For the monks who worshipped the Buddha in the West of the Tang Dynasty, the former monk was the golden scorpion. Only when he sat down in Sakyamuni and slept, let the Buddha find the fallen. After 1981, it was difficult to return to Xianban.

It was originally the most favored disciple of Sakyamuni. When he saw him, the Taiji Emperor’s enemies mistakenly believed that he represented the Buddha’s domain, and it was not a hole.


The atmosphere in the temple changed a little at the moment when the golden scorpion appeared. The Emperor of Taiji also played with a mouthful of mouth and the sword eyebrows up.

"For your apprentice, the Emperor almost forgot, the pig man was your disciple. You are also strange, the big apprentice is a monkey, the second apprentice is a pig, and the third apprentice is a fish, it is quite interesting. ”

The pig man refers to the natural captain of the canopy, but he even used the pig to call it, which is very unremarkable.

From his words, he can also feel that he is arrogant, arrogant, and disdain for anyone.

"I don't think that the Emperor has been so embarrassed for so many years. In the early years, the Buddha had once sought the Great Emperor. The Emperor's heart was too arrogant. The cultivation of the Destruction Avenue caused the Emperor's arrogance to be too heavy."

For the defamation of the great emperor, the golden scorpion is not annoyed, just a faint return.

Emperor Taiji of Taiji also grinned and said: "I said that you were not at the time? But what did Sakyamuni mean? He dared to let his seat convert to Buddhism, oh, ridiculous. This is why the Emperor is also a person, even want to let the Emperor be a Buddha, this is a big joke. That Sakyamuni is also interesting. I want to accept the Emperor as his disciple. Does he match? ”


Everything is empty.

Even if Sakyamuni came to Buddha, it was only a small monk to him.

So smashing his master's respect, Jin Zizi's face is a bit ugly, but he has not torn his face to explain.

"The Buddha's hand is full of the sky, and he makes it easy for you to convert to Buddhism."

"The Emperor did not want to go to your Buddhist domain, but also the reasons for the Emperor."

The Taiji Emperor of the Emperor disdainfully groaned, and it was a slap in the eye.

"You don't want to be close to the Emperor here. Are you coming to ask for your disciples?" This emperor is standing here. What do you want to do is to let the Emperor see and see? ”


The blue mark on the ground is the low-pitched sound of the dragon-shaped giant sword, and the pressure is released from the blade, and the range of tens of meters around it becomes a vacuum magnetic field.

The Taiji Emperor's enemies stand proudly in the hall, and they are like a star.

He is proud of the celestial beings in the temple, and he is domineering.

Outside the temple, the army of the heavenly soldiers is shouting, and the thunder-like explosions are full of vibes. In particular, they are condensed into a slap in the air, and even more so that the group of immortals in the temple are chilling.

These civil servants are not good at war and have never experienced such a battle.

Some of the immortals have begun to tremble, and the eyelids are shaking.

"Amitabha, the Emperor's anger is too heavy."Standing on the opposite side of the golden scorpion is only a faint sigh, said, "So suffocating will destroy the foundation of the emperor sooner or later, Buddhism has a cloud, the bitter sea is nowhere to turn back to the shore, put down the butcher knife to become a Buddha. So the emperor has now put his mind in his mind, and sees the Buddha in the face of the poor, and there is room for a round of maneuver. ”

"Ha, ha ha ha" war 滔 的 的 的 天 天 天 天 天 天 天 天 , , , , 的 的 的 的 的 的 的 的 的 的 的 的 的 天 天 天 天 天 天 天 天 天 天 天 天 天 天 天 天 天 天 天 天 天 天 天 天 天 天 天 天Just roll, don't disturb the emperor's mood."

"Great Emperor"


The face of Taiji Emperor Emperor sank, and the right index finger pointed toward the front.


A dark light spurs the surrounding air and rushes straight into the eyebrows of the golden scorpion. The pupil of the golden scorpion in front of it suddenly shrank, his hands on his chest, and the shadow of a golden bell covered it inside.

Zhong Ming.

This bell sounds like the ancient clock of the Buddhist scriptures, which is low and long.

The immortal in the temple also hummed in the moment of this ringing, and quickly protected the spirit in both ears to preserve the hearing.

It can be said that they are in the state of tinnitus within a half-quarter of an hour.

"The ancient god clock."

The Taiji Emperor’s enemy’s nose is cold and cold, and the right hand wave is blocking the bell.

"It is not said that the old monk of Sakyamuni is coming to you. The Buddha domain is in your hands. What else can you say?"

"The Buddha has a saying, let the poor bring the great emperor to the Buddha domain."

Dissipate the Admiralty, and the hands of the golden scorpion are still on the chest.

"It is a joke. The Emperor wants this highest position. There is no leisure time to go to your Buddha field. If the old monk wants to see the emperor, let him come to see me personally. ”The Emperor Taiji of the Taiji Temple.

"The Buddha needs to guard the Buddha's domain and hope that the great emperor will understand with the poor."

"That's it, the Emperor didn't have that time."

The Taiji Emperor’s enemies blinked and the voice did not fall. He saw that his head didn’t know when an admiral appeared.


Admiralty fell to the temple and suppressed it.

"The Great."

The sky outside the temple will be shocked and I want to go to the temple to help. However, when he saw the chanting of the scriptures in the mouth of the golden scorpion, Admiralty also released a few spiritual waves to the outside, and blasted all the groups of heavens.


The group of immortals in the temple looked at this scene with a blank look, and the unpredictable Taiji Emperor’s enemies were so suppressed.

Ziwei Emperor is also a look of sorrow, the strength of his brother is clear.

But more, it is a taboo against the Buddha.

Jin Zizi was not good at fighting, but he could suppress the Taiji Emperor with a golden bell of the Buddha domain.

"Amitabha, offended."

At the same time, Jin Zizi was deeply stunned toward Admiralty, and immediately opened his way to the Ziwei Emperor.

"The Taiji Emperor of the Emperor was brought back to the Buddha's domain by the impoverished. The Buddha had words, and the Mozu had high-ranking instigation behind him. He also hoped that the Ziwei Emperor would help the other two communities early. And when I was a child, I bothered the Emperor. ”

"This is nature, I don't know, how does the Buddha want to deal with my brother?"

"The Buddha does not need the Emperor's heart to do this."Jin Zizi nodded toward the Emperor and immediately took a photo of the Golden Bell. "That's poor, it will return."

The golden bell that was covered on the ground could not be recovered at this time. The golden scorpion locked his eyebrows and turned his head back. He kept chanting the scriptures in his mouth, but he could not mobilize the golden bell anyway.

At this time, the golden bell on the ground was suddenly earned, and the immortal look in the temple was moved. The golden scorpion was also a frown.

After the countless times of the golden bells alternated, the golden scorpion that had been chanting was a spurt of blood, and looked at the golden bell in front of him.


The Admiralty, which was not bound by the scriptures, was also blasted, and it was seen that the Taiji Emperor was full of color.

"I want to suppress the Emperor, I think!"

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