Seeing the heavy fall of the captain of the canopy, the Ziwei Emperor sitting on the Jade Emperor dragon chair was slightly moved.

"Take the marshal to Laojun that healed."

Towards the immortal opening in the temple, the old man walked out of it and lifted up the captain of the canopy, who had already died, and disappeared from the hall.

The rest of the immortals are secretly swallowing their mouths and seeing the injury of the captain Marshal.

This Taiji Emperor is obviously coming.

"Oh, there is a bit of the head of Heavenly Court."

The Emperor of Taiji in the temple smiled lightly and looked at the rest of the immortals in the temple. Feel the eyes of the great emperor, more than half of the immortals are afraid to meet his eyes.

"You let this group of people stay here, what do you want to do, courage?"

"Do you have to be such a brother?"Ziwei Emperor said that he did not ask.

Twisted his neck, Taiji Emperor threw the giant sword in his hand to the temple.

"I just want you to come down from that position."

"Let's give way! Give way! Give way! ”

Outside the temple.

The soldiers of the Emperor Taiji Emperor raised their arms and shouted their arms. The immortals in the entire Lingxiao Hall saw the heart of the battle.


Just then, there was still a thunder in the void.

Seeing this thunder, even the Ziwei Emperor sitting in the chair is also a trembling look.

Here is Heavenly Court, where you can thunder, only the people above.

"I saw it, this is God's will. God can't go wrong, brother, give way. For the brothers do not covet this position, as long as the brother got what I should get, this position is still yours. ”

"What do you want to get?"

"Super off."The Emperor Taiji of the Taiji Emperor was exposed, "The Emperor did not care about those rights, and the Emperor wanted only detachment." The Emperor wants to go to a more extensive world to make a big impact. For the Emperor, this place is too small to accommodate the Emperor. ”

"This is why you colluded with the Mozu?"Ziwei Emperor Shen Shen.

"How can you say that collusion is just what you need." They need the Emperor to shock the immortals of Heavenly Court during this period, and when the Emperor soars with their help, you can still inherit the emperor and follow the Mozu. The only thing that the Emperor wants is to fly up. The Emperor does not care about what is righteous and false. ”

The look of Taiji Emperor is very embarrassing. In his eyes, his world cannot be confined to this projectile.

He needs to have a bigger stage to show himself, he is empty

When Jade Emperor was supposed to be seated by him, he didn't care about the so-called fame, and he didn't want those trivial things to involve his heart.

Indeed, the external strength of Jade Emperor at the time might be better than him.

But his way is deeper than Jade Emperor.

He realized that the most powerful and destructive of the three thousand avenues was slow, and he was invincible as long as he became a big man.

But he is too proud, and it is difficult to destroy the road.

For tens of thousands of years, he is unable to take it any further.

And he couldn't think of it. Jade Emperor, once he couldn't see his eyes, turned his first step. And he himself still stuck in the sacred sacred sacred king, can not take a step forward.

He is proud.

He is not satisfied.

He doesn't want to fall behind.

He walked the most powerful, but fell behind others.

For him, this is an infinite blow.

But someone contacted him not long ago, and promised him that if he controlled the Heavenly Court, that person would help him to walk through the embarrassment he had been unable to pass.

Of course he is not stupid and will not be ignorant.

Only the other side did let him eat the sweetness, and the stagnant power actually progressed.

Then cooperate.

As for what the Three Realms are, what is the life and death of all things?

What is the relationship with him?

But how can you stop the ant ant?

No one can be a stumbling block to his achievement!

Even his brother

Dare to stop him, will kill!

"This is really like you."

The Ziwei Emperor in the chair nodded. No one knows more about him than Taiji Emperor.

He is such a person, selfish to the ultimate person.

"Since you know that you are like this emperor, you will quickly let this position out. Otherwise, you should be clear that this emperor will not be merciful to you. ”

Emperor Taiji of the Taiji anger, he has given the face of this fellow brother.

If other people dare to talk to him like this, maybe he has already slapped the past and killed him.

But even if it is a brother, he is still very impatient and killing.

"Can I ask a few questions?"The Ziwei Emperor asked again.

"ask."Taiji Emperor's martyrdom.

"Where is the land and the fairyland?"

"Yes, the five ghosts on the other side of the government have shot, they should be making trouble. On the other side of Xianyu is the internal chaos. But the Emperor is different from them, they are really interested in the highest position, and I just want to achieve the purpose that the Emperor wants to achieve. ”

Emperor Taiji smiled faintly, and the look seemed to tell everyone that he was more noble than the group.

The rest of the immortals heard the words sinking. I couldn’t think of this action, and the government and Xianyu were not spared.

Being able to rebel at the same time with such a big man, who is behind the Mozu?

Everyone thought in their hearts, but the Ziwei Emperor had already asked.

Ziwei is too familiar with Taiji Emperor, he will definitely say it.

"Who is the person behind the Mozu, can you tell me at the same time?" I can also wish you a step. If I remember correctly, you are taking the road to destruction, and the entire three worlds are not driven away. ”

"This Emperor can't say that the other party will not let the Emperor say it."

Emperor Taiji smirked, "But the Emperor can tell you that the Supreme is not standing on the side of the Mozu. Contacted the Emperor is a child named Gu Li, who appeared in front of the Emperor as the spokesperson of the adult. Therefore, you don't need to worry, no one behind the Mozu is supporting, as long as the Emperor leaves, how do you want to fight? ”

"It turns out to be."

Ziwei Emperor nodded, and Taiji Emperor also said.

"Your confession has helped you solve it. Then, should you also make it convenient for the Emperor?"


Just then, a golden dragonfly suddenly fell in the hall, and the golden dragonfly turned into a monk in a moment and appeared in the sight of everyone.

"Golden scorpion."

The people in the temple are all looking for a brow, and the Emperor of Taiji is also a desolation.

"Do you have to blend in with your Buddha domain?"

"Amitabha, the barren is just for the apprentice, let's talk about the Buddha domain."Jin Zizi smiled faintly. "The Tai Tai will seriously injure the poor. Isn't it possible to ask for a statement?"

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