"Breaking the military."

Wearing the animal skin, the old man with long hair on his arm, slammed the machete in his hand to the ground.

The violent demon spirits all condensed on his fists. At the same time, he also smashed his fists and turned his fists toward the black dragon.

This punch seems to carry the momentum of the broken mountains and rivers, but


The black dragon in front of his eyes did not move. When his fist was about to fall, the demon's demon lord had already pierced his chest.

The old man of the animal skin, the eyes become dim.

He was very unwilling to look at the Mozu Black Dragon, which was only half a meter away from him. His heart was filled with despair and disappointment with the world, but he still had a lot of blood.

Around him, there are dozens of giant monsters, the blush of the ground.

"It’s really not enough. I dare to do it with the Black Dragon."

The demon in front of the black dragon is cold and cold, and the one kicks the man back and then returns to the back of the black dragon.

Brush brush.

At the same time, several shadows fell, and most of them were contaminated with some blood, but these blood were not theirs.

"Reporting the Black Dragon adults, the Yaozu within ten miles has been completely eliminated."

"Well, let's go back."

The black dragon nodded faintly, but he could not see the slightest joy on his face, but he was somewhat dignified.

They have been in the animal domain for half a day, but they are only sporadic to see the ethnic groups of the monsters.

These monsters seem to have abandoned the animal domain, and they have never thought of running away. No matter how strong they are, they are shot at them and they end up dead.

Why don’t you see the four saints coming out, can they say that they don’t know the invasion of their own people?


The Black Dragon can be sure that this group of people in the animal domain will know their movements. But they still do not send troops to resist, can they say that they are deliberately going to let their own people go in?

Go straight to the hinterland?

"Black Dragon, what are you thinking?"

Looking at the black dragon standing in the place has not had an action, Gu left from the side came out and asked.

"Isn't it that Black Dragon is mourning for this group of monsters?"

"Hey, don't you feel weird?"The black dragon who passed back to God was cold and cold, and locked his eyebrows. "We have been in the animal field for half a day, but there are several ethnic groups who have played against us in the beginning. There are almost no traces of the monsters on this road. . Before this place came to the animal domain several times, there are at least hundreds of people outside the animal domain. ”

Looking at his dignified look, the ancient nod of this nod.

"Black Dragon is worried about fraud."

Black Dragon is undecided, if he says that there is no arrangement in the animal domain, he does not believe it!

The outside group is obviously notified of the evacuation in advance, and those who are left are some old-fashioned monsters. Maybe they may not live long enough if they live.

These people are obviously unwilling to leave their homes, and they simply fell in this broken jar.

The ancient eyes looked at the sky in the gap between the leaves of the towering ancient trees, and the corners of the mouth were accompanied by a smile.

"The door is wide open and there is no defense. They are letting us drive straight into the hinterland of the saints. But I can't think of the benefits of doing this. Is it to give us a dumpling? ”

Get it.

When they saw the smile on Ye Zichen's face, the patriarchs of the four saints were all sighed with relief.

"Oh, this is all right. As long as the Mozu dared to enter their hinterland, the supporters of Heavenly Court, the Land and the Xianyu were later copied and let them feel the feeling of being dumplings. ”Lei Hu’s face was accompanied by a hot smile.

Ye Zichen and the dragon gods mentioned in the first class, and that is what they think.

As long as the people of the Mozu dare to go deep, when the reinforcements of the Three Realms come in from the rear, the Mozu is a dilemma.

"Don't be too optimistic, the Mozu and the blood stasis can be absolutely a tough opponent. Moreover, no one knows when the reinforcements will arrive. Before that, we still have to do all the defensive measures we should do. ”

The old patriarch Xia Hua made a speech.

"The four elephant arrays are still in the running-in period. It can be said that the gates will be opened and they will go straight to the hinterland. If we don't stay here, we don't have any retreat. ”

"I have sent the elites in my family to go to the spirits array. Before the Mozu attacked, I didn't know how much it could be laid out."Zhuge Hong licked his lips and locked his eyebrows.

"Right, is the left patriarch not studying gunpowder in the dragons? I used to experience the power of the gunpowder. There is almost no way to resist the force below the level of the fairy. If the amount of gunpowder is enough, it is enough for us to open the situation. ”

The basalt of the sect of the sect of the sect of the sect of the sect, the mouth of the gunpowder, listened to the word "gunpowder".

He really witnessed the explosive power of gunpowder and the scope of the explosion. All this made him feel amazed and amazed at the human race.

"Because of the overtime work of the factory, there are at least 300,000 gunpowders. It is absolutely enough for the Mozu and the blood to stale them to eat a pot."

At this time, Zuo Ma came out from outside the hall. In order to add some explosives, she had not closed her eyes for several days.

The exquisite face also lost the luster of the past, and the look was exhausted.

In particular, she came in with a pungent smell of saltpeter.

"Left patriarch."

The rest of the saints led their hands, and Zuo Mo opened the way after the return.

"I just happened to come over and tell you about this. Now that gunpowder has stopped production, whether it is time or raw materials or the mental state of the workers, we are not allowed to continue production. 300,000 is the last amount of explosives. Now I have sent people to send gunpowder to the places where they are, and wait for the Mozu to come over. ”

Can't be in production.

This is not good news for the animal domain, but Ye Zichen is very satisfied and nodded and smiled.

"Enough, the Mozu and the blood stab are mostly humans. The 300,000 explosives made them hurt, and the embers left by them were handed over to us to deal with them. This is very beneficial to us. Being a person can't be too greedy. Do you want to solve all of them directly with explosives? Then, we are still so intimately discussing what it is, just sitting and watching the movie is not good. ”

"Ye brother is doing this."Lei Hu first opened his mouth. "In addition, even if there are more explosives, it will have no effect on those real cutting-edge forces. As a result, it is still not our personal shot. ”

"Yes, yes, as for the detonation of gunpowder, it will be handed over to the tribes of the Lei and the Zhuge."

The detonation of explosives requires the guidance of fire. The white tigers are the property of mines, and lightning strikes can produce fire. As for the Suzaku family, it is a fire-stricken existence, even if the weak tribe can throw a small fireball out.

"No problem, let us know."

Both Lei Hu and Zhuge Hong nodded, and Xia Hua also nodded.

"The only uncertainty now is when the reinforcements of the Three Realms will come!"

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