"The hands and feet are all profitable, and the black dragons who keep your life are the kindness of the adults. But you are in my hands, I am not so kind. If you want to live your life, if you dare to be lazy, see if I don’t kill him. ”

The Mozu, holding the long whip, stepped on the back of a Terran, and the whip in his hand kept waving.

In front of him all wearing tattered clothes, most of these people are retreating from time to time, let the demon people seize the Xianyu people.

After the masters of the Mozu seal, they became slaves to their men.


At this moment, suddenly there was a soft fall in the crowd sitting on the ground. They are indeed not ordinary people, but they have not closed their eyes for half a month. No one can guarantee how long this kind of high-intensity work can last.

All the people around him used to help, but at this time, a whip with a barb was drawn on them.


This whip can be said to be pumping out of the skin, and all the people who went to help are allowed to leave.

The superintendent of the Mozu also walked over and stretched out his foot and slammed on the fallen person.

"Don't pretend to die here, hurry up and work."

Only the person lying on the ground is a little confused. He doesn't want to whip his whip. He wants to struggle but he has no strength.

"Hey, let's die, then I will send you to death."


The whip did not hesitate to pump it down and pumped it on the face of the ground.

But in an instant, the man was already obscuring the flesh and blood of the Mozu supervisor.

The rest of the people saw it as if they were chilling, until the supervisors killed the man, and he turned back and looked at the rest of the slaves.

"Look at what, look at it."

The slaves all turned their necks and turned around. At this moment, someone suddenly threw a wooden board full of heavy weight on the ground.

"I don't want to do it."

"Hey, I haven't domesticated you for so long. If you let other brothers see you can't laugh at me?"

As soon as the voice fell, a whip was taken out. The throwing off the planks throws a pair of red and red.

"I am fighting with you."


The Mozu supervisor is just a faint smile. He simply doesn't use the whip. He reaches out and grabs the man's head. He directly pulls it down.

The head is separated, and the head of the person who wants to uprising allows the Mozu supervisor to throw it into the slave pile at will.

"Whoever wants to work, can say it."

No one dared to respond. At the moment when the head of the insurgent was thrown over, the flames in their hearts that wanted to resist were also extinguished.

"Oh, this is too bloody."

Above the void, Gu Shi looked at the following supervisors and pulled the man's head down and couldn't help but scream. By his side, Black Dragon just looked at everything below with his shoulders indifferent.

"What are you looking for?"

"Black Dragon, you are really a noble person."The ancients heard the words and took back their eyes. They laughed. "Don't you forget what we said before, and we must cooperate with the people in the Three Realms."

"So anxious?"Black dragon raised an eyebrow.

"Anxious, Black Dragon adults have been through this for more than half a month. You won't feel that you have won this shot and you feel satisfied. ”

Gu Gu is very wrong to raise his eyebrows and play with taste.

"Just a few cities, so a slave, can you wipe out the ambitions of the Black Dragon adults?"

"Hey, you still don't need to teach you this lesson."The black dragon looks a sinking, and there is a cold sigh in the nose. "The animal domain is not as good as the outside of the fairyland. The hundreds of thousands of years of the animal domain have already let them arrange the solid soup. What's more, they also know that we will definitely get in. Can they let us go in without fortification? ”

"of course not."

"Then you say that your people are going in to explore the road, or are my people going in to explore the road?"Black Dragon is indifferent.

This is a problem that affects the interests of both sides. The current animal domain is definitely a heavy institution. Whoever goes to smash this thunder, whoever has a hand will lose a lot.

They are allies, but they are also enemies. I believe that no one wants to lose their power.

"It seems that the Black Dragon adults are not indulged in the power of this projectile, but also some ideas."

The ancients were not worried about this problem, laughing and laughing.

"Oh, of course, people have suffered in the past, but I have planned that there is no need to go to mine." Let the people of the animal domain help us to arrange this minefield, not on the line? ”

"Do you still have this means?"Black Dragon Road.

"Then you thought that I haven't come to you for so long. Why do I know that Black Dragon does not bother to do these little tricks, that can only be done by me, who makes me a small person."

"You have the means, and you can put people in the animal domain. I am a Mozu, I want to come and have a lot of people. ”

When the voice fell, the black dragon's look sank, and the sharp eyes seemed to pierce the ancient soul.

His face was a little stiff, and the ancients were constantly laughing.

"You can really make a joke about the Black Dragon, this place is where you have been operating for tens of thousands of years. I want to infiltrate, then I have to have a chance, right? The twelve devils are all your credulous. As for the ordinary devils, I have no effect, but right? ”

"Humph."The Black Dragon was undecided and slammed, and immediately said, "Since you have said this, if you have someone in the animal domain, then everything will be easy." The Mozu elite has always been ready to go, as long as you can let the thunder disappear, my devil will naturally attack in the first time. ”

"Then we will fix it."


"Dragon god predecessors, these are the candidates chosen by our families."

In the Great Hall of the Dragon, Lei Hu, Tuyu, Zhuge Hong, three of them appeared in the main hall, followed by six people behind them.

These six are old, or young, and young.

Their faces are holding a look of death, and it is clear that these patriarchs have already done a good job of thinking with them before they came.

"Dragon god predecessors, you dragon people"

"come in."

When the voice fell, the outside of the hall was six people. However, what makes these patriarchs feel shocked is that Xia Yingqiu and Xia Yingda are among them, and even Xia Keke appears in them.

"Dragon god predecessors!"

Thunder Tiger is stunned, and it’s not as simple as picking up these few people.

This is to destroy the dragons!

"What's the matter, is there any problem?"

The old dragon god's frown, he did not want to put these people in, but the dragons really fell.

The pure gold dragon bloodline, only six of them!


As if feeling the resentment in the heart of the old dragon, Thunder Tiger swallowed the words to his lips. At this moment, the old dragon patriarch Xia Hua rushed out from the outside.

"Dragon god predecessors, the spiritual array of our beasts is broken from the inside!"

"what!"The patriarchs in the hall are all dark and heavy, and the thunder tiger is even more blasting. "Who, who did it!"

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