The look is changing.

If it was replaced by other people, Black Dragon had already beaten the fist of the sandbag, but now he is standing in front of him.

"grown ups"

"Don't be close to me here, I am not familiar with you."

Lin Ru chilled the words of the black dragon, his fingers gently rubbing her hair and squinting.

"Actually, I mainly look at the old and uncomfortable side of your side. If you solve it for him, maybe I will give you a chance to play Fair with Ye Zichen."

Next to the ancient departure, I felt the change of the black dragon's breath, and then he was bitterly laughing.

"Black Dragon, you don't really want to do it to me."

At this time, the black dragon looked at him, and he could feel his murderous intention from his gaze.

Gu Li couldn't help but swallow his mouth and stepped back. The Black Dragon also watched Lin Ru stare at this time.

"Adults can dare to swear by heaven."

"Are you qualified to talk to me about conditions?"Lin Ru's playful smile is a moment of convergence. "The opportunity is in front of you. As long as you solve the ancient departure, I will give you a fair chance. As for whether this is true or not, I have no right to tell you. But I can tell you this, you are killing the ancients now, you still have a chance. If not, then you have no chance at all. ”

Lin Ru's face is frosty and invincible.

Only her heart is the clearest, she is just strengthening. Now she is actually a paper tiger. The jade of their ruler has already broken her. Now she is only the name of the rule, but there is no rule.

On the strength, it is possible to go it alone with the Black Dragon. If he and the ancients joined forces, it would be a bit of a hassle to deal with.

Killed has a chance.

There is no chance to kill.


This sentence is like a heavy hammer knocking on the heart of the black dragon.

His black dragon is indeed the master of the devil world, and the high power can control the life and death of thousands of people. But the idea that the rules are not rebellious is ingrained in his heart from the urinary.

Now he has not had the chance to touch the rules of the high, no chance to touch, and that is left only taboo.

He also has no courage to provoke the existence of the ruler, he can disdain the ruler

But when the ruler really irons his heart and stands on the side of the Three Realms, he has no means to resist.

The breath will lock the ancients, and he is still hesitating now, whether or not to kill the ancients.

He fears the people behind the ancients, but he is more afraid of the rule of the Lord.

The ancients are constantly retreating. In terms of strength, his heart is clear and clear. It is definitely not the opponent of Black Dragon.

Even if he has some cards, he can be illusory in the absolute presence. Moreover, he also needs to leave a hole to prevent Su Yiyun from moving to him.

The murderousness of Black Dragon is too heavy. He is really worried that the other party will shoot him.

"Hey, Black Dragon, you don't really believe her ghosts, even if you kill me, can she really give you a chance to play fair, absolutely not." You think about her relationship with Ye Zichen, she is reducing the strength of our big league! ”

Hearing the analysis of the ancient separation, the heart of the Black Dragon is another move.

Feeling the hesitation of the Black Dragon, Lin Ru on the cloud is another opening. He does not want to let the ancient guy talk to him and destroy her wishful thinking.

"Hurry up and decide, I don't have much time to waste with you here. Either you kill him, or I will kill you to decide! ”


The black dragon chest in the hesitation was a heavy hammer.

The ruler did not joke with him.

He thought so in his heart.

Gu Li said that it is very reasonable, but he has no choice.

"Old brother, sorry."

The heart was a glimpse, and the Black Dragon was not hesitating. The palms of the scales were crawling toward the ancient neck.


At this moment, a burst of explosion suddenly burst from the void, and even if I saw a crack suddenly appeared above the void.

A burly, middle-aged man with a python in his right arm came out of the crack.

The black dragon that was arrested toward the ancients only felt the sea tremble, and a bloody spurt from the air.

"Adult, you are finally here."

Almost scared the courage of the ancient surprise to the middle-aged people, the black dragon who knows the pain of the sea is also squatting, looking at the man who is away from the old.

"What about the people above?"

"The devil boy, let Gu Li cooperate with you is the deity to see you, you dare to the manual hand of the deity?"

The middle-aged people are holding hands and the pressure of the sky between the words is filled with the void.

The black dragon on the ground only felt his heart shrink, and he couldn't help but spurt out.

"Adults are angry!"

The painful black dragon licked the open mouth of the chest. "It is the ruler, she forced me to do this. There is no way for the kid, please let me know! ”

"The Lord of the Rules?"

The middleman frowned, and the ancient separation around him was also a face of the grandson pointing to Lin Ru.

"The adult is her, she is the master of the rules here."

Looking at the past, Lin Ru, who felt the other's gaze, trembled in an instant, and she was not good when the person appeared.

Now she is a little angry, why did she want to drop the wishfulness before.

If she wants to, she can directly exclude this person, but now

Install it!

The face is still a frosty chill, faintly looking at the middle-aged man.

"It turned out to be His Royal Highness, disrespectful."After looking at Lin Ru for a while, the middle-aged man succumbs to her. "I don't know what it is, why do you want to intervene in this trifle?"

"What is the relationship with you, the good Protoss are not waiting to go, run to my chassis, are you provoking me?"

"The ancient departure is a talent that I have worked hard to cultivate. It is a pity to die here."The middle-aged man smiled lightly. "There is no way, I can only come and save him."

"So if I must have him die?"Lin Ru still calmly said.

The atmosphere on the void instantly became dignified. Whether it was the patriarch of the saint or the black dragon lying on the ground, they looked carefully at the tit-for-tat.

It is easy to detect from Lin Ru's tone that she is threatening.

"His Highness, you are so embarrassed."The middle-aged man is very helpless and shakes his head. "You are the master of the rules of all beings. The deity is in the rules to honor your Highness." Can you be a talented person, hello, if you decide to want his life"

The middle-aged man stopped at this moment, and the people around him also held their breath.

"The deity can only kill you."

In an instant, the middle-aged man’s face was as cloudy as water. Watch the late night welfare movie, please pay attention to the WeChat public number:

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