The exquisite pagoda above the void, the sixth floor of the tower lights instantly lit up.

The suction at the bottom of the tower is also exponentially multiplied, the surrounding space is fragmented under its tear, and a black hole grows from the bottom of the tower.

Seeing that the Linglong Tower was opened to the sixth floor, the face of Feng Bo Yu Shi was also exposed.

"Old Li, must you do this?"

When the voice did not fall, Feng Bo saw that all the blood had flowed down the corner of Li Tianwang's mouth, but his face was full of perseverance.

"No way, who made me born is a hard bone, close!"

The black hole at the bottom of the tower kept spinning, and the wind sergeant saw this scene as a change of vision.

"I don't know how to be good."


The whole piece of the sky was overcast, and the wind blew, and the rain fell.

The torrential rain that plunged drove the surrounding rivers up and over the riverside dams, drowning all the farmhouses under the dam.

The rushing rivers collapsed the houses, and there were also ugly water monsters on the river.

"go with."

The water monsters on the river surface vacated from the water, and the whirlwind of the whimper is also mixed with gravel to make it difficult for Li Tianwang to breathe.

The exquisite pagoda above the head is also dimmed at this time, and there is no way.

Li Tianwang was hurt too much, and forcing the sixth floor to run is not the load he can afford now.

"Old Lee, don't blame me."

Feng Bo Yu Shi is silently closed his eyes.

"The thunder is broken."


The thunder suddenly blew from the void, and the thunder did not fall. Then the God of Thunder was filled with thunder and held a hammer of God of Thunder.

A lightning bolt smashed the monster, and even saw a fiery red ribbon hit the surrounding monster.

Puff puff.

The water monsters condensed by the river instantly turned into water drops and returned to the river. Nezha's three princes also stepped on the hot wheels, braving the wind and rain and using a petite body to protect Li Tianwang behind him.

His eyes fell on the broken arm of Li Tianwang, and the face of the three princes immediately showed a fierce color.

"You are all damn, squatting, out!"

The arm was straight, and the circle of Qiang, which had been worn on him, immediately got out of his arm, mixed with the power of the Millennium, and smashed toward the wind.


At the same time, the wind and rain sorcerer at the same time, the Qiankun circle is an ancient artifact, which can crush all things. They don't think they can resist this, they don't dare to hesitate, and they quickly let go of the hurdles.

However, the squadron that flew out was folded back again, and the cockroach was on the back of Feng Bo.


I was so sweet when I was hit by the Qiankun Circle. I couldn’t help but squirt a piece of blood.

The rainman wanted to help in the past, but a thunder was blasting in front of him. In the Emperor, he quickly used the most instinctive rollover to hide the lightning strike, only to see that the God of Thunder had fallen to Li Jing.

"I know you!" You guys who are unconcerned! ”

The cheap Qiankun circle is not fierce, but it is back to the hands of Nezha.


After a sneak peek at the wind and rain, Nezha quickly took a medicinal medicine from his arms and stuffed it into Li Jing's mouth.

God of Thunder also noticed Li Jing's broken arm at this time, and the eyes were still screaming like a fire.

"Feng Bo Yu Shi, you are so bold. The deity has been in the palace, you will wait to die. ”

"Ha ha" was hit by the wind and the circle of the wind, but it was a big laugh. "I am afraid that you trust the Heavenly Palace, powerless!"

Ling Xiao Bao Dian.

The Ziwei Emperor sat in the position of Jade Emperor, and his look was very dignified.

In the temple, almost all of the immortals were present, but only the civil servants here, there is no military commander.

"The Great, God of Thunder, they also attacked."

Standing in the temple, the God of Wealth put the phone down in the dignified opening of the phone. When the voice fell, the palm of the hand of the Ziwei Emperor sitting in the chair was photographed on the armrest of the chair.


The armrest made him smash, and he even gnawed his teeth.

"Jade Emperor is not in the opposite direction, but when I am in the upper position, they are deliberately giving me eye drops, who will give them the courage!"

I am angry.

The civil servants in the temple are all swearing and afraid to speak.

"I really have a good brother, good brother."

The fist creaked.

Just half an hour ago, the Western Taiji Emperor led the attack on Heavenly Court. The strength is strong enough to make the Ziwei Emperor feel pressure.

The military commanders who stayed in Heavenly Court almost all went to meet the enemy, but the situation was chilling.

"The newspaper, the Taiji Emperor has already attacked the six heavens."

"Report, the Taiji Emperor has already attacked Seven Heavens."

"Report, the Taiji Emperor has already attacked the Eight Heavens."

None of the countless battle reports was a good news, and the face of Ziwei Emperor sitting in the Lingxiao Hall was more and more gloomy.


At this moment, the giant spirits who were kept outside the Lingxiaobao Temple were smashed in by people.

Immediately, I saw a man with a silver hair, wearing a thick armor and coming in from outside the temple. His body is full of chilling gas, his hand is holding the life and death, and let the Ziwei Emperor sent to meet the enemy, the captain of the canopy, his admission to the people in the temple can not help but shrink.


"Tai Chi."

The brothers and the two of them looked at each other and sent a spark to the four-way handover.

"From that position."

The tone of the Emperor Taiji Emperor was accompanied by an unquestionable taste, and he stared at the Ziwei Emperor's Road in the chair.

"The location shouldn't be sitting by you."

"Who should it be, brother?"The eyes of Ziwei Emperor sank and said, "Not long ago, my brother had also spoken and congratulated. I can't think of how long this time, my brother led to bring troops to fight against me. Since you want to sit in this position, why didn't you say it before, I will give you this position. ”


The Taiji Emperor in the temple suddenly showed a disdainful sneer.

"You thought I was concerned about this Jade Emperor, ridiculous. If I want to sit in this position, how did Jade Emperor qualify for me? ”

"In this case, what does the brother-in-law come here?"

The Emperor of Taiji heard the words in his eyes and heard him speak.

"The location is not what you should sit down."

"Does your brother still have a fancy position?"The eyes of Ziwei Dadi flashed in a stern color. "The person who took you out from here will get out of here. I can see that I have never been in the past brotherhood."

"Ziwei, you can still remember that when you were fighting, you still taught yourself for your brother. Are you threatening to be a brother now?"

The Taiji Emperor’s enemies smiled and said.

"Those threats, relying on the defeat of this group of soldiers in your hands, threatening the 300,000 elite teachers of the emperor?"

Saying, I saw the Emperor Taiji Emperor carrying the captain of the canopy and throwing his beggar in front of the Ziwei Emperor.

"Your person, return it to you."

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