Above the void, the white-haired youth walked slowly from the top.

Heaven and earth are fixed under his word, the leaves in the air have stopped falling, and the ripples of the riverside winds are not swaying.

As long as it is between this heaven and earth, everything in the heavens and the earth cannot escape his "fixed" character.

This is the rule of heaven and earth, and everything cannot be rebellious.

However, in this world, in addition to this young man, there are people who can move, it is Lin Ru.

"How come you are here? Hey, why are you always so embarrassed? ”

As the ruler of the rule can clearly feel the change of the rules, she also discovered the arrival of this young man in the first time.

However, she did not show any fear when she saw this young man, but she was very familiar with his makeup.

"Well, it was originally from someone else, but let me stop."

The young man nodded faintly, and from his words and deeds he could feel that he belonged to the type of unsmiling.

Passing by Lin Ru's side, the young man went straight to the middle-aged.

At this time, the middle-aged man’s palm is still in the state of his paw, keeping the action of tearing Lin Ru.


He really wants to swallow now, but the rules don't allow him to do so.

"He wants to kill you?"

The white-haired young man opened his head and pointed at the middle-aged man.

"No, no"

The middle-aged man kept shouting in his heart, but there was no way to make a sound.

"Yes, this guy really doesn't want to live, he wants to kill me. Second, I will avenge myself. ”

Lin Ru was very angry with his hands on his waist. It was really, just about to let the middle-aged man get killed, but fortunately her younger brother came in time.

"The rules are not provocative. Have you not told him?"The white-haired youth said.

"How could I not say it, I just panic to die, I can say if I can install it." But this guy said what rules are used to break, killing them, he can still break through. Hey, you said that this popularity is not irritating, and that we are a shit rule, he is the rule, Mom, mad at me! ”

Adding oil and vinegar is to say that Lin Ru, now she is squinting and saying nothing is unambiguous.

The middle-aged man kept listening in his heart, but he couldn’t put a fart out.

The white-haired youth obviously knew Lin Ru very well, and she said half of her words. But those who disobey the rules must be punished.

"People who provoke rules should kill."

Even when he said this, the white-haired youth used a very flat tone. Even if he saw his hand fall on the middle-aged man’s arm, tap it gently.

I saw that in the position where he knocked, the middle-aged man’s arm was directly there to break a line.

"The sacred peaks dare to come here to scatter wild, oh, but you are not under my jurisdiction, just give you some lesson, go back where you should go."

With a wave of his right hand, the middle-aged man disappeared from the heavens and the earth, but his arm was left here.

"Younger brother, you are too indecisive, just killing it directly."

Lin Ru was very upset and rolled her eyes, even though the white-haired youth had already ruined the guy's hand, but she was not happy.

"No way, he does not belong to my jurisdiction. Even if he is killing you, you are still standing here. Even if he really kills you, he can't be the reason for other colleagues. As the master of the rules, we must keep our body. ”

The faint answer came from the mouth of the white-haired youth, but Lin Ru just licked his mouth and didn't take it seriously.

"Well, you can go back with me."

"Of course, it’s fine to go back with you, but I still have things to deal with."When this young man came, Lin Ru knew why he came here. However, he is always better than the rest. They are more familiar and can speak a little.

"No matter what you have not done well, you have to go back with me."The white-haired youth said.

"It's good to give a face."Lin Ru whispered, "Help me!"

It is rare to see the white-haired youth locking the eyebrows, and then he will see him nod.


"Oh, that's enough."With a thumbs up towards the youth, Lin Ru took him to the Black Dragon and the ancients.

At this time they are also in the constraints of the rules, can not move.

"Can you solve these two people for me?"

In an instant, the heart of the Black Dragon and the ancients will shrink.

"Can't."The young man shook his head toward Lin Ru. "Don't mess around. I came here to find you for this matter. You still want to drag me down." The ruler of our rule can't intervene in trivial matters, you are broken, and I can't break the rules. ”

"Hey, you guy"

"Go back with me."The white-haired man opened his mouth.

"Well, you don't help me, then I'm going to do it myself." I don't pull you into the water, I do it myself. ”

Lin Ru snorted, but she didn't wait for her to feel that she could not move.

"What are you doing, two white, you dare to lock me."

"I can't make you make mistakes."The white-haired youth faintly said, "You have broken too many rules and can't make mistakes. Moreover, I am in front of you, if I look at you to deal with these people, I will also have joint responsibility. ”


"Go back with me."

The white-haired youth couldn't help but leave Lin Ru to leave, and Lin Ru shouted at this time.

"The strength of that guy is more than the peak of the fairy king."

The young man with her white hair stopped and immediately walked toward the black dragon. Seeing that the young man is going back and returning, the heart of the black dragon is almost blasted.

Immediately, he saw the young man's hand toward his eyebrows and turned back.

"It made you cheated again."The young man said blankly, "I don't want you to talk indiscriminately, I will seal your mouth."


Lin Ru still wants to justify, and she feels that her mouth can't be opened anyway.

There is no way, she can only keep blinking and warn the young man that the strength of the Black Dragon really exceeds the peak of the Emperor.

"Oh, I don't have it, I will follow me back."

The two disappeared from the sight of everyone, and the moment the youth disappeared from space, the rules of heaven and earth resumed as usual.

The middle-aged man’s arm also fell from the air to the ground, and the black dragon was violently gasping with his chest.

Just a little

He is dead!

Only under a brief respite, the black dragon was laughing wildly.

Not far from the satriarch's face looked at him with dignity, even if he saw the black dragon take off his armor.


Spirituality is full!

A burst of purple light rushed out of his body, almost everyone, wrapped in ancient departures, under the pressure of this breath, felt the throat was blocked.

Now, no one can limit him to the three realms that have lost the rules.

Now, he is the Supreme!

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