Lin Ru on the top of the cloud was stiff, and she held the expression on her face, but her heart was blasted.

Nima, this script is not right!

kill me

He actually wants to kill me!

Xiao Yan, he actually wants to obliterate me!

The old lady is the ruler, he actually said to kill the aging mother!

Who gave him the courage to let him talk like this, when he came down to drink?

I am not conscious, my brain is funny?

Or is it that the old lady is wrong?

In the heart of Lin Ru, there seem to be countless self, and there is a constant clamor.

"Courage is commendable, can you prepare for the provocation rules?"

Although Lin Ru was in a panic, she still had to look very cold and look at the middle-aged.

"Provocation rules, how dare I dare."

The middle-aged man smiled and shook his head. Hearing this answer Lin Ru's heart was a long sigh of relief.

Sure enough, I was mistaken, scared to death.


"But now, can you represent the rules?"

Hold on.

This time Lin Ru is not a stiff expression, her body is freezing. This middle-aged man said this, has he already seen it?

"His Royal Highness is nothing but a paper tiger without a wish. It is very tired to provoke the highness of the temple." But even if it is the presence of His Royal Highness, as long as the rules are used to break. Unchanging rules cannot promote the development of the people. I had the privilege of killing a ruler and got a lot of benefits. Your Highness, will be the second one, maybe you will be able to step into the dominance if you will kill your Highness. ”

When the middle-aged man said this, his face was filled with haze, and he could still feel his faint excitement.

In fact, his talent is generally born in the upper three realms, the birth is the supreme.

It can be more than ten thousand in the past, but he is still the peak of the heavens and the step of being able to step out of the saint.

Unable to break through also caused his psychology to become distorted. Tens of thousands of years ago, he had the privilege of encountering an injured ruler. The other person’s identities wanted help, but for him.

He can't break through, it's what these so-called rules lead to.

He did not hesitate to kill and vent his anger.

But did not think about it, after killing the ruler, he was able to absorb his spiritual power.

Washing the marrow and breaking through the saints.

Now that he is the peak of the saint, he has been stagnant for a long time, and he always thinks about when he can kill the ruler.

He has tried to provoke rules, but the ruler of the innocent rule is not at all he can deal with.

Now, finally got what you want!

Lin Ru has no wish to rule the Lord, and now she is just a lamb with a regular spirit, nothing more!

"Oh, then you can give it a try."

Indifferent laughs represent everything, and now Lin Ru can't say anything else.

Nima, this old man really wants to kill me.

Am I going to die here?

Why haven’t people who have caught me yet?

No, no, how can I think so, I have not solved the two people?

Solve the Nima solution, do not want to live!

If you want to die, can you have a life when you go back?

Isn't there still a father who goes back?

I don’t want to care about him.

In the head, the meeting started again, and Lin Ru seemed to talk to himself in his mind with schizophrenia.

"That's offended."

However, the middle-aged man did not give her too much time, and the voice fell, and a collapsed punch was to break through the sky.

"Oh, the rules are not to be provocative, scattered!"

Lin Ru in the meeting also took the heart and mind, she is the master of the rules, words and rumors. When it is open, you can feel the rules for its use.


The spiritual power of the collapsed fist dissipated instantly, but the middle-aged man smiled.

"Oh, I really didn't expect it."

The heart is laughing, this level of rules is almost negligible for him. If the other rule is the master, he can suppress it at the moment he shoots.

The fists of the broken spirits are gathered, and the middle-aged man is turned into a stream of light around Lin Ru.

"The devil step."

Seeing the movements of the middle-aged man, the black dragon looks a glimpse.

"Is this a person of the Devils?"Drinking away from the ancients, the ancient departure in the distance was only a faint look at him, "Yes."

Before Black Dragon wanted to kill him, he remembered clearly in his heart.

"It turned out to be an adult of the Mozu, why don't you say it early!"

Black Dragon is not paying attention to his emotions, but other people want to kill him, and he will do the same.

"But how do you get in touch with the people of the Devil?"

"This is not necessary for Black Dragon adults."

As soon as the voice fell, the ancient sacred eyes looked at the saints in the distance, and the patriarchs also happened to look at them.

"The adult still doesn't know if he can solve the rule of the Lord. Before that, we will quickly solve these problems. The fate is in our own hands."

The ancient squatting squatting, immediately raised the eyebrows.

"But Black Dragon will not start behind me."

"Nature will not."

"hope so."

Immediately, the ancient departure was without any hesitation, and the arm kept moving and squirming into a giant palm, and the past were taken toward the saints.


Above the clouds, from the perspective of Lin Ru's non-stop defense, she can see that she is already at a disadvantage.

The palms meet together, and there is a shimmering fluorescent mask around her. Beyond the reticle, the middle-aged man is like a ghost, constantly hitting the mask.

Although it will not be broken in a short time, but under his persevering offensive

There is a slight crack on the mask.

"Cold frost!"

As soon as the middle-aged man opened his mouth, he saw a blue light flashing on his fist. A chill came out of the fist and immediately fell on the barrier.


The barrier was broken and Lin Ru, who was holding his hands closed, couldn’t help but have a sweet throat.

"His Royal Highness, it seems that your life is down."

The middle-aged man who broke the barrier smiled hazy, his palms turned into claws, and he grabbed Lin Ru’s neck.


Lin Ru spoke again and rumors that the air between the two also sent out waves to push them apart.

This is so, there is still a trace of blood on the neck of Lin Ru, which is particularly dazzling on the white neck.

If it wasn't for her quick response, the claw might have pulled her neck out of the hole.

The beriberi bites the lips and the chest rises and falls.

Losing her wish, the rules that can be mobilized are really too few.


The middle-aged man who let the air wave shake away is using his tongue to lick the blood on his lower hand, and his face is full of refreshing expression.

"His Royal Highness, don't be too strong, just be my tonic!"

Wiping the lower lip and grasping the past, this time he mobilized all the spiritual power, only to strike a kill

It was only at this time that their heads did not know when a young man with white hair appeared, the black eyelashes of the pupils were dark, and the buttons of the Tsing Yi were very asymmetric.

But this is a little sloppy youth, but it is a light opening.


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