Into the valley.

It is said that it is a canyon. In fact, the entrance is relatively narrow. After entering the entrance, the road left in the middle of the canyon is still very wide.

With a width of ten meters, this is also a misfortune for the Mozu and the ancients.

They are afraid that they will always be as narrow as the entrance, and the scope of activities will be too much for them to ambush them.

There is now a width of ten meters, although it is still too small for them, but it is enough to avoid it.

"I didn't see any spiritual array on this road."

Going deep into the canyon, there are no abnormalities along the way. There are no gravel falling on either side of the canyon, and there is no spiritual array in the middle.

"Don't you say that they are playing psychological war with us, let us mistakenly believe that this canyon is definitely more sinister than the fire and fire of the above, but unfortunately forcibly break through from above?"

The black dragon raised his eyebrows and it was too calm on the road, so he couldn’t help thinking so.

"Absolutely not."The ancients refuted his words at this time, saying, "If it is as the Black Dragon adults think, then they will never intercept us with the fire of the fire." The fire and the phoenix are really hot, and the most powerful fire in the world is counted. The fairy is enough to resist the past. If they want to play psychological warfare, they should arrange the kind of killing that makes us hurt, but can't bear it. ”


Black Dragon nodded. If he really wanted to play psychological warfare, the threat of the fire of the phoenix would be too great. Even a fool would not force a breakthrough.

"Then you said, is it possible that they are using the spirits to delay the time?"

"This is possible."The ancients nodded. "They may seize our psychology and think that we don't want to go out of the canyon, and we don't want to forcibly break through the fire and the fire. We have been trying to find the end of the range of the spirits. only"

"What is it?"

"The price is too big."

After the ancients were hesitated for a long while, they frowned.

"The fire and phoenix people want to arrange the killing of the real fire, it is necessary to use the life of the blood. From this perspective, it is almost necessary to lose half of the blood, and the power of this flame, except for the patriarch of the Fire Phoenix family, I can't think of anyone who can have this power. If she just wants to use this method to drag the time and spend half body blood, this is not worth it. ”

It’s impossible to say what you want to go before, but the ambush in the canyon is too late.

"Don't think too much, let's just go forward, and the soldiers will block the water and cover it."


The dark-haired shadow of the Rats came back with a message, and Ye Zichen saw him as a channel.


"coming."The little mouse spit out the truth, "It’s now in the canyon, and it won’t take long for us to reach our ambush range.”

"Oh, it seems that I have eaten the loss of Zhuge Auntie. There is no way I have to go down."

Ye Zichen has a funny smile. In fact, Zhuge Hong has two ideas for arranging this spirit.

One: The Mozu is jealous of the valley, avoiding the fire of the life, and constantly testing the spirits to delay the time.

Second: Force the Mozu to go from the valley to the hinterland.

As for the forced breakthrough from the fire of the fire, they concluded that the Black Dragon will never do this. If they really go so far, they can only say that they are lucky.

In fact, when Zhuge Hong arranged the spirit array, he only left a few drops of true blood.

If Black Dragon wants to force this array to break, it is just tea time, but Ye Zichen they are betting that Black Dragon will not.

Good luck, the bet is right.

"Ye Di, come in."

Just then, the Suzaku ambush in the canyon opened. Looking at the past with the hands of this tribe, Ye Zichen saw the black dragon walking in the front, staring at the surroundings with a vigilant look.

"Pay attention to covertness."

Ye Zichen was also stunned by the voice of the ambush.


A wave of detection swept over and felt that the spiritual detection of Ye Zichen almost laughed.

If Black Dragon wants to find Ye Zichen's position through spiritual knowledge, it can only be said that he wants more. When I came here, Yin Shang used the array of the eight-figure map to wipe out their breath.

I want to play ambush, if I can't think of it, how can I play it?

"Ye Di."

"Let's wait, wait until their people come in and give them all the way forward and retreat, let them enjoy our love for them."


The ambushing phoenix white tigers were all smiling, and at the same time, they also took out the bombs and waited for Ye Zichen to make an order.

"Still no one."

Until then, even the cautious ancients felt that there was no ambush at all, and they were already able to see the exit of the canyon.

"Adult, there are people on the canyon."

Just then, some people in the Mozu suddenly burst into the air and looked at it. The Black Dragon also noticed the figure.


It’s not wise to play here, the exit of the canyon is in sight, just go out from the canyon

"Found, how is it possible?"

Ye Zichen had a brow lock, and at this moment he saw the running figure in the White Tigers.

"Whoever makes you move."

The running white tiger stopped and turned to see his painful grip on his pants.

"Ye Yedi, I am urgency."


I didn't get angry and turned a blind eye to the tribe. I had a good ambush to make this pour.

Since it was discovered, Ye Zichen simply stood up from the ground and shouted toward the black dragon and the ancient detonation under the canyon.

"Black Dragon, old brother, I am waiting here for a long time. Don't worry so much, I have a gift for you. ”

When the voice fell, Ye Zichen was sulking and yelling.



The black dragon that was running wild suddenly saw the exit in front of it being collapsed, and the boulder falling on both sides of the canyon was directly blocked.

Suddenly, it’s a loud bang, and the spirit is coming out.

The retreat was also blocked.

Above the canyon, there are black metal balls thrown from above. The formation of the Mozu was disrupted in an instant, and they thought that it was a hidden weapon.

The same is true of the Black Dragon, but it was not long before he noticed that the metal ball was nothing special.

"Ye Di, this seat also thought that you can give me any surprises, do you think these metal balls can deal with my army of hundreds of thousands of troops?"

He said that he threw the metal ball toward Ye Zichen.

"Oh, surprise, it’s still behind."

As soon as the voice fell, I saw the fire phoenixes on both sides of the canyon spurting flames in the canyon. The Baihu people also kept falling into the canyon.

Still not hurting.

"Really, Ye Di, you are too disappointed."

Black Dragon laughed, and this kind of offensive is against the Mozu, even the most common fighters can resist.

But at this moment, the lead wire on the metal ball scattered on the ground was ignited, and it was always felt that the metal ball was particularly familiar with the old hole.

"No, this is a bomb!"

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