"Is this emperor threatening Su Xi in the face of this seat, isn't he putting this seat in his eyes?"

When I heard the conversation between Ye Zichen and Su Yiyun, the black dragon brow next to it locked lightly and walked a few steps toward the front and said calmly.

"Good self-sufficiency."

At this time, there was no other person in the eyes of Ye Zichen. He just fainted toward Su Yiyun, and did not pay attention to the black dragon's swearing, it was to take back his eyes.

Su Yiyun is still grinning, and nodding his head is not a word.

"It’s a sad conversation. I think that when I was in the world, the friendship between Ye Di and Su Xi is quite awkward."

Gu Gu was like a jumping clown who seemed to sneer at the side, but he had not waited for him to say anything else, and he felt a stinging gaze toward him.

Looking at the gaze, Gu Yi found that Su Yiyun was staring at him at this time.

The warning revealed in the gaze made him subconsciously swallow, and even if he was shut up, he was not sarcasm.

This scene is also completely in the eyes of the Black Dragon. He is suspicious of nature and he has guessed many possibilities from the middle.

"Ye Di."


When the four saints who heard the news fell to the side of Ye Zichen and nodded to him, their eyes fell across the board.

"Not good."

The hearts of these patriarchs all share the same ideas.


Blood stasis.

There are millions of pressures in the mighty world, and you can feel the deep deterrent without any hands.

Unexpectedly, after Ye Zichen successfully ambushed the opponent's more than half of their combat power, they still have so many people.

It is conceivable that they were so fierce when they were in the diplomatic hand of Red Maple City.

Behind the four saints, the flag was swaying. The elites of the beasts are also present, and the masters of the cities in Xianyu are also coming.

As soon as the petals fell from the sky, the Baihuamen once again participated in the battle.

Lost the Huahua Gate of Huahai, now the chief disciple of his seat, Li Jiayi, is the master. But now she is too weak to be a one-on-one.

She became the doorman and was only a pick, and there were elders around him.

"Hey, look at their gaze."

The ancient detachment of the neck can not help but scream, the beasts and the outsiders who can appear here, most of them have experienced the battle of Red Maple before.

They have tasted the pain of losing their loved ones, and the resentment against the Mozu is deeper.

For them, it is not just a matter of guarding the territory.

They must also avenge those who have died.

The entire animal domain reveals the murderous temperament of the scalp, and the current situation is comparable to the three countries Wei Wei, but also wins.

"All come, it's not bad, the province's seat is going to find it alone."

Looking at the mighty army above the Dragon City, there was a smile in the black dragon's eye with the giant sword.

Faced with the killing of the other side, he did not care to take a step forward. And this step is to move people on the side of the entire animal domain, all of them are vigilant.

Seeing this kind of picture, Black Dragon can't help but laugh.

"Don't be too nervous."

"Hey, this little bitch will really be nonsense."Lei Hu, the patriarch of the Baihu clan, yelled at the big mouth. "But really, I am quite admired by you." Let the poisonous snake rebel out of our beasts and swear to you. Sure enough, things are gathered together, and people are divided into groups. ”


The magic demon behind him burst into words, and the black dragon reached out to him to signal him to return.

"It’s not too irritating to say that the wolf is a traitor. It’s just a matter of knowing the time. At present, the general trend has been fixed, and our Mozu will surely put the three worlds in the air. Even if you are recalcitrant, you can't reverse the situation. ”

"Oh, interesting."

Lei Hu is very disdainful, and the black dragon is a faint smile. It is very fearless.

"This seat is not a killer, let alone this seat does not give you a chance. If you are now surrendering, then maybe I can spare you a life. Coincidentally, there are also a few mounts in this seat. It is just a few of you who are seated in this seat. ”

"Is it meaningful?"

Just then, Ye Zichen sighed and walked out and said.

β€œIs it a meaningful thing to put it here?”

"What is Ye Di, this is this for you."Black Dragon smirked at the corner of his mouth. "The battle between the two sides can be described as a life-staining charcoal. This seat does not want you to make unnecessary sacrifices. Is it a way out for you?"

"Is it?"

"Ye Di, we know that you will definitely not fall."Gu Gu also came out at this time and smiled. "You can't drop it. It doesn't mean that the group behind you will not surrender." Don't impose your own subjective ideas on them. ”

"Oh, there are no species in our beast."The squid roared.

"Is there any, I don't know if I dare let me ask the last question?"From the face of the ancient can feel his temperament, he immediately saw him opening to the various families in the void. "If you want to descend, you can come out now, we will not shoot you."


Unexpectedly, some people in the animal domain actually showed the color of moving.

"I am leaving."

There was a commotion in the army behind it, and this was followed by a fuse. The non-stop people ran out of the team and ran to the camp of the Mozu.

"I also quit."

"I don't want to die"

Some people have defected, and Gu is just a smile.

"This is right. Even if we want to quit now, we will definitely leave you alive."




The military heart is scattered.

Looking at the group of people who fled the emperor, the patriarchs of the four saints were all looking blue.


A light cannon burst out and the gravel of the distant mountains suddenly overflowed.

"Who dares to run, this is your end."

Lei Huhu saw the roundness, and the Beasts who were preparing to escape, under a short hesitation, heard someone screaming.

"Brothers, we don't have to die here. Lei Hu is not benevolent, actually threatening us. Let's sell their lives for them. Isn't that stupid? Rushing out and relying on the Mozu

The incitement came to an abrupt end.

I saw Ye Zichen's cockroach on the neck of one person in the animal field, and the blood in his mouth ran down his mouth to his arm.

The cold eyes shook all the hordes of the eager hunters, and at the same time Ye Zichen threw the stunned people to the ground.

"You can run, but as long as you dare to run, I can confirm with you here, you can't live for five seconds, you can try."

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