Fangs into the neck.

Even if the white tiger's hair is as hard as iron, there is no means to face the fangs.

The Tengyin family's fangs are highly toxic, almost at the moment when the fangs are in the neck, the white tiger's body is violently twisted, and the steel whip-like tail is constantly slamming on Teng Yin's body.


The skin is fleshy.

Teng Yin really made the same intentions. He didn't care how the white tiger's tail sucked him. He was embedded in the white tiger's neck and he didn't move.

"Teng Yin, you are looking for death."

Lei Hu is not stabilizing his ambiguity. At this time, he has already had some venomous snake numbness.

Let the snake poison spread, he is also a mortal ending.


The forepaws are caught in the body of Teng Yin, and both of them turn from the clouds to the valley at the same time.

The tiger's mouth is big and bites at the neck of Teng Yin.

Even though they are the patriarchs of the top ten beasts of the ancient times, they can only play the instinct of the orcs at this time.


Tooth decay.

They are their most instinctive weapons.


The tiger's claws stepped on Teng Yin's tail, and the front paws kept patted his head.


The tiger screamed and Teng Yin also released his teeth at this time. He could turn his tail like a sly tail, and he would entangle the thunder tiger into a ball, and the mouth that was loosened was bitten up.


Bite each other.

Thunder Tiger's claws will bury the abdomen in the abdomen, and the blood of the sputum will flow out of his abdomen.

"threw up."

The flesh and blood spit out from the mouth of Thunder Tiger. If it is horrible, it is definitely more tragic. The thunder tiger, which can breed snake venom in the body, is gradually becoming blurred.

The biting tiger's mouth was also uncontrolled and smashed toward the outside, and there was an uncontrolled thunder around its body.

The two great beasts violently collided in the valley, the mountain rocks were broken, and the gravel flew.


Thunder Tiger roared.


The air cannon was blown up in the head of Teng Yin and smashed his neck.

Broken into two paragraphs of the emptiness, the snake tail weakened from the loosening of the shackles of Thunder Tiger. But his fangs are still embedded in Thunder Tiger's neck.


The thunder tiger standing in the valley is also slamming on the ground, and the mighty domineering body has gradually become a person.

The palm of your hand will be left under the head of the neck, and the tooth will be pulled out.

Black blood lingered from his neck, and he was also unable to squat with his eyes, leaning against the body of Teng Yin.


Inexplicable in my mind, there are many memories in the past, and immediately his memory is always fixed in the back of Zhuge Hong.

In this life, I did not dare to say that sentence.

Lei Tiger, you are really scary.

The light balls above the clouds are also free of control, and the thunders are overflowing, and their targets are all the thunder tigers sitting in the canyon.


The dazzling white light rises from the canyon, and the cliffs around the canyon are also letting the thundering thunder tigers collapse and deeply burying the thunder tiger.

The man with a knife-faced face sitting in the White Tigers suddenly had a pain in his chest, and immediately he closed his eyes.

"Old Ray!"


Ye Zichen and others who are entangled with the ancient and black dragons also saw the white light, and immediately they saw that the entire canyon was collapsed.

"Thunder Tiger!"

Almost all of the three saints' patriarchs were red and bursting.

"The same goes to the end, but unfortunately Teng Yin brother. However, this is also good, at least the wish of Teng Yinxiong. ”

The black dragon in the clouds shook his head and sighed, and there was some sadness in his look. The ancient departure from the distance is a grin and a smile.

"The words of Black Dragon are too fake. What you really want in your heart is that Teng Yin is still a little useful, at least with the White Tiger."

"Jokes, even if the white tiger is alive and how. Hey, it’s a dedication to death. If it’s the mount of the seat, how can it fall so far? ”

The Black Dragon is very disdainful, but he is not talking when he says this.

This statement falls to the ears of the remaining three saints, and they are suffering from the death of the white tiger. They look at the black dragon's eyes and instantly blood red.

The same is true of Ye Zichen, although the time of contact with Thunder Tiger is not particularly long, but the other person's hearty character is quite good for Ye Zichen.

Just can't think of it, he would die.


A bright phoenix rang out of the air and saw a tens of thousands of singularly screaming birds appearing in the void.


This is the body of Suzaku.


The dragon growls.

Almost the moment when Zhuge Hong became the body of Suzaku, Xia Hua was also transformed into a roaring dragon, and there was a basaltic snake underneath them.

Oriental Canglong.

Southern Suzaku.

North basaltic.

These great sacred beasts are in their respective positions, and they are full of anger and pervade the sky.

"Even all turned into the body, if it was not so early, would it be better?" Your old friend, maybe not falling, will end up like this. ”

Looking at all the holy beasts that turned into the body, the old smiles scornfully, but the words are deliberately mentioning the white tiger, that is, to spread salt on their wounds.

Immediately, he raised his eyebrows toward the black dragon next to him.

"Black Dragon, what do you think? These sacred beasts seem to be revengeful for their old friends, and they have all turned into an ontology, which is actually scary. ”

"Oh, I am afraid they don't have that ability."

Black Dragon smiled and said, "Send them all to meet the white tiger, but the dragon is best to keep it for me. It is not bad to use it as a mount."

"No problem, then catch it."

The dialogue between the two depends on the sacred beast in the absence of things, but the sacred orc patriarchs did not care, and they were greeted by a fierce fire.

Lift the sword.

The Black Dragon will generally sway the fire before, but this time the fire of the group has not dissipated, but when it comes to his giant sword, it spreads in all directions.

In the blink of an eye, the fire is wrapped in the black dragon and the ancient.

The whole piece of the void is turned into a sea of ​​fire.


A sword mang shot from the sea of ​​fire, this sword mans will cut the whole piece of fire into two segments, the sword mans went straight to the Suzaku, just when the sword is about to fall on the Suzaku, Xuanwu is blocked. It's ahead.


The Oriental Canglong was also shot at the same time, and the dragon tail was drawn toward the sea of ​​fire, but the dragon tail was caught by people.

The sea of ​​fire came out.

Then I saw the ancient body that was almost burnt into coke. I grabbed the tail of the dragon and walked out of the sea of ​​fire.

A shake.

The skin that burns coke at the moment of shaking is completely fading, and the ancient is also like the snake skin, which produces a new skin under the coke's epidermis.

And his hand is still holding the tail of Xia Hua, no matter how Xia Hua swings.

Can't get rid of it.

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