The words of the Eastern Ghost Emperor made the atmosphere in the temple especially tense, and the Ten Temples could not help but swallow the mouth.

These few people came here absolutely not for the ascent of the heavenly emperor, they are coming to the highest position of the land.

"Oriental ghosts, don't go too far."

The king of the Tibetan Mastiff opened his eyes, and the voice around him was also staring at the people in the temple.

From these few words, anyone can hear that they are coming to the position of the great emperor.

It is rare to see that the Tibetan king is angry. For so long in the local government, he has always belonged to the kind of disputes that do not ask the world, but only to the evil spirits.

But now the emergence of these people is destroying the harmony and balance of the local government.

He hates anger now.

Feeling the change of the Tibetan king's tone, the Eastern Ghost Emperor smiled faintly. He twisted his neck and walked to the chair next to him. He tapped his finger on the arm of the chair and shouted.

"The rumors of the Buddha domain are not involved in the disputes of the Three Realms. Do you want to blend in with the Tibetan Bodhisattvas?"

"Tian Qiren's Holy Emperor left this place to the North Emperor and the Great before the Linsheng, and the highest position of the land is the North Emperor." If you disagree, you can come here before the Tianjiren Holy Emperor soars. Now that the Emperor is flying, you are here to make a fuss. What is the intention? ”

The face of the Tibetan king is getting deeper and deeper, and his words are especially sharp.

However, his words made the people in the temple laugh, and the Eastern Ghost Emperor couldn't help but shake his head.

"The Tibetan Bodhisattva is really forgetful. Didn't you forget what the Emperor said before, don't you know the flying of the Holy Emperor?"

"I don't know or don't want to know?"The king of the Tibetan Mastiff said, "I don't know the rise of the Great Emperor, but now I am here again?" What is the pass? ”


The king of the Tibetans refused to refute the remarks, and the two sisters were also opposite to the Eastern Ghost Emperor.

Between the eyes, the hot sparks burst from the eyes of both sides. The Eastern Ghost Emperor also continually tapped the armrests of the chair and set his sights on the body of the Northern Emperor.

"Northern dynasty, there are means, so that the Tibetan Bodhisattva so escorted you. But unfortunately, even if the Bodhisattva is there, you can't keep the position you are sitting now. ”

"Well, what do you think?"

The Northern Emperor and the Great Emperor did not have any emotional fluctuations. Even if the Eastern Ghost Emperor spoke about this, he still kept a smile and looked calm.

"Now this position is that I am sitting, then if you are not satisfied, then how do you want to solve it?"

The faint spiritual pressure permeated the body of the Great Emperor of the Northern Yin Dynasty to the entire hall, but these two sentences were not blazing, but the people in the temple could not speak.

Even the most thorny Eastern Ghost Emperor.

"The Eastern Ghost Emperor Cai Yulei, the Southern Ghost Emperor Du Ziren, especially your three-day palace palace god, you are the palace god under my jurisdiction, I was the master of the palace that I used to protect the Heavenly Palace. Now you have come against me?"

The eyes fell on the body of the three-day palace, and the few people subconsciously hanged their heads.

"Is it that I am too deeply oppressed by you and let you have a reaction." It’s sad, it’s ridiculous. ”

There is no more speech in the temple, leaving only the Northern Emperor and the Great to speak in the temple.

Between the words, he has walked down from the chair and went straight to the position of the three-day palace palace god.

"I also went to ghosts of your Heavenly Palace three days ago. I didn't see you at the time. How suddenly I wanted to follow Cai Yulei and Du Ziren, they came over and opposed me, can you tell me? ”

No words.

The guardian god of the Three-Day Palace only closed his lips and said nothing, and the North Emperor and the Emperor nodded toward them and came to the Eastern Ghost Emperor.

The throat is concealed up and down, although the highest of the land is always the Emperor of Heaven.

But the Northern Emperor and the Great Emperor are also the second-in-command of the government. Although their status as ghost emperors is actually equal to him, they can't compare with the great emperor.

"Cai Yulei."

"Why, do you want to press people?"The Eastern Ghost Emperor snarled.

"With pressure, you are sure to say me?" Now that you are in the palace, you have colluded with Du Ziren, and my three-day palace palace god, come to me for trouble, you actually said that I am pressing people? ”

The northern yin and the emperor faintly squatted, pointing to the dark seat of the hall.

"Are you here for the location?"

"Oh, if the Holy Emperor of Heaven is in the position, the position is naturally for him to sit." Naturally, he is gone. In this position, you and our five ghosts are eligible to sit down. ”

"You can hide it, and the place passed to me before the emperor left."The mood of the Northern Emperor and the Emperor of the Great is very light, said, "You have asked me before, sitting in that position is peace of mind. Tell you the truth, in fact, my heart is uneasy. Sitting in that position means that everything in the government will be on my body. My words and deeds also determine the future of the city. Don't look at the location, but the pressure can also make people breathless. In contrast, I am more willing to take care of my Luoshan Mountain, but the little Luoqi Mountain has all gone out of the three-year-old anti-bone, it is a failure! ”

"Oh, now that you are sitting in that position, is it meaningful to say these hypocritical things?"

The Eastern Ghost Emperor spoke coldly, and in his opinion, the words of the North Emperor and the Great, but they said to them.

The scenery above is infinite, who is not willing to sit in the highest position.

"Do you think I am lying to you, then you can say how you can believe, give this position to you? But you have five people here, but there is only one in this position. How do you divide? ”

"You don't have to worry about this."The Eastern Ghost Emperor said, "We are not here to force you to come down from that position. The high strength of the government must be thorough, so that the peace of the land can be cherished. We are no more than others, whoever is a fist is sitting in that position. ”

"Hands-on?"The northern yin and the emperor raised their eyebrows.

The Eastern Ghost Emperor nodded undecidedly, but the North Emperor was the emperor but shook his head.

"This is not good. Now that the Mozu is rampant, let's fight here is just to reduce our strength."

"Then you don't want to let it?"The Eastern Ghost Emperor looked a sinking, and there were already signs of wanting to do it.

"Of course not, I have said that I don't like that position very much."The Northern Emperor and the Emperor of the North smiled and shook his head. He immediately pointed his finger at the back of him, representing the seat of the seat of the government. He smiled softly. "As long as you dare to sit up, I will give you this position." ."

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