When the white tiger turned into the body, Gu Zi was interested in gazing, and Ye Zichen also attracted the attention of the white tiger.

Hanging white eyes, black and white patterns. There are several white spots on the inside of the chest and abdomen and the inside of the limbs. The black and white hairs thick like leather are flat on the shoulders.

The limbs are thick and strong, the claws are pierced out of the toes, the tail is thick and long, with a black ring pattern, like a steel whip, it is slightly curved, and there are long beers on the mouth.

The red tiger looks as big as a brass bell, and a white air pulls out of his nose.


The tiger trembles to shake the mountains. This bright tiger screams in the air to form an air cannon. The silver gas cannon is accompanied by a cyclone.


The sweeping stick brought the bloody zombie around, Gou Yuzhan, to attract the air cannon in the air, and then he was holding his hands and rubbing his eyes.

"Nima, spiral pill?"

At the same time, the ancient departure of seeing this gas cannon is also a light smile.

The right hand extends.

The ancient palm of the hand was instantly turned into a large futon, and the gun was placed in the palm of the hand.


The gas cannon was broken.

The violent cyclone will blow away the clouds of the void, and the cyclone exploding in the palm of the ancient hand keeps swaying, and he also drops a few drops of purple blood in his arrogance.

"It’s a bit of a meaning."

Retract the hand, and the ancient ones spread the palm of your hand. However, in the blink of an eye, his hand that allowed the air cannon to smash the skin was a white smoke that turned back to its original state.


The patriarchs of the other three saints are also a glimpse of the illusion, and it seems that the Thunder Tiger is really anxious.

In the Thunder Tiger, which looks like a body, the eyes of the tigers are dignified. But the king at his forehead, and his proud body, is to give him a sense of the world.

Holy beast white tiger.

The true king of the beast family.

Wei is inviolable.

"I can't think of a chance to see the body of the White Tiger. It is a good fortune."

The ancient restoration of total recovery will fall down with both hands and smile lightly.

Lei Huhu stared at him, and immediately grabbed a step toward the front, and the low-pitched cockroaches rang out of his mouth.

"You won't feel lucky for a while."


The voice did not fall, and the black and white stripes on the back of the white tiger suddenly flashed out. Around him, a ray of lightning flashed out, and the snake was circling around it.

The tiger's eyes flashed.

The chaotic eyes of the two scorpions turned into two eyes, and the tigers were a little longer than before.

call out.

A cyclone appeared about ten meters above his head.

The cyclone rotates at a rapid speed, and there is a flash of lightning around it.

Lightning condenses.

In a short time, the cyclone was turned into a light ball made of lightning.

"Thunder Tiger."

The squid looks awkward and they are too familiar with each other. Of course, they know what Thunder Tiger is doing now.

White Tiger is righteous, and Thunder is awkward.

The white tiger is good at fighting, and the Thunder is the most lethal in his combat skills.

However, this kind of combat technique is definitely a battle skill that kills one hundred thousand and loses eight hundred. He actually used this combat technique directly at this time. He wanted to use this trick to win the game.

"Is this really the time?"

The rest of the saints’ patriarchs almost always have the same whisper, and the fight has just begun!

They can think about it, but they can't help but agree with him.

If you don't blog, they may not really win.

Black Dragon and Ancient Separation are really too strong.


The thunderbolt light ball at the top of Leihu’s head is still agglomerating and expanding. This light ball is like a second sun, so that the entire world has a layer of silver.

All the people in the field can feel the oppression of the ball of light above them.


The ancients are laughing.

He barely made any defensive means, so he smiled and held his hand.

This kind of performance makes Thunder Tiger can't help but feel strange, but soon he is pressing the strange heart. Regardless of the means of the ancients, when he turned into a body ready to release this combat technique, he had no retreat.


The thunderbolt kept the ball of light absorbed, and the ball of light on its head was already full.

The lightning around the ball of light can no longer be said to be a snake. Now it is like a giant python, on the light ball of lightning, showing fierce light.


At this moment, the white tiger standing proudly in the void suddenly made a sigh.

The limit is over.

The light ball above the head is the limit that he can control, and it is very likely that he will be countered by the Thunder.


The heart burst, but at this moment he suddenly felt a cold breath behind him.


The iron whip seemed to sweep the tiger's tail, and he saw the Teng snake clan Teng Yin from his back, clutching his tail with his green right hand, with a smirk on his face.

"Teng Yin."

Lei Hu burst, but now he is unable to draw energy to deal with him.

"Ray Tiger, you have it today."

Teng Yin Yin smiled, the green gas in his hand gained weight. Even if I heard the smashing of the tiger's hole, the eyes were full of anger.

"Teng Yin, you are looking for death."

"Oh, I am really looking for death. On the day you killed my son, I didn't want to live. ”

The trembling shackles of the head are filled with unpredictable madness, and the green-eyed hand is put down, and the hair at the tail of the rattan tiger is already corroded.

The flesh and blood are exposed, but it is still eroding his tail.

"The old man will be yours."

The tyrannical snoring roared out of Thunder Tiger's mouth, and the tail was accompanied by a thousand miles, but his tiger's mouth was out of a large pool of blood, and the thunderball on his head was also showing signs of collapse.

"Thunder Tiger."

The squid first rushed to the past, but in the middle of it, the ancient detachment stopped it.

"Teng Yin brother is solving personal grievances, you can't go."


A fist hit the past, and a stone wall appeared in front of the squid.

The stone wall collapsed and the figure exploded.

"Old mine."

Zhuge Hong, Xia Hua and Ye Zichen also rushed to the aid, but the black dragon was a stalker with him, and he could not get away.

"Teng Yin brother, Lei Hu will be handed over to you, as for others, please give it to us."

The faint laughter came from the mouth of the black dragon and the ancient ones. Teng Yin nodded to them. It was the look of the eyes. At this time, the mouth was vomiting blood, trying to stabilize the thunder tiger.

"It’s finally letting me wait until this day."

As soon as the voice fell, a piece of snake skin appeared on the surface of the body.

In the next moment, a giant cockroach with a wings behind it was vacated.


The snake letter spit out, and the emptiness of the body was also without any hesitation. It swept toward the thunder tiger and immediately bite toward his neck.

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