Outside the Red Maple City.

The entire city is covered with black shadows. In front of this array, the black dragon is wearing a red robes, holding a giant sword and standing in the forefront of the team.

"How did your people not see it?"

The black dragon squinting at the giant sword looked down at the ancient separation, and there was a spiritual force wrapped around him around his body.

The ancient atmosphere around him is too gloomy, and he does not like to stand with such people.

"Oh my black dragons are not seen before, they don't need to be a soldier like yours."

The ancient half smiled and smiled, but this smile was a feeling of chills.

The spiritual power hidden around the body slowly flows, and the black dragon opens.

"Then you said the thunder"

"Black Dragon adults don't worry, it will take a long time to have results."The ancient is still the look of that smile.

"That will be waiting for this seat."

The black dragon smiled faintly, and he was scornful of the old smile. Especially now he almost wants to do it directly here.

It’s just that the three worlds are not flat. Even if he is disgusting, he has to resist and cooperate with him.

Of course, he will never think that cooperating with the ancients is to seek skin with the tiger. In his eyes, even if the ancients have superb means, they can still be opponents at the same level as him.

As long as the enemy of the Three Realms is cleared, it is time to go to the general ledger with the ancients.

The day when he occupied the nest, but never forgot.

As if feeling the hostility of the black dragon, Gu Gu only smiled at him.

"Right, why didn't you see Su brother?"

Looking for a few laps in the team of the Mozu, but did not see the figure of Su Yiyun, Gu asked.

"Su brother is in poor health, this seat will let him stay in the city to rest. Why, do I need to report to you? ”

"Black Dragon adults, you are so hurtful, Su brothers and I are both in the world, and I can always care."

Seen from the face of the ancients is the look of the little man, especially his eyebrows and smiles with body movements, like the dog legs that often help the boss run errands on TV.

The black dragon is counted as a generation of heroes, and he really disdains and this kind of person.

The face was involuntarily exposed to the sorrowful color, and immediately he was smirking.

"Then you and Ye Di are also present in the world, then why don't you care about him."

"I am not a passer-by with Ye Di, he is the Yellow Emperor and I am Chiyou. I don't know all the Black Dragon adults."

When it comes to Ye Zichen, the ancient face suddenly becomes a bit cold. The black dragon took a glimpse of him and ignored him.

Can be left but it is a hidden look at the back of the Mozu square, the corner of the mouth floats a touch of curvature.

After all, his divorce calculations still have an effect. This black dragon has some distrust of Su Yiyun.


Just then, the demon investigators ran from a distance. At a distance of about ten meters from the Black Dragon, he stopped and kneeled on the ground, pointing his way to the back.

"There is a report to the Black Dragon, and the Beasts of the Beasts come out from the animal domain."

"Teng snake?"The Black Dragon raised his eyebrows and immediately said, "Don't worry about them, let them come out."


The investigator left, and after a moment of silence, Black Dragon looked back at the location of the ancient departure.

"This is the little means you said before. The eight great beasts and the snakes are all thundering. This is not a small means."

Black Dragon can guess that this is not surprising, he just smiled and squinted.

"Fortunately, as long as there are enough chips, even the Eight Great Beasts are not iron plates."

"Can you talk about the chips that will be countered?"

Although he is not flattering to the ancient characters, he is quite curious about the means by which the Snakes and the Snakes are rebellious.

As early as 10,000 years ago, Black Dragon was eyeing the Three Realms. At that time, he also thought about making Teng Snake his ally. At that time, his chip was quite attractive, but he finally failed.

"Black Dragon is actually interested in this? Also, at that time, Black Dragon also threw an olive branch to the Teng snake family, but in the end it was no success. ”Ancient and light smile.

"You know this as well?"

"Of course, the patriarch of the Ten Snake family has told me a lot. At that time, the chips given by the Black Dragon adults gave him the land of the animal domain, but he still refused. ”

The hand of the giant sword trembled, and the smile on the face of the black dragon also fell. Immediately, he converges and smiles.

"It seems that you have said a lot, and the reason for refusing should be said."

"That said, the reason why the patriarch of the Teng snake family actually refused was very simple. He said that the cake you painted for him was too big. He was afraid that he would not die."

"It's that simple?"

When he returned to the Mozu at the time, he had too much appetite for the people of the Tengzi. He gave him the entire animal domain and he refused.

Until now, he learned from ancient times that he was not too appetizing, but his appetite was too small.

"The size of the cake is not as big as possible. Some people are so tall and high, and the cake is certainly a great medicine for him. But when the Black Dragon was gone, he did not have a deep understanding of the patriarch of the Tengzi. His timidity was skeptical. If you gave him too much, he would feel that it was a bit tricky. ”

For the confusion of the Black Dragon, the ancients talked about it.

For the answer he gave, Black Dragon nodded secretly. At that time, he did not analyze so deeply, but he learned that the relationship between the snake family and the other ethnic groups of the Eight Great Beasts was not particularly harmonious.

It is also with this point that the selection of the snake family has become a breakthrough.

As for the rest, he really didn't think much.

"What do you give him his chips?"

"The son of the patriarch of the Teng snake family killed the patriarch of the Baihu nationality."

Gu Li did not give a direct answer, but these are enough to let Black Dragon know what his chip is.

"This is so, taught."

Nodded to the ancient point of departure, the black dragon on the monks did indeed admire him.

Let the snake snakes rebel out of the animal domain, and let the zombie ancestor use it.

Vaguely, he thought that when the ancients came to their Mozu, the black dragon still saw him in the face of Chiyou's reincarnation, leaving him living in the Mozu.

But this is only two years before the light and shadow, the child of the time has grown to the point where he can compete with him.

At this point, even if he does not want to, he still has to admire.

"Black Dragon adults say that there is nothing to be taught and not taught. Now you and me are allies. Will the Teng snakes be rebellious, is it good for you to me? ”

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