At this time, the emotion of Black Dragon is very dignified, and the news revealed by the ancients is too horrible.

The Protoss instructed him to occupy the territory of the Mozu.

What does the Protoss want, and what is his intention to say, he also wants to deal with the Mozu?

Feel the tension of the black dragon's emotions, and the old words are relieved.

"Black Dragon adults also ask you not to worry, the great god made me occupy your demon, just to support those blood stabs. Waiting for everything to end, the territory of the Mozu will be returned to you, and the three realms will be left to you. ”

"Give me all?"

Knowing that there is a big man behind the ancients, Black Dragon is not using his seat in the title.

"The territory of the Mozu is returned to me, and the territory of the Three Realms is also left to me to live in the Mozu. What do you want, live to say what the adults behind you want? ”

No matter how you think this is not a good deal, but since the adult is a Protoss person, it is normal for him not to see the status and land of the lower bound.

However, he spares no effort and is sure to be more important.

"The adults said that the three realms are the gift of returning to the land of the Black Dragon, and that the adult is the same as I want, is the life of Ye Zichen."

When the ancients said this, the black dragon briefly squatted and raised his eyebrows.

"Does he even offend people in the realm of God?"

"Ye Zichen's nature is not that you don't understand, offending a certain protoss of the Protoss, or affecting a certain interest may not be clear to him, but one more important thing is his life."

"Yellow Emperor!"

"Correct."The ancients were slightly stunned. "When the Yellow Emperor publicly provoked the Protoss, the Black Dragon adults should be aware of them. These people have always been mourned."

"It’s really awkward."

When the Yellow Emperor of the Xiantian confronted the Protoss, it was a raging noise.

During the period, the government and Heavenly Court once broke off with Xianyu. The high-level internals of Xiannian also isolated it and finally ended up in the reincarnation.

Just a thousand years later, I did not expect the Protoss to still remember.

β€œIt’s just what you do.”Ancient departure is also a sinister martyrdom. "The Yellow Emperor of the year was very self-satisfied and thought that provoking the Protoss was a move. After the reincarnation, he still did, but did not want the Protoss to have noticed him. He wants to be a god, almost in this life, the next generation of countless reincarnation is hopeless! ”

The black dragon followed and nodded, and the ancients also opened again.

"I am here to tell everything to the Black Dragon adults, in order to be honest, do not want to have a gap between you and me. As long as I solve it here, I will go to the upper bound, and here will be the dynasty of your Black Dragon. ”

"The ancient brother is so frank, then I have nothing to say, I can only say it here, Ye Zichen will die!"

"it is good!"

A canyon in the animal domain, which belongs to the path of the Mozu attacking the hinterland.

The Shadow Rats who are good at hiding are the best candidates for detectives. In this case, it is very likely that they will use the spirit to detect and make the black dragons feel vigilant.

"How, where is the Mozu now?"

"There are still three kilometers."

The squad's scouts spoke, and Ye Zichen nodded.

Around him, the ambush left by the various ethnic groups was filled. In order to allow the Mozu to walk through the canyon, Zhuge Hong used the blood in the upper reaches of the canyon to arrange a flame to kill.

If the Mozu don't want to go down from here, then be prepared to bear the burning of the flames.

The gunpowder made by Zuo Ma was also transported, and the ambush left here had nearly a hundred bombs.

All these bombs will be thrown out, and the lethality is absolutely no less than a nuclear bomb.

The flames burned above and the bomb bombed below.

If the Mozu and the blood stasis are not all dead, they will have to peel off the skin.


The black dragon on the hike walked out and gestured, and Gu Li also came over, staring at the canyon in front of him.

"This place is very suitable for ambush."

At this point they stood at the entrance to the canyon, surrounded by mountains that never end in sight. If you are willing to waste too much time, now every second counts, they can't take the long road.

"It's really suitable for ambush, it's just for the average person who ambushes."

The meaning of the Black Dragon is that they do not need to go to this kind of canyon, all members can be empty, flying from the air is.

"I am afraid that there will be ambushes above."

In a gesture, a warrior of the Mozu called the Black Dragon out.

"grown ups."

"Fly from above."

The black dragon pointed at the void on the canyon, and the Mozu warrior did not hesitate any more, and jumped up and flew over the canyon.

A phoenix phoenix suddenly appeared from the void, accompanied by a bright phoenix.

In the void, it is burning with raging fire. The soldier who sent the black dragon to explore the road instantly turned into dust.

After the soldier was burned to ash, the flame disappeared into silence.

"The life of the fire phoenix is ​​really hot."The ancients looked away from the eyes and said, "It seems that they are ironic and want us to smash through the canyon."

"I don't believe it, you can try it."

Reaching out his hand and calling it a famous Mozu warrior, witnessed the picture of the former man burning into ash, this Mozu warrior kept licking his lips, his look was very nervous.

"go with."

The anger of the black dragon was also appearing, and the Mozu warrior bit his teeth and flew as high as possible.

The distance is almost too high to be visible to the naked eye, and everyone uses the spirit to pry into it.


Phoenix's onomatopoeia really doesn't know what to do, and it is taken from Zuo Chuan Feng Yufei and Ming Yu.

Another bright and phoenix, the black dragon standing in front of the canyon could not help but close his eyes.

Still can't break through.

"Is this phoenix breaking this spirit?"

Everyone knows that there is an ambush from the canyon, but the flames above also make them have a headache.

"Just go from the canyon, the power of the fire and the fire is clear." If we want to break through from there, our people may have to explain it. ”

Heilong hesitated, this kind of knowing that there is an ambush but also going to the scalp to go up is the worst.

"No matter how ambush the other side is, it must be better than breaking through the life of the fire." Moreover, in the canyon ambush they are also at most some of the array or throw some gravel. This is nothing to us at all. ”

Gu said that he was relieved, and he immediately said something.

"Can't delay here, we have limited time."

"it is good."Under the urging of the ancients, the black dragon is also blinking. "This is to see what waves they can make."

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