The animal domain can survive in the cracks of Heavenly Court, the land, and the fairyland. The main reason is that there is an ancient spiritual array in the territory of the animal domain.

When this spiritual array was the beginning of the Three Realms, the four sacred orc chiefs at that time depleted their hearts, in order to shelter the future beasts.

As long as this spiritual array is opened, the four saints can pass the invasion to change the effect of the array, or let them fall into the puzzle and return. Or let them fall into the killing and kill the invaders.

It can be said that the existence of this spiritual array can be said to be a big bargaining chip against the Mozu.

"Who, who is it!"

The thundering thunder tiger, due to the anger of his body, began to appear a thunder and lightning.

The existence of this spiritual array is really important to them, or he will not be so angry.

Everyone turned their eyes to Xia Hua's body, but at this time he was stunned when he saw Xia Yingqiu and their brothers and Xia Keke.

Very sad.

He knows that these six people are the array of four elephant arrays.

The dragons are declining, looking at the dragons who are alive now, and only six of them are the blood of the golden dragons. His old guy is not, if he is, he will not let his granddaughter participate in it.

There are also the eyes of the rest of the group, sad!

"Xia Hua."

Lei Hu burst, waiting for Xia Hua to say the situation, but this old guy has not spoken.

"Well, what happened?"Let Thunder Tiger's explosion drink to the old patriarch who pulled back to the mind, and Lei Hu heard his answer, and the pair of tigers almost broke open. "I want to ask you what happened. You just said that the spirit of the animal domain was broken? What is the spirit of the formation is broken! ”

"All are broken."Xia Hua said.

"All broken?"The squid has become stuttering, and Zhuge Hong has locked the eyebrows. "How is this possible? Xia Hua, don't you talk about it. Let's follow the arrangement of the spiritual array to make people break from the inside?" How is this possible? The thirty-seven killings outside are my own hands. The arguments have long been nowhere in the beast. ”

"The spirits of the ancestors of the ancestors of the year can make them break, let alone the Zhuge patriarch. Besides, they are breaking from the inside. As long as they are familiar with the layout of the spiritual array, is it not easy to break it? ”

Lei Hu said with a sullen face, and immediately he stared at Xia Huadao.

"Now I want to know who did it, who it is!"

"Teng snake."Xia Hua, the old patriarch, sighed. "It should have been broken by the people of the Teng Snake family. After the break of the spirits, I used the spiritual knowledge to spy on the whole animal domain. The people of the Teng snake family are no longer in their territory. Inside. They may still be relying on the Mozu. ”

"What, it must be the ethnic group of the old snake!"

Lei Huhu saw the roundness, and a pair of scorpions kept flashing substantial electric light. The white hair was also flashing with electro-optic light, and the muscles on his face kept shaking.

"I should have given him a direct death in the past. I have long seen that the old snake is not a good thing!"

"It may be him."Zhuge Hong is also an eyebrow. "They are also some of the singular armor. They can break my killing." And when the ancestors left the big squad, they also know how to use them. ”


Lei Hu slammed his foot hard and the ground in the entire room was cracked.

The power of the Thunder kept venting from his body and disappeared along the ground beneath his feet. He also bit his teeth and clenched his fists.

"As early as 10,000 years ago, I said that the snake family could not stay, and you all stopped me."

"At the time, you and the snake were private grievances. Moreover, if he was one of the eight great beasts, how could we let you give the snakes to the genocide."Xia Hua is eyebrows.

"That's good now, he is going to go with the Mozu, and when they leave, they will break our big array."Lei Hu blinked and said, "You read the old feelings of the eight beast gods, the old viper can not read."

"One yard owned by a yard!"Xia Hua said.

"Don't bother, sit down!"

Zhuge Hong went to the middle of Lei Hu and Xia Hua to separate them. Lei Hu resented Xia Hua and sat down on the chair.

"No noisy, I don't want to argue. But this is the case. At that time, the Teng Snake family and my white tiger family played a big fight. I have to deal with it, that is, the old things of Xia Hua have been stopped there. Also said what believes in the Teng snake family, believe in the friendship of the eight beast gods. Don't talk about the shit, know why I want to fight the old viper, then he has the cooperation with the Mozu! ”

"All right."Zhuge Hong took a look at Lei Hu and said, "This is the end of the matter. What if you are quarreling? Will the Teng snake family destroy the family, will the big battle be restored? ”

Thunder Tiger squirmed his lips and finally did not speak.

"Now we need to determine the situation."Zhuge Hong locks his eyebrows and looks at the two angry guys. "Xia Hua, what's the situation there?"

"The big array should not be restored. You should be clear about the means of the Holy Father." As for the arrangement of the four ethnic groups, the squad, the illusion, the squad, and the squad are all broken. However, it is not particularly serious if it is broken. As long as there is enough time, it can be repaired internally. ”

"I am afraid that people will not give us time."Lei Hu said, "Teng snake's old poison out, will definitely ventilate with the Mozu, saying that now the Lei of the beast domain is clear, you will quickly press the army!"

"Thunder Tiger, can you say that you can die without saying two words?"Zhuge Hong Emei.

"What Thunder Tiger said is the truth."The squid sighed. "If the snakes have not yet gone out, since they have already gone out from the animal domain, it must be ventilated." As long as the Mozu is not stupid, they will take advantage of this opportunity to attack. At that time, we can say that the door is open, they do not need to use any scruples to drive straight into our hinterland. ”

"Humph."Lei Hu couldn't help but be cold.

"Oh, don't be there, I was wrong in making decisions!"Xia Hua turned a blind eye toward Lei Hu. "If you have a sulking effort, think about how to solve it."

"How can I solve it, hit!"Lei Hu blinked. "Our big battle is gone, and the spirits are gone, then you can use people directly." Are we still waiting here, letting the family hit the door without any loss, playing a defensive battle? After winning the first opportunity, they won half of them, and as they have not yet scored, they quickly assembled and assembled. ”

"Dragon god predecessors, you think" Xia Hua will fall on the body of the old dragon god, the old dragon god then sneer, "playing is of course a method, but not the best policy."

"What do you think should be done?"


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