints, and how strong their strength is. We are directly abandoning the masters who can use the power of the blood. I don't think this is a good decision. โ€

"Seconded."Zhuge Hong opened the road.

"A hundred years is enough."

The old dragon god smiled faintly, and his eyes fell on Ye Zichen.

"Do you know why you are called, but let Ye Di sit here?"

"I don't know."Lei Hu and others shook their heads.

"Then you can know the emperor."

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