Under the protection of Black Dragon, the Mozu people were able to breathe a little.

Those who are more powerful have begun to heal the wounded, and many people are crying with a body of the Mozu who has no breath.

The war is cruel, and the heart of the Mozu is also long.

Those who have lost their friends are crying, and those friends and relatives who have survived are grateful in their hearts, but they are also worried that they will not.

In short, the canyon is full of mourning.

"Su brother, I am not letting you stay in Hongfeng City to cultivate, how come you come here."

Gently frowning at Su Yiyun, the tone of the black dragon is full of concern.

Even if he had a guilty conscience about Su Yiyun, he couldn't rip his face with Su Yiyun's previous dedication to the Mozu.

Moreover, maybe everything is not as good as he thought.

Let Su Yiyun stay in Hongfeng City for a reason that is really afraid that he has a relationship with Ye Zichen, and that part of it is that he really wants to take a rest.

Heaven and Man are five.

Now Su Yiyun hasn't had much time, and he doesn't want to let this die on the chaotic battlefield. Nobody has helped him.

"Hey, you still said. If it weren't for me, the Mozu would be all over. ”

Su Yiyun in the chair frowned and shouted.

"I thought that the demon will have a big disaster in the day before and after watching the sky. After you left, I couldn't help but spy on the heavens. It is calculated. Let Min Min take me here quickly and wish you trouble. ”

"This makes Su brother mourn."

The black dragon's face showed a faint sigh, and immediately the eyes fell on the Mozu warriors in the canyon.

The heart is inexplicably painful, and it is the damn Ye Zichen who built this pain in his heart. If he didn’t release the metal ball called a bomb, they wouldn’t

"I really can't think of Ye Zichen's ability to have such a means to bring the explosives of the world war here."

At this time, Su Yiyun also opened the eyebrow opening, mentioning that the black dragon's look is more cloudy. Suddenly, he thought that when Su Yiyun came, he fell from the sky.

"Su brother, are you coming from above?"

"Yes."Su Yiyun nodded lightly and saw the black dragon's surprise. He also knew that what the other person thought was the opening. "In fact, you let Ye Zichen lie to them. The fire in the canyon is actually just pouring. A few drops of life and blood. If you want to break, tea time can be broken. ”


The fist hit hard on the cliffs of the canyon, the black dragon's body kept shaking, and the muscles of the face shook gently.

"Ye Zichen."

With a burst of drink, the black dragon's wrathful spirit is filled with the surrounding.


At the foot, you can use a force to step on it, but you can still let Su Yiyun drink.


"Su brother, are you going to stop me?"

This is really a shame for Black Dragon.

It turned out that it was only a few drops of true blood, and even the demon of the demon of the demon was scared off and fell into its trap.

How can the black dragon endure this kind of play?

"You want to find Ye Zichen to vent your anger, he has already left."

When Su Yiyun's indifferent voice fell, Black Dragon noticed that there were no ambushes on the sides of the canyon.


The fist grips creaking, and the breath around the black dragon becomes particularly gloomy.

Especially the shadows of the haze, after the confrontation, it makes people feel like falling into the abyss.

Remember to hate it.

The complete story is hateful.

"You don't need to be so considerate, this time you are just a chess game. The calculation of the two sides, the conspiracy of conspiracy, will not always be my demon's forever dominant, this time the loss is recorded. The process is not important, what we want is the result. ”

Looking at the black dragon that almost blinded the mind, Su Yiyun spoke.

"I know this."The black dragon was slightly decapitated, but his gaze was still very cold. "Ye Zichen's life, this seat is set."

In this regard, Su Yiyun did not make any statement.

At this time, he had already set his sights on the wounded of the Mozu, and indicated that Lee Min Ho also went to help him with healing.

"Su brother came, I didn't see you before, but I thought about what you think."

At this moment, the ancients who disappeared when the bomb was thrown down did not know where to go.

He smiled and walked over to Su Yiyun and smiled at him.

"I thought that I was the last one before I met. I didn't expect to meet here."

"Are you looking forward to me dying?"

Su Yiyun raised an eyebrow and could not see the anger from his look.

"So brother, what is this?"Ancient smiles.

I no longer care about the ancient separation around me, Su Yiyun is closing her eyes. He can now feel the vitality of the endless, in order to live longer

Or to live on the day he wants to live, he must always temper the soul and keep it from falling.

Su Yiyun smiled at the close, and Gu Lu felt a very cold breath coming from the side.

"It’s fast enough for the old brother to run."

Feeling the anger of the strong pressure in the black dragon's tone, Gu Li quickly put out a helpless look.

"Black Dragon is not angry, I did not expect Ye Zichen to be able to get the bomb. My strength is low, there is no way to seek self-protection. ”


The black dragon looks gloomy, and if he is not afraid of the existence behind the ancients, he really wants to kill him now.

This person must have known the power of this bomb, but he did not give any reminder to it, causing his Mozu to suffer heavy losses.

Ye Zichen is hateful, but it is not good to go anywhere.

"I know the anger in the heart of the Black Dragon, but it is good for the time of Su Brother's arrival. The loss of the Mozu is not particularly large. Cooperation between you and me cannot be terminated. If not, it will be done. Gu Shi swears here, and will certainly not abandon the Black Dragon and your Mozu. ”


Even if there is such a reluctance in the heart of the Black Dragon, it can only be done.

Moreover, as the ancients said, the loss of the Mozu did not reach an unacceptable level. It’s just that some of the dead soldiers are dead, and the real elite can still fight.

The hustle and bustle of leaving, the ancient departure is at this moment quietly touched Su Yiyun's side.

"What do you want to do?"

Su Yiyun, who has been closed for a long time, suddenly opened his eyes and opened his mouth.

"Su brother is still coming, it seems to be ready."

Gu Yi deliberately lowered the voice and chuckle, but Su Yiyun fell his eyes on him, the dark eyes that are not in direct proportion to his face, faintly staring at him, as if to see through.

"I do not know what you're talking about."

"Yes, I am afraid that the poor black dragon will have to suffer from the big brother of Su."

The playful smile emerged from the ancient face, and Su Yiyun smiled, his eyes stunned.

"That's not as good as this big loss for you to eat, anyway, solve who is solving, are you right?"

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