When Lin Ru and the white-haired youth left, the imprisonment placed next to Ye Zichen disappeared. When he vacated, he could only see the clouds at the end, but he could not see the shadow of both of them.

"Lin Ru."

The fist is clenched, and Ye Zichen in the low voice is innocent to think about what will happen to her.

A moment.

Almost instantaneously, Ye Zichen's body was completely frozen.

Cold sweat runs uncontrollably from his back, soaking his robes, and his mind is trembling uncontrollably.

Just behind him, I can clearly feel the pressure from the sky.


The throat is surging and slowly turning back.

"Ha ha ha ha"

The black dragon laughed wildly, and the rich purple air pervaded him, turning the world into a purple ocean.

Immediately, Ye Zichen saw that his clothes had been completely shattered under the release of his violent spiritual power.

Climbing the scales of the body, there is something to keep trying to get out of his body.


A bloody splattered, and the black dragon's arm also had a crystal clear white bone spur.

Not long after, on his back, the face began to drill a bone spur, the bone spurs as smooth as a mirror, sharp enough to almost cut the space into pieces.

He is climbing all over the body and looks so ugly and ugly.

But under this ugly appearance, it is to let everyone in this space can not help but feel the cool breeze.


To say that the most clear sense of the senses is that the ancients are gone, he is standing next to the black dragon, especially when the bone spurs are drilled out, almost to cut his face.

Just then, a deep gaze shot at him.

"Black Dragon adults."

At this time, the ancients were a little trembling when they spoke, and they did not dare to look at them. He once thought that the strength of Black Dragon would be very strong, but I did not expect to reach this point.

The man behind him is already letting the ruler of the rule clear out, and the ruler in charge of this side is also taken away.

Then, who else can balance the existence of him now.

And why is he looking at himself now, does he want to cut his own knife?

The ancient heart is very chaotic. He is now like a frightened grass is an animal. Under the rapid breath, it is a heart full of fear.


The black dragonfly, who was covered with spurs, smiled and said that his face covered with spurs could not see his expression.

It’s just a faint sigh, and the ancients feel like falling into the abyss.

He kept swallowing his mouth and his face was strong and smiled.

"Black Dragon adults, I can't think of the Black Dragon adults so deep. Even without my help, these three worlds must be the contents of the adults! ”

In fact, the ancients said this, in order to express their sidelines, they are now allies.

Never kill him.

But when he said this, he noticed how ignorant the words were.

Even without his help, he can level the Three Realms.

This tells Black Dragon, I am useless to you, you will kill me directly, what is the difference.

"Adult, just now"

Ancient can't help but want to explain, the Black Dragon just smiles at him, and the look is filled with a touch of contempt.

"We are allies, this seat is not what you are."

The kind of contemptuous gaze is that the ancients can't afford to be half-ignited. At this time, the black dragon has the power to absolutely suppress anyone present.

He smiled and nodded, and the Black Dragon also pushed the ancients to the side.

The twin eyes of the smashing line looked around and the Yezu patriarch and Ye Zichen all gathered.

The kind of indifferent gaze is accompanied by the arrogance of the world. For him, they are all ants.

"How can it be?"

The patriarchs of the three saints are filled with incomprehensible sorrows. Under the pressure, they almost cannot afford to resist.

The soldiers who are fighting against the Mozu and the blood family are completely lost, in this loss of consciousness.

They are greeted by death without any maneuver.

Everything in the heavens and the earth was stopped at the moment when the black dragon showed all its strength. They all looked at the void with fear, and the sneering king was screaming at the corner of his mouth.

"A hit in the sky."

A arrogant anger is like a thunder and thundering through the ears of everyone. Even if you see the face of the dignified Yin Shang, the eyes are filled with decency, and the double fists are like a giant hammer rushing toward the black dragon.

Backed to his black dragon, the back bones were turned into ancient wings to wrap it.

Yin Shang’s fist was also blasting on the bone spur, accompanied by a loud bang, and blew away.

The dripping blood dripped from the fist of Yin Shang, and the right arm of the punch was shaking in a dull pain.

"Isn't it a heavenly supreme, is it scared to you all!"The Yin Shang, full of anger, burst into tears.

"What are you doing, don't you just let it go, wait for death!"

Everyone in the heavens and the earth is trembled. This burst of water is directed at the depths of the hearts of the people, and they will be completely awakened by the sluggishness.

"Can't sit still."

Several of the saints' patriarchs were locked in their eyebrows, and the majestic warfare was vented from their bodies. Ye Zichen has already fallen to the side of Yin Shang, with three pairs of white wings stretching behind him.

"Fat, you can be considered."

Ye Zichen's tone is a bit blame, this guy is an indispensable chip when fighting.

"You don't blame me. When the ruler is there, the rules restrict me from being able to shoot, but I still have some hope that the ruler is still there."

Yin Shang’s low answer, his strength is indeed beyond the three realms, and can’t be rushed under the constraints of the rules.

But he is just the supreme!

But the black dragon who stood in front of them, from the breath he exposed, is beyond the scope of the supreme.

Heaven is supreme.

Even if it is only the beginning of the heavens, it is also a heavenly gap with the Supreme.

Hearing the answer of Yin Shang, Ye Zichen was also a glimpse, and he immediately became clear. The power of Black Dragon made Yin Shang feel tricky.

"I don't think you even have a supreme."

At this time, the Black Dragon has turned his back and locked his eyes on Yin Shang. It’s just that his look is still easy. With his strength, he can see that Yin Shang is just the supreme.

For him, there is really no threat.

However, this is also a supreme, always give the most basic respect.

Let the black dragon's breath lock, Yin Shang could not help but lick his lower lip. Everyone who knows him knows that this is how he feels nervous.

The eyes kept shaking, there was a black dragon in front of the sky, and there was the existence of the zombie ancestor below. In the distance, Su Yiyun was the master of the tactics.

This war, they can't continue!

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