"It's that simple?"

It’s such a simple way to give way to the highest position in the land.

The Eastern Ghost Emperor looked at the North Emperor and wanted to see some clues from his face. But the emperor has already reached the level of anger and anger, and it is too difficult to see what he sees from his face.

"Northern glory is all."

The Tibetan king in the distance couldn't help but frown. This is the highest position in the land and has absolute decision-making power over the government.

Within the prefecture, the person who can sit in this position, in the eyes of the Tibetan king, is also qualified only by the Northern Emperor.

The rest of the five party ghosts, really, he is not particularly optimistic.

If you don't say anything else, you can say that their temperament is not suitable for the supreme master of the local government.

The Five Ghost Emperors manage the five-party hell, and they see the most despicable face in the world. Long looking forward to the environment, who knows whether their minds have become distorted.

At that time, when the emperor left, he left the location to Beiyin, and he agreed.

But now the North Haze has to give up this position, it is still so simple.

As long as Cai Yulei dared to go and sit down, the position will be given to him.

"The king of the land may disappoint you. I really don't have much nostalgia for this supreme position."

The northern yin ι…† ε›ž ε›ž ε›ž ε›ž ε›ž ε›ž ε›ž ε›ž ε›ž ε›ž ε›ž ε›ž ε›ž ε›ž εŒ— εŒ— εŒ— εŒ— εŒ— εŒ— εŒ— εŒ— εŒ— εŒ— εŒ— εŒ— εŒ— εŒ— εŒ— εŒ— εŒ—


Thirty meters.

The Eastern Ghost Emperor Cai Yulei is only 30 meters away from the position of the highest, and this 30 meters will also determine his future status.

It is still in the position of this ghost emperor, watching the ugliest side of the world.

Still sitting in the highest position, in charge of the land and life and death, the scenery is infinite.

The conditions given by the North Haze are too simple, as long as you dare to go, this position will be allowed. Ask yourself, if he is here to sit in this position, he can't do it so easily.

Maybe there is a swindle inside.

"Why, the location has already been vacated for you, why not still move, are you here for the position?"

As soon as the voice fell, the northern shadows fell on Du Ziren and the gods of the Tiangong Palace.

"Cai Yulei does not move you can move, whoever sits in that position is the master of the future. If anyone dares to disobey, I will not be able to pass it. Go up, chances are in front of you, you must learn to cherish. ”

"I come."

Du Gren, a ghost of the South, bit his teeth and strode forward to the front. Seeing him set off, Cai Yulei couldn’t help but screaming at the chest, secretly being too careful and letting people take the lead.

Immediately, he rushed toward the position as quickly as possible.

This is the highest position in the land, he can not give it to others.

Du Ziren saw that Cai Yulei came over and also mentioned the speed to the highest.


But in an instant, Du Ziren, who was at the forefront, made a scream of screams at the moment he stepped on the steps, and his body began to emit white smoke.

Seeing the scene of Cai Yulei's hard-working body stopped, he looked at Du Ziren's painful mourning on the ground, and immediately looked at the north of the city.

"Northern glory, you are swindling."

"No."The northern yin fainted and smiled. "You think that the position is so good. The nine steps are the nine major penalties of the government." If you want to be the head of the local government, you must be washed by these nine major penalties. I didn't lie to you, I will be baptized before I sit in that position. This is the same as the Heavenly Court Supreme must bear the same ninety-nine days of burning. ”

"Fart, this emperor has been in the government for so long, how have you never heard of this!"Cai Yulei angered.

"You have been in the government for so long, how much has the land of the government changed?" From the beginning to the end, aren’t they all the gods of heaven? I am still the same sentence. If I want to sit in that position, I will go to the nine-step step and say nothing. ”

His eyes fell on Du Ziren's body, and at this time he was already fainted to the ground.

What Cai Yuen can see is a scary piece of meat. Immediately, he is taking back his eyes and seeing the frosty road.

"I want to marry me, I am almost convinced that I am almost obedient." It must be that when you came down, there was a ban on it, or how could you easily say that the position was given out. The north yin is full of yin. ”Cai Yulei looked at the north yin and looked at the north, and said, "But it doesn't matter, Du Ziren fell, and the emperor is still there. The ban on your cloth, as long as you solve it, the Emperor is still the supreme master of the land. ”


The spirits are rolling, and a light blue spirit of the human horse appears behind the eastern ghost emperor Cai Yulei.

The horse kept squatting, and the pupil was flashing with a flaming light.

A strand of spiritual storm swept through the temple, feeling the heart-wrenching spirit, and the ten temples were whitish.

The king of immortals.

At least the master of the fairy king level.

"Do you still have to do it? Yeah, I will solve all of you quickly, and I have other things to do. ”

The north yin was quite helpless and sighed, and immediately the finger painted a circle in front of him, and painted a fish in the circle.

Haohao Jiangshui rushed down from the circle, and soon he had not passed the shoulders of everyone.

Above this river, there is a gate.

Immediately, bubbles are emerging at the bottom of the river.


A squid jumped up and jumped over the gantry and turned into a dragon.

Fish jump gantry!

Dragons are shaking ears!

At the same time, the North Haze is also hooking their fingers.

"Okay, let's go together."

Unable to help themselves.

Xie Bi'an, who was confronting the leopard's tail, sank, and immediately he screamed and screamed.

"Leopard tail!"

"Xie Bi'an, do you think this will scare me?"The leopard tail looks like a sneer, "Do you want me to tell you why he is difficult to protect himself?" Tell you the truth, now the Eastern Ghost Emperor and the Southern Ghost Emperor, as well as the Luoyin Mountain, which is under the control of the North Yin, are the Yinyin Palace, the Thai Buddhist Supreme Court, the Zongling Seven Non-Tiangong Temple, and the Sanfang Tiangong Shougong God. Is pushing the palace, understand? The great emperor you trust, they can't save you. ”

"Don't they"

"Don't think too much. How can these great powers confess to the Mozu? It's just a little cooperation with each other."

The leopard tail blinked and the heart of Xie Bi'an was very heavy. Even the ghost emperors are afflicted with the Mozu, what is going on here.

"You still don't want to be shackled, so you don't want our brothers to be hurt."

"It seems that there is no way."

Xie Bi'an looked a sinking, and the body's spiritual power suddenly burst out. The rolling spirit makes the world and the world change, and the eight ghosts are the strongest, and they must be shot.

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