Looking at the leads on the metal ball, this is not the bomb that only appeared in the world during the war years.

The ghost knows how Ye Zichen researched the bomb. Now, what I think of in the ancient centrifugation is how to ensure my safety in such a small space.

I have never experienced it and never know the power of this bomb.

The ancients did not think much, and transferred all their spiritual power to the defense.


This is definitely a fresh word for Black Dragon, and he does not feel any threat from these metal balls.

The material is normal and the selling is not very good.

Just looking at the old look of horror, the black dragon is full of question marks.

What kind of ghost is the bomb?

Can be accompanied by a loud bang, he lost the ability to be considered.

"All will transfer spiritual power to the defense."

When the explosion appeared, the black dragon burst into the surrounding. The Mozu people are not fools. When they feel the explosion of the first bomb, they have already transferred the spiritual power to the top of the defense.

But it is too late to think about defense.

The bombs exploded one after another, and the white tigers and fire phoenixes who stood on both sides of the gorge kept throwing bombs that were detonated.


The roar is endless, and it first appeared in the black dragon's field of vision, and at the beginning it made him feel that there was no threat to the metal ball.

This moment left a mark in his heart that could not be erased.

"Give me a bomb."

Ye Zichen stood on the gorge, and the mouth kept bursting out. The group of white tigers and fire phoenixes spared no effort to throw the bombs down the canyon.


In the roar of the bomb, the ten-meter-wide canyon is so narrow for the Mozu people.

They mobilized all the power to use it on the defense, but under this intensive blast, the shields they supported were broken.

In the fire, flesh and blood flutter.

The screams of sorrow kept echoing in the valley, and countless Mozu people died in this blast.

The black dragon looked at the cracked eyes, and the eyes of the people looked at the death of the people. His double blush was almost bleeding.

The explosion of these bombs was negligible for him, but those of the immortal level, those of the early days of the immortals, were buried here.

"Ye Zichen."

The smoke is filled with smoke and the sky is shining.

Through the smoke above the canyon, the black dragon clenched his crown and looked at Ye Zichen above the canyon.

"Black Dragon, what are you doing, don't hurry to save them."

Just then, there was a vigorous and vigorous drink on the void. This familiar voice suddenly turned the black dragon back, and saw that Lee Min Ho pushed Su Yiyun into the canyon, and he was setting the lineup with the fastest hand speed.

"Su, Su brother, how come you are."

Under a short hesitation, Black Dragon couldn't help but ask.

"I also said that if I don't come, the Mozu will be destroyed in your hands."

Su Yiyun, the white-faced head of the head, was tightly clustered together, and a spiritual wave was shot from his hand, and all the bombs thrown from the canyon were detonated in midair.

"What are you doing now? I can't wait for a long time now. This is your ethnic group. Do you want to watch them die? ”

Su Yiyun sighed for a long time, and the black dragon returned to the palm of his hand and patted the ground, laying a thick defensive barrier over the canyon.

The bombs that fell from the sky all exploded on the barrier, and the barrier remained firmly in the void.


Su Yiyun was so relieved that he used his trembling hand to carry the sweat on his face.

"Okay, stop."

After seeing that the bomb had no effect, Ye Zichen reached out and motioned that the Baihu and Huofeng people stopped. If Black Dragon is to protect his people, then even if they have more explosives, they will not be able to break through his defense.

Looking down at the canyon, Su Yiyun's appearance is a stop loss for the Mozu, and the Black Dragon also supports the defense barrier in the follow-up, allowing the bomb to stop the reduction of the Mozu.

Even so, in the short-lived explosion, the strength of the Mozu is still reduced.

More than 40% of the tribes died in the blast, and most of them were in the ranks of the immortals, and the early days of the immortals also occupied a minority.

As for the remaining 60%, most of them have been slightly injured, and there are also a few serious injuries.

Only those who have reached the middle of the fairy will be spared, but the masters of this level are too few.

It can be said that this ambush allowed the Mozu to lose at least 70% of its combat power.

This ambush is still a success.

But if Su Yiyun didn't come, maybe the effect would be better.


Ye Zichen, standing above the canyon, stared down at Su Yiyun, who was sitting on a chair and sweating, and it should be timeless to see him.

Yes, Ye Zichen is really hard to understand. Why did the former best friend, now standing in the opposite direction of the Mozu, and spare no effort to help the Mozu fight against it.

Love is thinner than paper.

Is this really true?

Inexplicable Ye Zichen thought that when they were in college, they were wearing big pants and drinking beer in the dormitory, talking about the big picture.

Everything can't come back, just the day they left

They are over.

"Let's go."

Suddenly, Ye Zichen turned back to the faint opening.

This group of white tigers and fire phoenixes are fried, and they are also the secret treasures of the first time to see explosives. This is very novel to them, especially the scope and power of the explosion. Looking at the picture below, the Mozu fleeing and mourning.


The bombs on hand have not been thrown, but they have heard the news that Ye Zichen has stopped.

I thought it was necessary to wait for the black dragon's protective cover to be withdrawn and thrown, but I didn't think I had to retreat.

"Ye Di, let's leave? Supporting such a wide range of protective covers, even if they are masters of the Xianwang level, it is impossible to stay too long. ”

The people of the Baihu people spoke comfortably, but Ye Zichen smiled at them.

"This bomb is also unexpectedly effective. Now that they have seen the power, they will definitely be vigilant. Moreover, the bomb explosion is more obvious to the people, but the following people's level of the demon has already let us blow up almost, and the effect of throwing will not be too great, and it may be dangerous to delay. ”


When Ye Zichen’s voice fell, the White Tigers nodded. Immediately he was shouting at the people who ambushed on both sides of the canyon.


Everyone was very nostalgic to leave the canyon, Ye Zichen was also sitting in the chair Su Yiyun, then shook his head and sighed away from the canyon.

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