The golden bell is broken.

The golden fragments spurt out and are embedded in the inner walls of the hall of the Lingxiao Hall.

Emperor Taiji of the Taiji stood in a sly smile, his eyes indifferently looking at the golden scorpion that spit the blood in the mouth.

"If Sakyamuni can still make the emperor a little jealous, then you want to suppress the emperor?"

call out.

The right hand slammed forward, and a vain spiritual hand instantly caught the neck of the golden scorpion.


The golden scorpion grabbed the neck with both hands, and the blue veins on the forehead burst into fullness, and the whole face was also red.

"The Emperor wanted to get this position without the blood, but you are not obedient." If so, then you will die. ”



In the wave, the palm of the Taiji Emperor's spiritual power was broken, and the Ziwei Emperor walked down from the chair with a calm face. After crossing the aura of Jinzizi, he walked a few steps toward the front.

Five meters.

When he was five meters away from Taiji Emperor, he stopped.

"Tai Chi, you have been there."

The face of Ziwei Emperor is almost gloomy, and his eyes gaze at the front, and the spiritual power around him sizzles his clothes.

Within the entire hall, the atmosphere became dignified under the anger of the Ziwei Emperor.


Taiji Emperor Emperor smiled very carelessly, so he looked at Xiaowei Dawei with a smile.

"Don't you want to do this to my brother, my brother, don't forget, who is the person who taught you to fight?"

"The Emperor does not want you and my brothers to fight, but Tai Chi, you really have some."

Ziwei Emperor looked at him indifferently and walked away from the temple to pass the Taiji Emperor.

"Outside, I am waiting for you. Win, this position will be given to you. If you lose, just roll me back to your nest. ”

There was no extra nonsense, and the Ziwei Emperor calmed his face and walked out of the temple.

After leaving the Taiji Emperor hesitated for a long time in the temple, he smiled with a faint smile on his head and flashed a slap in his eyes.

"It’s a disobedient younger brother."

"What do you mean by this?"

Lei Huhu looked at it and drank it toward the ancient explosion.

"They are in a difficult situation. Do you want to say that the three holy places are also facing the siege of your Mozu? It’s not what you said in the big words. It’s already all your fighting power here. I want to besiege the three holy places. It’s really an idiotic dream. ”

Even though they have a large refuge in the animal domain, they dare not claim to be holy places. Since the three holy places can be sanctified, it naturally has its roots.

There is no hope of going to the Holy Land and attacking from outside.

The only possibility is from internal attack, internal attack

Internal attack!

Inexplicably, Lei Hu suddenly thought of the betrayal of their beasts in the animal domain. Could it be said that some people in the Three Holy Lands colluded with the Mozu?

The holy land is completely different from the structure of their animal domain, and they want to attack the group.

Not very likely.

"It seems that the Leihu patriarch also thought of something?"The old-fashioned sneer, "I don't think they can't be betrayed, but you ignore the greed and ** of human nature."

Just then, Ye Zichen's face was especially gloomy.

The ancient dissenting form is a sneer: "It seems that we have learned about the situation?"

The patriarchs of the four saints turned their eyes on the past and saw Ye Zichen nod their head toward them.

"Gu Gu, maybe I have told you this sentence more than once, but I did not kill you directly in the past, it is really my fault."

The hazy eyes almost ooze out of water, just watching Ye Zichen's cell phone.

There are messages in the group that are scrolling, and many pictures are also placed in the group. Although very short, he is also generally clear

The situation in the Three Holy Lands is not good.

"Is it true that Ye Di said that it is chilling, but don't forget, we are all ancient people. If it is down, we are brothers. ”

Gu Gu was very sad and shook his head.

"You said that if you and my brothers are working together, it is not at your fingertips." But you always have to stand on the opposite side with me and fight each other. You said that if the elders in the family know, how painful they are? ”

"Different road non-phase plan."Ye Zichen shouted.

"What a pity, in fact, I really want to join forces with Ye Xiong."

Gu sighed with a sigh, and his fingers dig through the ear.

"Kai Ye Ye brother is in the world, different from my little person. But what I said is that you are so stunned that I hate it! ”

When the voice falls, the emotions of the ancients are incomparable.

"What are you thinking about, you want to save the world. The martial arts story is much more interesting, so that you have this feeling. But it is a pity that the history of writing is always the winner. When you are all smashed, maybe the future will be left behind. ”

"Try it."

Ye Zichen's tone was especially calm, and the indifferent eyes looked at him, and there was no fireworks in his eyes.

"Tell him so much nonsense, waste your tongue."Lei Hu said on the side, "The little demon, I really thought that I could go against the sky and call the king to dominate."

"The Leihu patriarch’s speech is overbearing, but the goodwill reminds that the dinosaur leader is right for you."

"Let him come."Lei Hu is very disdainful. "I used to dare to kill his son in front of him, so he didn't dare to put one." Now that he dares to come, I will let their father and son meet again. ”

"The Lei family is not so angry, I am not a goodwill reminder."

Feeling the thunder of Lei Hu, Gu Lu retired a few steps toward the back and chuckled.

"In fact, I have told you so much. My intention is to think about it." But looking at this, is it not? ”

No one spoke, but their eyes have already given the answer.


Is there a possibility of vengeance between them?

Either you die or I die!

"Well, I have done all that should be done. I have said everything that I said. Since you don't appreciate it, there is no way."

"Don't be so much, you can try not to be noisy."Lei Hu shouted.

"I really hope that the Leihu patriarch can say the same thing later."

In fact, he said so much, mainly Su Yiyun that layer of trouble. He didn't know what Su Yiyun had, but he was very jealous.

Even if it is his heart, he is also uncomfortable with Su Yiyun.

Helplessly sighed and returned to the army, Ye Zichen, they all returned to the army.

The negotiations broke down, only the war stopped.


With a raging anger, the two sides collided into a group.

New hatred!

Old resentment!

It’s time to count!

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