Emperor star.

It has been recorded in the ancient books of the Holy Beast, and these patriarchs also read through these books.

It is rumored that the emperor is the master of heavenly choice and can change his mind against the sky.

However, the appearance of the last emperor star was already in the early days of the opening, and there has never been an appearance of the emperor.

Dragon God suddenly mentioned this matter, but also specially ordered Ye Di

"I am a person who looks like a star."

Feel the eyes of everyone, Ye Zichen nodded and answered.

"This Yedi is actually the emperor of heaven."

Lei Huhu saw the rounding of the circle, and even if he got up from the chair, he said deeply to Ye Zichen.

"Before I did not pay attention to Ye Di, Ye Di Mo would blame."


Ye Zichen was speechless. When he noticed the hidden chuckle of Lei Hu's mouth, he knew that the guy was deliberately teasing him.

Simply, he followed the words and snarled his face.

"Wait for death."

"Yeah, this is an accident, Ye Di will die to me." This is whether I have to hurry to run. ”

In a few words, Lei Hu broke the dull atmosphere in the temple with a humorous tone, and also slightly calmed the shock of Ye Zichen.

This kind of control ability makes Ye Zichen very admired.

The rest of the people also smiled and saw Lei Hu returning to the chair, his eyes dignified.

"If Ye Xiong is the emperor, then the four elephants can be opened."

"agree."The squid nodded. "The magic of the stellar star has been rendered in the ancient books. It is a legend. Although it is not necessarily a record, it can be said that there is also his legend. I also hope that Ye Di is The future we bring."

"There are records in the ancient books, there are four major stars around the emperor, I don't know." Zhuge Hong's eyebrows.

"Wu Quxing."

"Zuo Fuxing."

Su Liuer and Yin Shang almost opened at the same time.

"Life star."

Su Yan also spoke at this time.

"Drink, this Yedi and the female emperor are really close." The two major auxiliary stars are out of the fox family at the same time, and the life star is also in the fox family. It seems that the nine-tailed fox family will become the first big family in this animal domain, and the dragon status is not guaranteed. ”

Lei Hu subconsciously thought that the person sitting here was the old man of Xia Hua, but when he was just exporting, he quickly slammed his mouth with his hand.

This is the predecessor of the Dragon God, who has just said something about ghosts.

"Who is the first big family in this beast domain? This is just a false name. The Fox family is the peak group, and it is no surprise to be the first big family. ”

The old dragon god smiled very much, but Su Liuer, who was ignorant, said at this time.

"These foxes don't care, I just want to see the Devils."

Sen cold's tone made the people in the temple unable to resist the tremor, and immediately they thought of Yuan Hong's death, which seemed to have died in the previous campaign.

The relationship between Su Liuer and Yuan Hong has long been the secret of the animal domain.

Although the two have not yet married, they can already be a pair of monks in the eyes of outsiders.

"Cough, the female emperor still hopes not to anger at my white tiger family. If it weren't for my ethnic Hui nationality, I don't know if you have sent a signal for help. ”

"We have never received it."

Zhuge Hong also followed his nod, and apparently did not receive the signal.

The old dragon god also watched Ye Zichen chuckle at this moment, as if to say

You see, it’s not just that our dragons didn’t receive it, and the rest of the group did not receive it.

When it was learned that the dragon had a spy, Ye Zichen had already believed that he could not receive the signal. No accidents, it must be the means of the ancient or the Mozu, just let the three realms do nothing and return to the general.

It seems that the Mozu and the ancients are trying to eat them and reduce their own power.

"It's no longer necessary to say that now."There was no change in the look of Su Liuer. He said, "The death is dead. Now, even if you say that you have not received the signal of the aid, what can you do? History has been unable to reverse. I don't ask to sit here, just to listen to your plans, I just want to let the Mozu and the zombies die! ”

"The devil and the blood stasis are naturally to be killed."The old dragon god smiled and laughed at this moment. "But it may disappoint the female emperor. This time, the people of the saints will be invited, but the question of the four elephants will be discussed."

"That is good."

Su Liuer did not hesitate, and got up from the chair and left the hall.

Su Yan and Su Zhu did not expect Su Liuer to react so much, and then they went out after gently nodding to Ye Zichen.

"Since it is to discuss the four elephants, it is useless to stay here, and leave."

Ye Zichen didn't hesitate too much, and he arched his hand toward the people in the temple.

"Yuan Hong's death is too big for the female emperor."

For a long time, Lei Hu in the temple couldn't help but sigh and said, "Huaguoshan Dasheng was not seen in that battle. Now the family is hosted by six ears."

"This is not all the people of the Mozu."The light of the haze flashed through the eyes of the squid.

"Don't say anything else, our time is limited. Since all of you feel that the four elephants can be opened, then you can choose the right candidates in the Hui people. Don't forget that during this period, teach them to this. You know, our time is very urgent. ”

The old dragon god spoke out and interrupted their words. Everyone heard the words and looked at them.

"We can all find out, that is, the dragon god predecessors, you dragons"

All the people know that there are very few dragons, and all of them are countless. Let the dragons send eight people, which can be said to be hurtful.

"I will solve this point. As long as you have no problem, our dragons will have no problem."

"In this case, within three days, we will definitely bring the candidate to the Dragon. Long Shen seniors, leave. ”

"Say goodbye."

Step on the step.

"Liuer sister, etc." Su Liuer, who left the hall, did not hesitate to go back to the fox demon group.

Ye Zichen chased it from behind, and Su Liuer also stopped talking.

"How come you are not in the temple."

"The four elephant arrays are not what I can arrange. What am I left behind?"Ye Zichen smiled and said, "Would you want to go back to the Fox family?"

"The Fox family can't be without the Lord."Su Liuer’s answer is very concise.

"The Liuer sister walked slowly."

After hesitating for a long while, Ye Zichen smiled and nodded at them.

Su Liuer also turned to his nod and turned away, but stopped and did not go back and said.

"Before thank you."

Ye Zichen, who was parked in place, stayed for a long time. After knowing Su Liuer for so long, he was the first time to hear the words from her mouth.

But when he returned to God, Su Liuer was already in their sight.

The corner of the mouth is slightly upturned, it seems that Su Liuer has really emerged from the mood of collapse. She has no Yuan Hong, her ethnic group, and her sister.

Looking up at the moon above the void, Ye Zichen is also a double-minded.

Mozu, ancient away.

It’s a break.

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