The entire Dragon City void is silent.

The people outside the fairyland are almost always on the sidelines, and they can still feel the faint disdain.

They are all those who have experienced the lessons of blood, and witnessed the tragic war. If they want to back down, they will not appear here again this time.

For those groups of the Beasts who had already scared their courage before they had fought, they dismissed them.

Throwing the swaying tribe to the ground, it happened to be around the orc.

The bodies that fell heavily will make them look a glimpse. Even if they swallow, they look at Ye Zichen's eyes filled with indescribable awe.

The fowls who had wanted to flee before witnessed Ye Zichen killing the people with thunder, they did not dare to say a word.

As for the idea of ​​running away, it is even more deeply buried.

I want to run to live, but as long as they run, they have not waited for the Mozu people to shoot them, they will die in the hands of Ye Zichen.

β€œIt seems that no one wants to try it?”

The cold eyes were swept away from the front of the crowds. Those who had been sentenced to death in their hearts were all guilty of burying their heads and not looking at them.

"In this case, I will give me the spirit." If you let me see who dares to be a deserter, don't blame me for being ruthless. Of course, you can try to escape when you fight."

Put your finger at your eyes and point to the various ethnic groups.

"I will always stare at you."

Desperate the people, Ye Zichen is cold and back to the four saints. To Zhuge Hong, the patriarch of the Suzaku family, Suzaku counted the leader of the flying poultry. He just killed the stunned flying poultry and always apologized to Zhuge Hongdao.

"I also hope that the Zhuge patriarch Hai Han."

When he was holding his fist, he could still see the blood on his hand.

"No problem, even if Ye Di does not shoot, I will personally take it."Zhuge shook his head, and Thunder Tiger laughed. "This is a good apology. We don't need to breed." Ye Di did the right thing, if it was not such a military heart, it would be scattered. Just did not expect wow, there is really a soft egg among us. ”

In the speech, he also gaze into the beasts of the beasts, and his eyes are extremely oppressive.

"You can't blame me."Laughing at them, Ye Zichen is looking deep into the ancients. "Good means, deep enough."

"Ye brother praised, it is necessary to talk about the means that Ye Xiong is high. It’s hot, and it’s a moment to suppress this commotion. ,I admire you. ”

For Ye Zichen's approach, there is not much surprise in the past. Even if he doesn't do it, I believe the rest of the patriarchs will do the same.

Even if they don't think about it, they can't really let the soft eggs run.

This is quite shaken.

But the effect has already been played, although the wave of instigation is not completely played, if Ye Zichen's movements are slower, maybe the results can be more interesting.


The black dragon is also subconsciously looking at the ancient separation, the means of this guy is really endless. As for the previous incitement, it must be placed inside the animal domain.

Thinking of his various behaviors, Black Dragon is worried.

Does this guy have a hand in his Mozu?

On the way before, Gu Gu did explain a lot to him. But who can dare to believe in this kind of person?

Now he can only believe half, and the other half can only bet.


Ye Zichen didn't pay any attention to it, and he had more time with the ancients. This kind of means for him has long been commonplace.

He just looked at the back of the Mozu faintly, and he secretly calculated the time.

"They should be here too."

A few hours ago, he had already greeted the people of Xianyu, Dafu, and Heavenly Court. In the middle he was still ambushing in the canyon, delaying them for a lot of time.

Calculate the time, they should be here now.

Not far from the ancients, he noticed his look, his eyes waved, and his mouth smirked.

"What is Ye Di looking for?"

"Ok?"Ye Zichen has a glimpse.

"Hah, in fact, Ye Di, you can put the battlefield in the first place into the animal domain, but you have not done so. Instead, we placed us in the hinterland of the animal domain, and directly cast the battlefield outside the dragon city. If you are defeated here, then there is really no chance. Ye Di is not a person who is not awake. He will not think of this result. He can still put us in. It is profound. ”

The ancient smile is faint, and the eyes reveal the light that has long seen everything.

In the face of the other side's questioning, Ye Zichen is a bleak way back.

"There is a natural meaning. You let the snake snakes rebel out of the animal domain and break the big battle." We also put the main battlefield on the border of the animal domain, that is really not awake. Why do you want to tell you why you are coming to the hinterland? ”

Brows are scornful, but the ancients are turned back at this time.

Looking at the Mozu people who can't see the end in front of them, there is also the blood stasis that is constantly going on. He licked his head and immediately smiled back.

"Let me guess, Ye Di is actually arranging people to pack from behind."


β€œWho is it, the land, the fairyland, and the Heavenly Court?”Gu twisted his neck and looked at Ye Zichen’s face. "It seems that I guessed it."

"Is there any good guess, can anyone think of it, isn't it?"

Let Ye Guchen break, Ye Zichen is not annoyed. This simple reasoning is that individuals can reason about it. What they have been worried about all the time is whether they will come in.

Because this is too obvious, they once worried that the Mozu and the ancients were away from them, and the police did not dare to come in.

"I know that I will be brought in by the team. It seems that you are very confident? Challenge our entire three realms? ”

"No, no, Ye said, laughing. We are arrogant, and we are not arrogant to provoke the entire three realms at the same time. Are you saying that? ”The ancients quickly waved their hands.

"Then you dare to come, huh"

Ye Zichen sneered, but the voice did not fall, he noticed the laughter from the corner of his mouth, and his previous answer.

Since he thought, how could he come?

Since he is here, he must have done everything.

"You should know me, I am very timid. I know that I will be caught in the package here. I still come here. According to your understanding of me, why do you say this? ”

In an instant, Ye Zichen's whole heart was cold.

"You started with them?"

The two smashed into a gap and Ye Zichen sipped.

Gu Li also smiled and nodded, very relaxed smile.

"Their situation should be very difficult."

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