can not come.

When he talked about this, it was so relaxed and comfortable, as if he wanted to make the Black Dragon believe, he also deliberately stretched out.

"Now they are self-satisfied and want to pack them. It seems that there is no possibility."

The black dragon that was preparing to retreat stopped and gestured to the Mozu people.

The retreating Mozus all stopped. They really didn't understand what the Black Dragon adults were doing, and they would have to retreat for a while and then stop.

"Old, how many things are you squatting at me."

The black dragon looks deep and looks at the ancient separation. The people in the Three Realms can't come, and they can say so well, it must be his meticulous layout.

Maybe, his power has penetrated all walks of life.

This kind of means, the Black Dragon is a little flustered, and the group of Mozu people behind him, is it possible that there are also people who are ancient.

"Why do Black Dragon adults look at me like this, I am courageous, what if you are scared to me?"

The ancients were pretending to be very wronged and open.

"Even if I have all kinds of means, you and I are not enemies. Why should Black Dragon adults care?"

"Since it is an ally, then we can make it clear that we can announce the truth."The black dragon snarled with a sullen face. "I really can't think of it. You can put a hand in the three realms. Should you admire you or admire you?"

"Black Dragon adults said this, whether it is the former or the latter, do not all admire me?"

He smiled at the black dragon and felt as if he was aware of the alertness in the black dragon's gaze. He was helpless and had no choice but to smile.

"Okay, then I said it is. In fact, the penetration of the Three Realms began as early as a year ago. โ€


Double fist collision.

The bull's head was licking the bull's-eye of the big bell, and two white air were found in the nostrils. Standing opposite him is the leopard tail of the top ten ghosts of the government.

At this time, he was squinting with his arms, and the pupils were mocking.

"There is a bit of brute force."

"Leopard tail, you dare to collude with the Mozu."

The horn of the head of the bull's head has been broken, and the look is languid. Obviously, the soul is seriously damaged.

Not far from him, the horse has lost consciousness and fell to the ground. Looking at the brothers who have been building their tens of thousands of years, the heads of the bulls have become red.

Half an hour.

All of this happened only for a short half-hour. They received the news from Ye Zichen. After asking for the Northern Emperor, they sent troops to help.

But just half an hour ago, the four big ghosts of the leopard tail, the beak, the fishing rod and the wasp suddenly shot at them. In order to save the bull's head, the horse noodles ate the joint force of the four of them.

After that, he was seriously injured and stunned, and he did not wake up.

And the four ghosts led by them did not have any signs. They shot at the head of the bulls and the scene was confused.


At this moment, the black and white impermanence will repel their fishing rods and wasps and scrape them to the side of the bull's head.

When you see the horse's face lying on the ground, the pupils of both are shrinking. In a moment they can converge, and they stare at the leopard tail.

Just like 10,000 years ago, they were in charge of the ghosts of the human races and the ghosts who were in charge of the beasts, and once again stood on the opposite side of the two sides.

"Itโ€™s a familiar picture."

The leopard tail with the leopard tail on his face showed pointed teeth, his thumb and forefinger rubbed his chin, his face was smiling with a sly smile.

"Leopard tail, Tian Qiren Holy Emperor is kind, let you stay in the local government to be a ghost, but you even confessed to the Mozu, right?"

The anger of Xie Bi'an, because of the sudden shot of the other side, now they do not have an advantage.

"Great Emperor, then of course I have to respect it. He saved us from the hands of several of you, and made us become ghosts. We can say that the grace of the Great is like re-creation for us. We certainly remember this. โ€

The leopard tail is very devout, and immediately raises the eyebrows.

"But the emperor is now gone, and now the master of the land is the North Emperor. Don't think that I don't know, this great emperor is very good with your relationship with Xie Bi'an, and it doesn't look at us very much. No way, we need to protect ourselves! โ€

"That is all the old things in the past. Since the North Emperor and the Great are sitting in the highest position in the land, he will certainly have a bowl of water and flattened. Moreover, you have been a ghost in the local government, how can the North Emperor and the Great emperor deal with you? โ€Xie Bi'an replied.

"Really?"The color of the leopard's tail was hesitant, and Xie Bi'an also followed the words and said, "I still have time to close the hand. At that time, I will definitely plead with you to the Northern Emperor." I am convinced that the four of you are working in the land for thousands of years. I believe that the Emperor will be able to take it lightly. โ€

"Then we have fallen?"

The leopard tail showed a pair of being said, but soon his mouth was a little chuckle, even if it was a loud laugh.

"Ha ha ha, lie to you. You are so stupid, are you stupid? The North Yin ้…† ๅŽฎ ๅŽฎ ๅฐฑ ๅฐฑ ๅฐฑ ๅฏน ๅฏน ๅฏน ๅฏน ๅฏน ๅฏน ๅŽฎ ๅŽฎ ๅŽฎ ๅŽฎ ๅŽฎ ๅŽฎ ๅŽฎ ๅŽฎ ๅŽฎ ๅŽฎ ๅŽฎ ใ€‚ ใ€‚ ๅŒ— ใ€‚ ใ€‚ ใ€‚ From the light hair, let his mother's shit! Tell you, you must die today! โ€

"The Emperor's hand is full of eyes, do you think he will not know the situation here? It won't take long for him to come here, and then you really have no turning back! โ€

"he? He is now a mud bodhisattva crossing the river, and it is difficult to protect himself. You still want to point to him to save you, ridiculous. โ€


"Oh, the five ghosts have come to the four places, and Luo has three people in six days. The days have not been so lively. Come, take the seat! โ€

Above the main hall of the prefecture, the Emperor of the North Yinsong sat in the highest position, overlooking everyone in the audience. The ten kings of the squadron were standing on both sides of the main hall, and their looks were tense. The people who appeared in the hall at this time were all bad.

The Tibetan king is also in the hall, and the mount around him is also uneasy and low-lying.

"The rumors that the Emperor of Heaven and the Holy Emperor flew to God, we are unaware of such a big event. Well, we are also five ghost emperors, and this is something that canโ€™t be said. โ€

The words of the Eastern Ghost Emperor Cai Yulei in the Five Ghost Emperors, the human face and the horns, ruled the "Peach Hill" ghost gate.

"Who said no, this is too chilling."

This time, the five-party ghost emperor, the southern ghost emperor Du Ziren, ruled Luofu Mountain.

Looking at the two ghosts of the emperor, the North Yin dynasty emperor smiled lightly.

"Brothers are happy, and flying to God is only the only way for life. Therefore, there is no publicity. This also combines the strength of the brother. Moreover, the elevating brother to God does not have much influence on you, why bother to disturb you? If you only come for this matter, your brother is flying, even if you stay here, it is useless. โ€

"How can it be useless?"The Eastern Ghost Emperor smiled faintly. "The Emperor only asks, can you sit in this position?"

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