"Lin Ru, how are you?"

At the moment when the black dragon voice fell, Ye Zichen was also shocked by the lock eyebrow opening. What appeared in front of him at this time is the Lord of the Three Realms, Lin Ru.

To know that the ruler is to be beyond the ordinary, they are the rules.

They are the shackles that bind the three realms, and their task is simply to ensure that the rules are not provocative.

Everything else, they have no right to intervene.

As long as they take the shot, it is the right they have to overcome.

Before Ye Zichen was unaware of it, she thought about letting Lin Ru play a little help when they played against the Mozu. It was only after Lin Ru explained that he was not mentioning this.


She is going to appear here now.

"Hurry and leave, you forgot how you told me at the time?"

Concerned about Lin Ru's safety, Ye Zichen, raised her arm and removed her hand from the chest. The mouth kept shouting at her.

"Go, the people who are carrying you have not found it, go quickly!"

Just Lin Ru, who let him push away, walked back without saying a word, and his hand locked his eyebrows. Ye Zichen found that he could not move.

The pure spiritual power flows through his body through his heart, and the broken meridians gradually heal under the nourishment of this spiritual power.

"Lin Ru!"

"You don't want to argue, I don't know if I am annoying now."Lin Ru looked up and shouted at him, and immediately she took her hand back from her chest. "Try to run the power, your injuries should be good."

"Lin Ru."

Ye Zichen didn't go to the first time to manage his injury, but still shouted his name.

He knew that Lin Ru understood what he wanted to say.

"What does the old lady want to do? Isn't it the master of the rule? At most, the old lady is not good." The old lady is free to use it when she is in this world. No one can manage me in this world. Can they manage me here? ”

Lin Ru squats with an old lady, and Ye Zichen can't help but lock her eyebrows.

"But this is not the world. You told me that the rulers of the rule intervene in the seriousness of our problems. You didn't tell me at the time."

"All right."

Very impatient to interrupt Ye Zichen's words, Lin Ru also turned his lips and turned his back to say to him.

"I know."

"Then you still"

"I said I know it!"Lin Ru, who turned her back to Ye Zichen, shouted. Her excitement also made Ye Zichen unable to speak. For a long time, she heard her speak again, but the tone was especially low. "I can't stop now." They already know it."


Sitting on the ground, Ye Zichen stunned, as he watched Lin Ru's back squirming his lips and screamed.

"Then run!"

Lin Ru told him before that the ruler’s rush to intervene is to get people in the organization to get back and suffer punishment.

Her so-called sacred punishment is not as simple as Ye Zichen's kind of punishment for these people.

Will die!

"How to run? Everything lives within the rules, and I am the ruler of the rule. Rules are everywhere, can I run out of rules even if I run? ”

Lin Ru didn't laugh back, said.

"But fortunately, the aging mother gave it to the broken and fell, and they should not be particularly quick."

"what!"Ye Zichen was shocked.

"Okay, don't yell here. Since this is already the case, I will break the can. Even if they have already noticed that I am breaking the rules, it will take some time to catch me. At least before that, I should try to help you solve the problem. ”

As soon as the voice fell, Lin Ru took a step forward.

"Don't think that I am helping you, I just don't want to see Susie crying so sad, don't want to see her ashamed for you." Better for Susu, do you know? ”


The tip of the toe is light on the ground, and Lin Ru is stepping on a layer of clouds in the void.

"Lin Ru!"


Ye Zichen got up to stop her, but it slammed into the ban on Lin Ru.

He can only use the fist to hammer the layer of the ban, and keep squatting inside.

"You come back, don't mess around."

"come back!"


At the same time, the several saints also fell to the side of Ye Zichen. To be honest, when the masters of the rules were helped, their desperate hearts ignited a fire of hope.

Especially Ye Zichen was not injured, which is a good thing for them.

"Ye, I just thank you."

Xia Hua, who recovered his body, nodded gratefully to Ye Zichen. If Ye Zichen didn't, he might not be able to get out of trouble now.

"I don't think that Ye Di actually knows the ruler."

The squid is also raising an eyebrow, and immediately looks sad. "If the ruler can make an early shot, maybe the tiger will not."

Having said that, the look of everyone has become low. Ye Zichen, who trapped Lin Ru, looked at Lin Ru's back and immediately gnawed his teeth.

"Don't take care of me here, go to Lin Ru to help, she can't be sure of any mistakes."

Several saints also knew the importance of Lin Ru. After the voice of Ye Zichen fell, all of them vacated and turned into a body to go to battle.

Ye Zichen is also staring at the void, double-tightening.

Open the bow without turning back, let Lin Ru do it!

Lin Ru is standing quietly on the clouds, which makes the black dragon feel the pressure is increasing. This is the ruler of the rule, which is above the liberty and controls the existence of the rules of sentient beings.

"The Lord of the Rules, you are a little unruly."

Even if the eye is higher than the top of the black dragon, it is also called Lin Ru an adult. Gu Gu also fell over at this time, and his look was quite dignified and looked at Lin Ru in front.

"You talk to me about rules?"Lin Ru above the clouds smirked and said, "I am the Lord of the Three Realms, and all things in the Three Realms must listen to my rules. I always give rules to others. You actually talk to me about rules. Can you match? ”

"I naturally know that my identity is not as good as you. From the ancient times, the ruler can't participate in the battle, you should be clear."

"Yes, what about that?"Lin Ru is still the disdainful look. "Since I am the ruler, the rules are calculated by me. I used to say this before, but now I feel that this rule is very problematic. I have to change this rule. Do you have any problems? ”

"Is it an iron man who wants to help the Three Realms?"

"I don't want to help them, but I see you are too pleasing to the eye. Seeing you, my fist, I can’t help but want to make a fist. ”Lin Ru is still holding a pink fist in the words, and the eyebrows are in a line. "Of course, if you want to say that I want to help the Three Realms, then there is no problem!"

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