The old-fashioned smile of a playful smile was a moment of stagnation. He converges on his face and stares at Su Yiyun's eyes.

Su Yiyun also leaned his head on the chair and looked up at him.

Both of them did not speak, so they were so faint.


After a lengthy confrontation, Gu’s face resumed his signature smile.

"Su brother can really make a joke, this gift is still reserved for the Black Dragon, I still don't want it." Moreover, Su brother has planned for so long, and it is a pity to put it on me. ”


Su Yiyun in the chair had a faint glimpse, but his eyes were not changed. It was still the trepidation of his eyes, and his eyes gazed at the ancient exit.

"What a pity, this is the time, I am too lazy to pretend to follow you. You have always been less than the morning, and you and the Black Dragon are actually a multiple-choice question. Whoever chooses is actually a satisfactory answer to me. ”

The ancient face suddenly sank, and said.

"Su brother is serious?"

"Do you think?"

Su Yiyun is still a pair of indifferent chilling looks, and he has been retreating for a long while.

Although he did not speak, but the gaze of the refuge, he was really scared.

"Knowing it is good, so don't challenge me anymore, do you know?" Sometimes smart is not a good thing, too smart people are short-lived, understand? I know someone behind you is covering you. I can't be afraid of wearing shoes. I am now running out of oil. Even if you solve it, how can you kill me after you come out? One is alone, if you don't believe it can be tried. ”

"Yiyun, how do you feel, nothing is uncomfortable."

Just then, Lee Min Ho came over from behind.

Suying with his gaze warning, Su Yiyun gathered his gaze and shook his head as she turned into a mellow smile.

"Everything is fine."

"That's good."

Lee Min Ho seems to be relieved to feel relieved. In these few days, she will have to ask for a sentence almost half an hour later, and she must personally check his situation with spiritual power to be at ease.

Immediately, she converges her eyes and looks at the ancient martyrdom.

"I just saw what the two of you seem to say, the mood is not particularly good, is it how he is."

As long as he saw the ancient departure, Lee Min-soo couldn't help but think of the horrible death of the squad at that time, and hatred also continued to grow.

If it wasn't for the Black Dragon to speak out, she couldn't conflict with the ancients. She had already shot him.

"How come Su brother, how dare I."Gu deviated from the look of a bitter smile. "I don't think Su is very good. You said it is Su brother."

"Min, don't think too much, I still don't dare to think about him."

The hand on the chair was slapped softly and comfortably, and Lee Min Ho’s hatefulness was awkward and no longer speaks.

"How are we serious about casualties?"Su Yiyun opened the topic, and Lee Min Ho was also asked to answer. "It is very serious. The number of people who can participate in the war has dropped by at least 60%. However, it is good to leave the elite in the elite, still have the power of a battle. ”

"Su brother."The black dragon also came over at this time.

"Are all solved?"Su Yiyun speaks.

"Well, I have sent people to open the entrance to the canyon and let the injured go back to heal." As for the people left behind, I am going to take them to attack the animal domain. Time is tight, I am going to march now. Su’s body is awkward, or let Min Min take you back to rest now. ”

The thick ink-like brows are clustered together, and it is impossible for the black dragon to retreat at this point.

The power of their Mozu is itself sharply reduced. If it is time to prepare for the people of the Beast, it will not be a good thing for him.

Now the three realms of Xianyu, Difu and Heavenly Court are also in chaos. He has to take advantage of this opportunity to take the attack on the animal domain, and then make adjustments to attack somewhere in the Holy Land.

What's more, this enemy can still report.

Now he doesn't want to let Ye Zichen survive for a second.

"Forget it, those wounded can retire, I have already come here, and I will follow you." There are so many masters in the animal domain, and I can help you with your stay. You don't need to send someone to take care of me, life and death, if I am really dead here, maybe my life is like this. ”

Su Yiyun's tone on the chair is very weak. After hesitating for a long while, Black Dragon can only nod.

"Okay, then there is Laosu brother."

"No harm."Was waving to Black Dragon, Su Yiyun suddenly looked at the ancient departure, "Remember what I said, I have been staring at you behind."

The old smile next to him suddenly became a stiff, and the black dragon looked inexplicably and looked at both of them.


"Nothing, march."

Su Yiyun waved his hand indifferently, but his gaze was gazing at the ancients and never leaving too much.

Feeling the lock of the other side, Gu Gu is also a stiff smile and laughed.

"Black Dragon, march."

Ye Zichen’s look has been heavy since returning from the canyon to the dragon. After a simple exchange with the patriarchs of the four saints, he left his voice.

Noticing his emotions, the saints of the saints did not retain.

The lonely man sat in the courtyard smoking a cigarette, but his mind kept repeating a picture.

There are worlds, and there are also these three worlds.

When the pictures overlap and staggered, Ye Zichen couldn't help but sigh with a long sigh, but didn't know that the cigarette in his hand was burning more than half of it.

"Zi Chen."

There was a whisper in the ear, and Ye Zichen sitting on the ground looked up and saw Su Yan, who was wearing a white dress, standing in front of him.

Juan Xiu's face was branded with a faint worry. She had noticed the look of Ye Zichen when she was in the hall. She was so worried that she would talk to Su Liuer and the four saints.

It was useless to stay in the temple, and the patriarchs nodded. However, Su Liuer had hesitated, but let Su Zhu speak, let her leave the hall to find Ye Zichen.

"How come you are, yes, you stay there and listen to the books like heaven, and leave it."

"Why, you look down on me."Su Yan is very angry and very cute.

"how come."Ye Zichen smiled and said, "Why didn't you go find cocoa and run my little broken house?"

"Cocoa I haven't seen it for a long time."Su Yan licked her lips and sighed. "Min morning, do you know how long we haven't been sitting together and talking about it?"

Su Yan's tone was suddenly lost.

Feel the change in the other person's mood, Ye Zichen can only smile apologetically.


"Nothing, I understand."

Su Yan smiled softly. She knew how tired Ye Zichen was now. She didn't want to feel worried because of her.

Immediately, she thought of this intention and opened her mouth.

"Before your mood in the temple was not particularly good, what happened?"

"I just saw your brother."

"my brother?"Su Yan’s strange eyebrows, she immediately stopped, β€œYou mean”

"Well, I saw Ol'Three."

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